• Last Call on Pony Sketches for Charity

    Look at this Twilight. This Twilight is amazing. She is helping to save a little boy with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, (and possibly his twin brother, too) by volunteering herself and the signature of one Lauren Faust to raise money for the treatment. She's doing an amazing job of it so far, with an auction value of $7500! Bronies, you will never cease to amaze me.

    But there's still a couple of hours left. If you've got deep pockets, a big heart, and a desire to own a bit of Friendship is Magic history, then you should take advantage of this final opportunity to snag these up for yourself. There will never be a better opportunity to combine kindness and pleasure, so if you can you should really consider it. For the rest of us with very limited amounts of money, sit over here by me and cheer on these fine folks. With a little bit more, ponies can make the the other 88 auction items in this charity drive superfluous. Go for the gold! It's what Twilight Sparkle would want.

    The auctions are now over.

    Celestia Pose Guide (Final Price: $1800)
    Twilight Sparkle Pose Guide (Final Price: $9100)
    Pinkie Pie Pose Guide (Final Price: $3100)
    G1 Pegasus - "Medley" (Final Price: $2675)
    G1 Pegasus - Firefly aka "That Pony Rainbow Dash is Based On" (Final Price: $1366)


    The auctions have ended now, having virtually exploded at the last minute. The total value from these pony sketches amounts to  $18,041! This handily beats the record set last year for the Japanese tsunami relief sketches. Just... wow. There really aren't words for a moment like this. Very well done, everypony.