• Discussion: The Greatest Show in Equestria

    With the upcoming wedding of her niece, Princess Cadence, Celestia is looking to put together a performance to celebrate. Putting the call out to all of her faithful subjects, the God-Princess of the Sun (may she forever shine her countenance upon us) has selected none other than yourself to host it. Whether by fluke or fate or some elaborate troll, you have full control over the proceedings with an operational budget of exactly one hundred thousand bits. And while you can't place your metaphorical finger on it, you get the feeling that disappointing her would be... unwise.

    So what do you do? Are you going to set up an epic rock ballad with Scratch and Octavia? A huge opera starring half of ponyville? A magic act to put all others to shame? Will there be construction, or cake? And which ponies do you put on which tasks? And on a less esoteric note, just what sorts of things are you hoping to see out of the upcoming equine Wedding of the Century? Tell us all about it in the comments below, and make your princesses proud!