• Random Merch: Pinkie Pie Handbag, Pinkie Pie Decal, and Talking Cadence Lines

    The ponification of everything is still in progress.  Hasbro is currently unleashing Operation: ponify EVERYTHING

    First off, they plan on covering your flat surfaces with giant pony stickers.  This specific Pinkie Pie one that now adorns the submitters (Jan) laptop was found in the Netherlands at a store called "Action".  The entire thing is 17 inches long, and can be stuck just about anywhere!

    And in second slot, we have a Pinkie Pie handbag that is currently up on the UK version of Amazon.  Sadly, it looks like it is out of stock, but im sure all you hisper Pinkie Pie lovers out there would be all over it. Prada ain't got nothin on Ponyville's #1 noisemaker, and it's only a matter of time before the Fashion world is completely overrun!

    And for those of you with ears, their plan is pretty simple.  It's Cadence's wedding - her special day.  Are you ballsy enough to not do what she says? I don't think so.  You don't talk back to a girl getting hitched.   Hasbro isn't stupid, they know you are putty in her hooves.  Cameron bought one and sent over the lines when you click her butt symbol:
    A random giggle.
    "Hello, I'm Princess Cadence."
    "Today's my wedding day!"
    Humming the wedding march Bridal thingy
    "My dress is so pretty!"
    More random giggling
    The MLP theme song in "lalalalala"
    "Lets dance!"
    They play the first bit of the wedding dance music, and the bit before Twilight starts to sing.
    And if you play it all backwards, it sings an ancient Eponian mantra that essentially turns your brain into pony filled putty.  Unfortunately they broke the switch in production and she is stuck speaking forwards.   The world lucked out... this time.