• Nightly Roundup #262

    Ridiculously early roundup!? That's what happens when it's short!

    Have some news.

    Ponies in Davis High School Newspaper

    It just keeps happening! No school is safe!


    It's not a pony this time! I guess if he ever gets sick of it, he could say it's something else entirely!


    German Pony Podcast

    For all the German bronies out there, a new podcast has popped up! Check it out here!

    Otaku Ascended

    Dayumm, bringin on the classics this time.

    Copy Paste:

    It's been a while, but the Otaku Ascended are back in full swing with let's watches of season two of our favorite equines!

    After finally getting all copyright issues dealt with on our channel, we were finally able to release these episodes with all the fun that comes from editing!

    For those of you who are familiar with our season one commentaries, you may notice a lack of a counter for derp eyes. This is because we have retired that counter in favor for a new Dat Face Counter, which was immediately broken by Lesson Zero. We also are playing a game we call "Spot The Derpy!" where we point out where our favorite wall-eyed mare appears each episode and you guys tell us when we missed her.

    Anyway, to celebrate our triumphant return, have the first NINE episodes of season two and subscribe to our channel to get a new pony episode every Sunday!

    Find all of their episodes here!

    Brohoof Podcast Episode 20

    Copy Paste:
    Our march Art Contest is still accepting submissions. The rules and prize listing can be found here. Our Kickstarter Fundraiser to raise money for better recording equipment is ongoing as well. We have rewards for all pledges, including free copies of MetaJoker's next album for pledges $10 and up.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Momocon Meetup

    Hey everyone!

    I'm hosting a meetup at Momocon 2012 for anyone attending the convention. Please come by if you have the chance!

    It will be at 1PM on Saturday, March 17th, on the 10th Floor Skyline Lounge in the Downtown Marriott Marquis.

    Social Link GO!


    Western  New York Facebook Group


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Lunar Republic Patches
    Winter Wrap Up Twilight Sparkle
    Derpy Headband
    Derpy Hairclip
    Pony Plush Patterns

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