• A Message/Announcement from Shadowbolt Games

    Hey, look at that. It's concept art. For a character in one of those videomagames that are so popular with the kids these days. I guess I should post something about it, huh?

    So, below the break you're going to see a pretty neat tech demo showing off everything this group has assembled thus far. You'll see Twilight arguing with a Parasprite, you'll see physics and magic and all sorts of other things. You'll see the word "Metroidvania" invoked, which I think bodes well for all of us who have plumbed the depths of either half of that particular portmanteau. And, you'll also see some calls to help. They need sprite artists, they need musicians, and... you know what? How about I just duck under this page break and let them say it themselves?

    Hello there, everypony! This is Team Shadowbolt of Shadowbolt Productions, and we're here to tell you all about a little game we're working on called My Little Pony: Dusk of Aetas. The video you've just watched regarding it is part one of three, and acts as a bookmark as to the current state of our progress. The next two videos will be containing combat, platforming, and of course, some teasers for the future. We will be releasing further videos that continue this one as the engine and our assets develop. Please note that the graphics you are currently seeing are based on a graphics engine that is very much in its infancy. Far more complex visual touches will be apparent as we further development.

    Anyways, with the season finale behind us, and a whole summer ahead void of official pony content, we're as distraught as you are. Which is why we have chosen this moment to make our official development statement. We are developing a Metroidvania styled 2D pony game that is being run on a custom, hoof-built engine dubbed "Subatomic Engine". However, despite our progress and our team, we still need YOUR help! That's right, we're looking at you! We're scouring the fandom, looking for ponies of talent and dedication who would be willing to undertake this venture with us. Without your talents, this project cannot go further than it currently is.

    So here's what we're looking for: we need pixel artists, people that can create 8-bit art and animation, This is so that we can begin creating custom assets for the game rather than taking sprites from all around the internet. Desktop Ponies are incredibly useful, but they don't serve the purposes that we intend to use them for. The second thing we need is composers. We're looking for musicians that are skilled in 8-bit, electronic, and even dubstep, to help us create sound effects and background music. However, these are only the more important roles we're looking to fill; they are certainly not the only ones. If you think that you've got a skill that we can use, feel free to throw that our way as well!

    All this information, about us, and about the game, can be found here, at our development blog!

    You can also visit our programmers personal blog, Equestrian Code!

    This is Team Shadowbolt, signing off, and we hope to see you folks around, because we sure as sugar aren't going anywhere without you guys!