• Story: Rainbow Dash's Tallest Tales


    Author: Sciz
    Description: Rainbow Dash here. Fastest pony alive, hero of Equestria, most loyal of friends? You've heard of me. Anyway, Cheerilee and Twilight are kinda ticked off at me today, but I talked them into listening to a story that'll make them think twice. It's all about my Best Day Ever. Not the Best Young Flier competition, after that. This is the story of how me and the Wonderbolts got tangled up with some pirate jerks who were trying to steal Princess Celestia, and then how I almost singlehoofedly blew up the Everfree Forest.

    No, really. When your life's as awesome as mine is, you don't need to make things up.

    Rainbow Dash's Tallest Tales

    Additional Tags: There's more than two Wonderbolts

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