• Nightly Roundup #328

    Why does filly Twilight have to be so cute? Every time I see a picture of her I have to stop and make sure my heart didn't just stop.

    The tired science pony is here once again to provide you with the Roundup! Check out all the pony news after the break.

    Article on MLP and 80s Cartoons in Wired

    Wired just keeps coming back for more pony with a new article that has appeared in their print copy. It's quite an interesting read which praises the quality of rebooted 80s shows but also wonders whether increased focus on story development and better developed characters might actually hinder the imagination of viewers watching the reboots. Lauren Faust also has a few lines in the article so check it out below to hear what she has to say about 80s cartoons and the recent reboots!

    Considering the amount of fan created works I've seen come out of this fandom, I'd say well developed characters and better story development haven't hindered, but in fact spurred on the growth of creative efforts.

    Thank you Mina and mumafiedmustangs for scanning this and sending it in!
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    A Royal Stormhold Wedding

    Someone has made a comparison between the ending of the Royal Canterlot Wedding episodes with the movie Stardust. It does seem to share some similarities, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Check it out below.

    Tara Strong At Knoxville Anime Con

    Apparently Tara Strong is going to be showing up in Knoxville! Check out the details below:

    Knoxville Anime Con =Tara Strong will be there from 12- 1:30 on Saturday June 9th. Standing room only unless you have an all access pass. See  www.knoxvillecomicanimecon.com for details how to get an all access pass. Also, there is going to be a MLP fan panel on Sunday June 10th from 1 – 2 PM, unconfirmed if Mrs. Strong will be there for that one or not. Join Knoxville Anime Con facebook group for up to date information https://www.facebook.com/groups/119325798156699/
    Also, Knoxville/East Tennessee area Brony meet at Fuddruckers Hamburgers (close to the convention hotel) at 3 PM on Saturday June 9th. 8851 Towne & Country Circle Knoxville, TN 37923. http://www.fuddruckers.com/local/location.php?s=405  This has nothing to do with the con itself.  Just would like to get the area Bronies together for a informal meet, greet and make new friends! Grab a bite to eat with us after Tara’s panel on Saturday! We know you worked up an appetite!

    Traveling Pony Museum Update!

    I really love the Traveling Pony Museum and what they are doing! Great folks all around! Check out their latest update from Inky Notebook below:

    Hey there!

    We'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who supported the museum through kickstarter! We managed to hit 150% funding which will be going towards travel expenses and buying toys for the kids of the Seattle Children's Hospital during our trip to Everfree NW! Rewards will be sent out over the next few weeks to bear with us as we pack and ship everything. 

    We also now have a TPM Airship Pin thanks to Pin Filly!  

    The pin is 1.5" and full of sheer Sweet and Elite awesomeness. Pins will also be sold at BronyCon! If all goes well then we'll also be selling them at TrotCon, EverfreeNW and Canterlot Gardens but pre-orders are the easiest way to snag one before the summer and before they run out! 

    The museum is also still on the lookout for artists who want to have their work featured at the major conventions this summer across the United States.

    Please email [email protected] if you have something you'd like to see be a part of this amazing traveling collection. 

    Cakes Were Posted, and PK Felt A Great Disturbance in the Force

    Chess Set Update!

    Yep, our chess set brony is at it again with a quite a few additions! Check out links to the videos and photo sets below!

    Angel Bunny Piece
    Philomena Piece
    Opal Piece
    Winona Piece

    Photo Sets
    Angel Bunny Piece
    Philomena Piece
    Opal Piece
    Winona Piece

    TheSpec News Article About A Brony Encounter

    Yet another article about Bronies has popped up, this time from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada! It's more of a person's mystified impression of meeting a Brony than a negative piece. I used to remember when negative news seemed to be all the rage last year and now we only get a smattering of it every now and then. How times change. Now that Calpain is done feeling old, check out the article down below!

    Thanks to Enviro_Tech for sending this in.

    TheSpec - Having a Brony of a Day

    Successful Meetups

    Philly Bronies Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    The Philly bronies had a Love Parkmeet up this past Saturday

    Philly Brony Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/332867203416897/

    Rochester, NY Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    Today the Rochester, NY Bronies group had their first ever meeting. Within two weeks 21 members joined, and 17 appeared for the meetup.
    Great times were had and new friendships were made.

    So if you are a Rochester, NY Brony, or go to the many colleges in the Rochester Area, then this is the Brony Meetup group for you!

    If you have any questions, drop by our meetup page here http://www.meetup.com/bronies-rochester


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