• Nightly Roundup #274

    Ponies sleeping in bookshelves is my new favorite thing.

    Next to hoofboots. Hoofboots are awesome.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff !

    Andrea Libman Invading AM² Convention in June!

    Fans of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy will probably want to hit up the AM ²  convention coming up at the Anaheim Convention Center!  Andrea Libman has been scheduled to attend.  Check out this article for more information on it !

    Anime Midwest Seeking Panel Runners and Support for Ponies This year! 

    They actually gave me a near little blurb, have some copy paste:

    In it's mission to support all fandoms, Anime Midwest happening in Chicago is looking to add a Brony/MLP track for this years convention if there is enough interest. They are currently looking for individuals interested in running panels/events/etc for this year's convention. Anime Midwest will happen July 6-8 at the Wyndham in Lisle/Naperville, Illinois, and events can be submitted at  http://animemidwest.com/submit-event

    Thank you!

    Pony Vectoring Tutorial

    Someone on Deviant Art has created a pretty extensive pony vectory tutorial, that takes you through the process step by step in creating awesome pony vectors.  Check out the two parts below!

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Small Horse II - The Abuse

    For those following that wacky Amnesia mod, part two has been released.  Check the video out below!









    Ridiculously Subtle Brony Plug on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    If you check out the "Alife" box here, it lists brony as something that needs a life!

    Clearly you all need to go party and spend all your money on booze[1]!

    [1](EQD does not condone the use of booze for anything) 


    Brohoof Podcast Episode 22

    Copy Paste:

    Our March Art Contest is still ongoing! We are accepting submissions through March 31. For more details including rules and prizes, see our Official Rules page.
    We also still have our Spring Kickstarter Fundraiser which is coming to a close at the end of the month. The rewards have been modified in the updates section to include prizes for Overall Checkpoints made regardless if we reach our overall goal. Also, pledges $5 and up will receive free copies of Metajoker's next digital album.

    Hoofington Post Episode 2

    Copy Paste:
    This is the second episode of a podcast that myself, Top Story and Victor Felton are currently working on.
    In this episode, we discuss the last two episodes of the show, as well as a few facets of the fandom we enjoy, and those we could do without.
    Next time, we'll have musician Wintergreen with us for a special interview and guest episode!


    Fourth French Podcast 

    Copy Paste:

    We're currently setting up the  fourth french podcast, and i'd like to know if you could talk about us in one of your next news (I'm thinking about the Nightly Roundup again). Our podcast will take place saturday 24 March, at 3pm (gmt+1)

    You can find us on http://www.elive.pro/en/watch/1P1KPV3Bo7b2 at this time

    We have a interview for this show : Jiayi ! http://jiayi.deviantart.com/ I am very happy to interview this fabulous artist :)

    Oh ! And now we have a Website (sorry for design or the forum) : www.mylittlepodcast.com

    Babble with the Bronies Episode 11

    Copy Paste:
    Greetings everypony!

    This week on BwB, we'll be discussing the well known background ponies (Dr.Hooves, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, etc.). Bring your questions and ideas about what you think these characters are like, and I hope to see you there!

    Time: March 24th at 3:00 pm CST (1500 hrs) (UTC -5 with DST in effect)

    Website: here
    Email: [email protected]

    That One Bronycast Episodes and Stuff! 

    Plotpoints Crazy Theories
    Episode 11
    Mystery Pony Theater - 21
    Mystery Pony Theater - 12

    Ganbare MLP U-Stream

    Copy Paste:
    A group of fan podcasts is having a 2 days marathon Ustream and there will be a Brony/Pegasisters segment starting at 3pm tomorrow Saturday March 23rd if anyone's interested in tuning and/or pitching in.  They've actually got some legit celebrities for it.  Here's the site for details.


    Ponycast Episode 11


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Midwest Poll and Western Chicago Suburb Group Event

    Copy Paste:
    The host of Western Chicago Suburb Bronies is holding a contest to
    determine their mascot. The contest is only open for people who are
    able to attend their next meetup though, but otherwise, have at it.
    Info can be found on their facebook group!

    2nd thing:
    POLL!! This is mostly for people in the Midwest area, but everyone
    else is welcome to contribute if they would like to get involved! The
    poll is to determine an interest in a Midwest Grand Galloping Gala. If
    you've already filled it out, please do not fill it out again.

    Find it here


    Chihuahua, CHIH, Mexico Meetup

    Place: To be announced
    When: Sometime on Semana Santa.

    Madison, Wisconsin Group


    Melbourne Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    this is an event to take place in Melbourne we will be purchasing tickets as a group on the 31st so if this could be posted before then this would be great

    about the event: essentially the city's resident orchestra is gonna play two hours of music from video games for our amusement then we will go hang out for the rest of the night in the city also we will do the usual go flash mob stores for pony thing beforehand


    Middlesbrough Meetup UK

    Copy Paste:

    Meeting Spot
    Middlesbrough Town center at the famous Bottle Of Notes, an easilly found location, only a few minutes from Middlesbrough Railway Station and 10 minutes from Middlesbrough Bus Station

    On the 15th of April at between 11 and 12 in the morning.

    What to expect
    Nothing much, a simple meet-up, a pony hunt around the town center and probably a meal if everyone agrees on a joint.

    Fallout RP Site

    Copy Paste:
    Like Fallout? Like Fallout: Equestria? Like grimdark, action Roleplaying? Good, we do too! That is why we have just completed a brand new roleplaying forum created specifically for grimdark Fallout: Equestria action roleplaying. Create a character, set out into the wasteland and create a name for yourself; duel other players, battle raiders, explore the ruins, and fight for a better tomorrow in the Equestrian post-apocalyptic wasteland... Or fight for your own personal gain. Let your decisions be your guide, level up and take on new challenges, meet new people and live in the world of your favorite fanfic! Join today and get more information.



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rubiks Cube
    Time Sparkle Knitted Plush
    Cheeerilee Plushie
    Knitted Plush
    Lots of Custom Ponies
    Custom Rainbow Dash Xbox

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