• Staff News: M.A. Larson Joins Twitter / Jayson Buys a Rainbow Dash / Tara Strong is Awesome

    There are tons of neat news pieces coming out of the depths of the internet lately in regards to various Friendship is Magic staff members.  These guys are like the celebrities of our little fandom here, and  I definitely don't want to turn EQD into their form of paparazzi, but this stuff is too cool not to report on! Have a list:
    • Jayson Thiessen Purchases a Rainbow Dash Plushie
    • Tara Strong Sends a Message to a Sick Boy via Twilight Sparkle 
    • M.A. Larson Joins Twitter
    All mini articles can be found after the break!

    Jayson Thiessen Purchases a Rainbow Dash Plushie

    WhiteDove-Creations, who you may recognize for those insane 3000 dollar Ebay plushies, has reported that Jayson Thiessen recently purchased a Rainbow Dash. Considering she does commissions, I guess this confirms that Rainbow Dash is best pony?  I could roll with that, on Wednesdays at least.

    Tara Strong Sends a Message to a Sick Boy via Twilight Sparkle

    During the Calgary Expo, an autistic child passed out and had to be rushed to the hospital.  Feeling bad, Tara recorded a message for him to get well soon, and the kid responded with a really heartwarming message. 

    Check that out here!

    Tara is best pony. 

    M.A. Larson Joins Twitter

    M.A. LArson, Writer of Ponville Confidential, Super Speedy Cider Squeezy, Luna Eclipsed, and a bunch of other awesome episodes has joined the pony celebrity Twitter armada.  From one of his tweets, it looks like he wants some followers, so get over there and follow the guy!

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