• Nightly Roundup #315

    And yet another day passes as the world turns. Hope you all had a productive and wonderful day and if not there is always tomorrow! A lot of you are still making the push towards the end of school so best of luck to you as we march on into a new pony filled summer.

    In the meantime, have some news to chew over!

    Brony Thank You Project/Fund Update

    The guys over at the Brony Thank You Project have sent us some new information about the project! They've really come together since the project was announced and are making some significant headway into making this project a reality.

    Check out the copy paste from them below for full details:

    We've just received initial script approval from Standards and Practices from The Hub, which means we're ready to open up for video submissions from bronies who wish to be in the ad.  All the details on how to submit a video can be found on this page.  Getting the best quality audio and video is key, so if you have access to professional or prosumer-quality equipment, it would be good.

    There's been a lot of organizational activity over at the Brony Thank You Project.  We have incorporated as a NH Non-Profit corporation, appointed a board of directors that included Bronycon PR Head Haybuck and noted fan artist PixelKitties, and met our funding goal for the advertising campaign.  All additional funds donated to the new Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated will now go to charitable endeavors, such as donations to eligible charities and the establishment of the fund as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

    New board member PixelKitties has also agreed to create the 11x17" art print that will be sent to donors at the $30 level or above (something you can still get by donating to the project before the IndieGoGo campaign ends.)  We'll, later in the year, also be accepting submissions for a musical score to accompany the ad, the selected composer will work with MLP BGM composer William Anderson to put the final polish on the music.

    Coder Brony

    Artist Voltaire Has a Pony Timeline

    Voltaire over on Facebook has ponified his timeline and even gives a shoutout to John Joseco as an amazing artist! You can check out his page here.

    PJTV Update

    Not too long ago we ran a story about PJTV doing a piece on ponies and the community that has sprang up around them. Overall it was pretty negative, but since we've seen this sort of thing before we just shrugged it off. In an interesting turn of events though, one of the people in the video has made a followup comment on the main PJTV site after taking some criticism by pony fans to heart and actually trying out at least one episode of the show:

    "After reading a few of the comments on a bronies blog, I was concerned their critique was correct...that I had judged without watching so much as a single episode. Now I have watched one. It's not badly written, and does have a bit of social commentary in it that's engaging even for an adult. The humor didn't make me laugh much, but then I watched only this episode. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.


    Although it is not devoid of redeeming cultural value, I'm still mystified by adult males who would flock to a convention without daughters. But then, I'm not a convention kind of guy. I thought the Republican National Convention was a ridiculous show by immature pretenders who I felt sure must have something better to do with their lives.

    Live the Freedom,
    Scott Ott"

    Thanks for giving the show a shot at least, Mr. Ott! If only everyone was willing to do the same.

    You can find his statement on the PJTV site located here (you might need to log in to view the video the comment is posted on) and in the screencap below.

    Pony Chess Set - Dragon

    Yep, the pony chess guy is back again with another piece he has added to the pony chess set. You can check out the piece he made down below in the video and check out the finished pieces on his page here.

    New York Times Article on Pornography Mentions Ponies

    A New York Times article has popped up talking about how to deal with young children and internet pornography. While these sorts of articles pop up from time to time in newspapers online or in print, this article unfortunately makes mention of MLP in their opening image detailing how a young girl accidentally stumbled on questionable content on Youtube linked from MLP videos.

    You can find the article in question here.

    WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden (5.25" Floppy Cover)

    Playing music using floppy drives and other computer hardware components are amazing! While old floppy drives aren't too much use anymore at least they can find new life helping make covers to pony music.

    Lord of the Rings Online Galloping Gala Event

    It's been quite awhile since I played Lord of the Rings Online, but I can say hearing about this event doesn't surprise me; it's certainly something the team over there would do. According to this official page the game is hosting a Galloping Gala Event, an event based completely around horses in the game. If you happen to be playing LOTRO give it a look as most events like these promise to at least give you a break from slaying orcs!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Max Pony Group
    For those looking for a Max Payne or GTAV crew to join, this group from MrYaridovich is currently looking for some more members!

    Group Page
    Ponyville Forums Looking for Friends
    The Ponyville Forums would like to extend an invitation to fellow Bronies out there that might be looking for a new place to hang out and have fun. If you're interested you can check out their forum below.

    Ponyville Forum
    Oahu Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    Meetup for bronies in Hawaii on the island Oahu. (Late Season 2 Meetup)
    The time says from 12 to 4, but that is by all means just there for the sake of it being there. You guys are more than welcome (and most likely will) stay there till a later time.
    We do have a swimming pool so feel free to bring swim clothes if you want to go swimming, there will also be a fire pit where we will *hopefully* will be having s'mores.
    This will also be a potluck so if you can we would love if your brought some kind of food or drink, it is NOT required though so if you can't bring something it does not excuse you from not coming.
    Location -  http://g.co/maps/s3wt6
    Date - 4/14
    Time - 12PM to 4 PM
    Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/262457417154087/

    Thank you,
    808 Bronies.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Twilight Sparkle Badges
    Knit Hats
    Rarity or Fluttershy Knit Hats
    Rainbow Dash Bracelets 
    Smarty Pants Doll
    Princess Luna from Moonstuck Custom

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