• Nightly Roundup #258

    Sweetie Belle!

    Have some roundupy news.  Lots of stuff tonight! 

    Traveling Pony Museum Website Up and Running!

    Hey everypony, the Traveling Pony Museum now has a website!

    Check it out here.

    Also don't forget, the giveaway is still up and running! 

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    More details on the website!

    Wallpaper Compilation Document Update

    1.3 GB of new wallpapers added! check it out here.


    Derpy Day:

    Rainbow Dash:

    Nerfnow's Pony Comic

    Source: Nerfnow

    We don't do many webcomics anymore... but I lol'd.  Mass effect needs to hurry up and release!

    My Little Dashie Voice Acting Audtion #2 

    It looks like AJ and Pinkie Pie have been chosen, but they still need Twilight and Celestia.  Check it out here!

    Friendship is Magic Chess Set Progress Video #1 - Rarity Biship

    Check it out here!

    Derpy Hooves Interviewed on the Dennis Daniel Show

    Or at least BaldoDumboRat's fan-voice! Check it out here!

    PDF Gallery Updates

    On a Whisper of Wind (Cross and Arrow Sequel)
    Apple Branches
    Countdown to Destruction
    Keeping It Simple
    Magic is Friendship
    Your Best Shot
    Night Guards
    Your Best Shot
    And I Shall Name Them "Cuppins"
    Tales of the Winter Magic Academy
    At Home on the Range
    Bureaucracy is Magic
    The Rummy Business of Old Blooey
    Daring Do and the Legend of the Ruby Knight
    Ponies Make War
    A Slice of Life
    Forbidden Fruit
    The Steadfast Sky
    The Wind Thief: A Tale of the Dragonborn


    Saturday the BronyBros Episode 5


    NLR Podcast Episode 7


    SOTW Podcast Episode 3

    Copy Paste:
    Hawkysu here with a very important message. Jaze and I made a deal: if this video gets enough likes, she'll create an ask blog (Ask Scratchy Watchy, or some variation thereof). Despite what she claims, Jazey's a damn good artist. The intro was all done by her, if that's any indication. So, if it's not too much trouble, like the hell out of this video (you don't even have to watch, but it'd be nice).
    And if you listened to the live dramatic reading of Twilight Doesn't Get Her Cheesburgers last week, have a surprise.


    My Little Fortress Episode 7 + Announcement

    Episode 7
    Announcements with shout outs! 


    Successful Meetups

    Bronies Perth Meetup

    Copy Paste: 
    In celebration of Derpy day, Bronies Perth decided to distribute Muffins to random strangers in the city. FOR FREE! We had over 300 of them and they went like hotcakes..... or I guess, like muffins. Many ponies were skeptical of this kindness, but all the muffins were totally not drugged with anything other then love and friendship.

    Kingston, Ontario

    Copy Paste:
    It was super fun! We went laser tagging, and played mini putt, then we went for lunch decided to be hellions around the mall, we met the security guard and a librarian, 
    then I proceeded to give loads of people Brohoofs, because nobody thought I would. 

    Ta- daa! A good day spent! :) I hoped everyone had fun! It was nice to meet up with lots of fellow bronies and I hope our group continues to expand!

    Las Vegas Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The night began with a ballon artist coming up and offering to make pony ballon hats. Who could turn that down?
    More bronies showed up bringing various instruments and begun playing music and singing songs.
    From there, we all started wandering around and visiting several art booths. Some bronies found a face paint artist and got there favorite pony's cutie mark painted on there face.
    We lost each other and then we had various groups wandering around and it was fun coming across each other telling us what we have seen.
    A few times we ran across random bronies and people who knew of bronies and wanted pictures.  We even had a random brony with a pretty nice Fluttershy plushie come and try to sell it us. For only 40 dollars it would of been a steal. Alas, no one bought it. (I'm still holding out for a Rarity one.)

    Duesseldorf, Germany Meetup

    Copy Paste: 
    It was a nice day which we started at Duesseldorf main station and ended in a nice round at a bar and restaurant


    Bozeman Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The Bronies of Bozeman had a highly successful first meetup. There were 19 bronies hanging out, sharing ponies and art, dancing, and of course we watched the new episode.


    North Carolina Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    We went to pick up our DVD pre-orders from Suncoast, then hung out at Suncoast where they had a scavenger hunt and "Kentucky Derpy day" planned, where we had our pony finalists (octavia, the great and powerful trixie, doctor whooves, rainbow dash and luna) race for first place. We then raffled off some prizes including coloring books and blindbags, and an amazingly well done custom derpy blindbag. Afterwords some people left, the rest of us went to the food court for some dinner, we had about 35 people show up total.


    Kalamazoo, Michigan Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The Kalamazoo Bronies had another awesome meet-up on Saturday, March 3rd!
    We went bowling at Airway Lanes. While we were there, the new Fluttershy episode aired and we got one of the employees there at the bowling alley to switch one of the TV's to the HUB. We got to watch the episode together, but had to make up are own commentary, because there was no sound! It was quite funny.
    After bowling we all walked to McDonalds and tried to negotiate one of the employees into letting us get the new My Little Pony Toys for the Happy Meal, but alas they wouldn't budge and told us the come back on March 8th for the toys. So instead we sang the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme song at the McDonalds and then went outside to sing the Yaplap version of the song.
    We all had a really fun time and hope to have many more meet-ups in the future.

    Youtube Singalong


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Nintenbrony Forums

     Focusing on video games!

    Canadian Facebook Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Roseluck Fleece hat 
    Twilight Sparkle Crochet Plushie
    Spitfire Plush
    Scratch Plush
    Filly PLushies