• We ♥ Ponies - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Fan Favorites Mare-athon

    On the 11th of February, The Hub will be airing a five hour Mare-athon leading up to their new "Hearts and Hooves" Valentines day episode.  It's really awesome to see our favorite ponies getting dedicated holiday stuff!

    They need our support for the final Hubworld poll taking place on January 24, and asked EQD to gather the collective community to decide on it.  Right now,  FiM has a massive number of episodes, and The Hub has asked us to help get that down to 20!

    The deadline for our personal poll is Monday at midnight ET (9:00 PM Blog Time), so we have the weekend to decide which episodes we want to see included.

    After the break, I will include a list of all of them as a refresher (plus some alternate pre-air names, because those are awesome).

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    Episode 101: Friendship is Magic - Part 1
    After attempting to warn Princess Celestia about the return of the wicked Night Mare Moon,
    Twilight Sparkle and Spike travel to Ponyville where they meet Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash,
    Rarity and Fluttershy.

    Episode 102: Friendship is Magic - Part 2

    It is up to Twilight and her new pony friends to help the Princess, but it will not be easy. NightMare Moon challenges the ponies with individual obstacles they must overcome to find the Elements of Harmony before it is too late.

    Episode 103: The Ticket Master
    When Twilight Sparkle receives two tickets from Princess Celestia to the Grand Galloping Gala, all of her friends want to go…but who will she choose?

    Episode 104: Applebuck Season
    It’s Applebuck Season in Ponyville and a short-handed Applejack is determined to complete the harvest all by herself.

    Episode 105: Griffon the Brush-off
     Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash pal around playing pranks on the other ponies, but when Dash’s old friend Gilda the Griffon shows up, Pinkie Pie suddenly becomes a third wheel.

    Episode 106: Boast Busters
    The arrival of Trixie, a boastful pony with magical skills, irritates the ponies in Ponyville who turn to Twilight to challenge her.

    Episode 107: Dragonshy
    Fluttershy must convince a sleeping dragon to move out of town before the plume of black
    smoke it’s producing covers all of Equestria!

    Episode 108: Look Before You Sleep
    When the ponies gather at Twilight’s for a slumber party, Rarity and Applejack begin to quarrel and threaten to ruin the party.

    Episode 109: Bridle Gossip

    When the ponies are afflicted with bizarre and humorous sicknesses they accuse a mysterious
    zebra named Zecora of placing a curse on them.

    Episode 110: Swarm of the Century
     Parasprites, furry little multiplying creatures, descend upon Ponyville and begin to devour
    everything and it’s up to the ponies to find a solution.

    Episode 111: Winter Wrap Up
    Twilight Sparkle does her best to prepare for the upcoming Winter Wrap-Up without relying on her magic to help.

    Episode 112: Call of the Cutie
    Apple Bloom is discouraged because she has not received her cutie mark yet so she aggressively searches out her purpose in life so she can get it.

    Episode 113: Fall Weather Friends
    When Rainbow Dash and Applejack compete against each other in the annual Running of the
    Leaves, competition turns sour and the ponies do whatever it takes to win.

    Episode 114: Suited for Success
    Rarity offers to make dresses for her friends for the upcoming Gala but gets in over her head
    when she tries to incorporate all of their individual styling ideas.

    Episode 115: Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Amazed with Pinkie Pie’s ability to predict the future, Twilight Sparkle follows her around in
    order to uncover the source of her incredible abilities.

    Episode 116: Sonic Rainboom
     When Twilight uses her magic to give Rarity wings so that she can watch Rainbow Dash
    compete in a race, Rarity is so taken with her new ability that she disrupts the competition.

    Episode 117: Stare Master (pka Fluster-shy)
    Fluttershy offers to babysit the Cutie Mark Crusaders but quickly discovers that they are more than she can handle.

    Episode 118: The Show Stoppers
     The Cutie Mark Crusaders sign up for a talent show hoping to discover their true life meaning and finally earn their cutie marks.

    Episode 119: A Dog and Pony Show
    While hunting in the woods for gems for a new dress, Rarity is taken by a group of greedy
    Diamond Dogs and forced to find jewels for them.

    Episode 120: Green Isn’t Your Color

    Rarity recruits Fluttershy as a model in hopes of impressing a famous designer with her dresses, but it’s Fluttershy’s modeling career that takes off instead!

    Episode 121: Over a Barrel
    The ponies work to settle a complicated land dispute between the Apple-loosans and a herd of buffalo fighting over the same territory.

    Episode 122: A Bird in the Hoof
    Without asking permission, Fluttershy borrows the Princess’s sick bird in order to heal it, and
    the ponies must work together to get it back before she notices.

    Episode 123: The Cutie Mark Chronicles
    Frustrated with their lack of success, The Cutie Mark Crusaders seek out Twilight and the rest of the ponies to learn the stories of how they got their cutie marks.

    Episode 124: Owl’s Well That Ends Well
    When Twilight becomes friends with an Owl who helps her around the house with chores, Spike becomes jealous and fears he will be replaced.

    Episode 125: Party of One
    Confused and discouraged, Pinkie Pie goes on a mission to find out why her friends are avoiding her most recent party invitation.

    Episode 126: The Best Night Ever

     Expectations are high for the Grand Galloping Gala but when the ponies arrive they find that their individual interests in the Gala are not all they had hoped for.

    201 - The Return of Harmony – Part 1: 
    The peace of Equestria is threatened when Discord, a mischievous spirit of disharmony, escapes from his imprisonment in stone. Twilight and her friends must defeat him using the Elements of Harmony. If only they can find them!

    202 – The Return of Harmony – Part 2: 
    Discord’s mischief causes a rift between the six friends and
    renders the Elements of Harmony useless. Twilight needs to rekindle their friendship in order to use the Elements against Discord.

    203 – Lesson Zero: 

    Hyper-organized Twilight panics when she can’t find a lesson about friendship for her weekly letter to Princess Celestia.

    204 – Luna Eclipsed: 
    It’s Nightmare Night and the macabre celebrations are in full swing when Luna
    herself shows up in Ponyville, determined to change her frightening public image.

    205 – Sisterhooves Social: 
    Sweetie Belle disowns Rarity as her sister when she refuses to participate in a rough and tumble celebration of sisterly unity.

    206 – The Cutie Pox: 
    Apple Bloom finally gets her Cutie Mark! But joy turns to panic as she gets as second, then a third, then a dozen cutie marks.

    207 – May the Best Pet Win! (formerly known as “The Tortoise & the Mare”): 
    Rainbow Dash holds a flying race to determine who will win the honor of being her pet.

    208 – The Mysterious Mare Do Well: 
    A new masked avenger is stealing Rainbow Dash’s thunder as Ponyville’s resident hero.

    209 – Sweet and Elite: 
    During a successful trip to Canterlot, Rarity has to choose between the important social connections she’s made in the capitol and her uncouth Ponyville friends.

    210 – Secret of My Excess (formerly known as “Attack of the 50 Foot Dragon”): 
    Spike’s birthday gifts activate his greedy dragon instincts and cause an outrageous growth spurt that threatens to destroy all of Ponyville.

    211 – Family Appreciation Day: 
    Apple Bloom does everything she can think of to stop Granny Smith from speaking to her class and causing everlasting embarrassment.

    213 – Hearth’s Warming Eve: 
    The six friends are honored to put on Canterlot’s most important play of
    the season, the Hearth’s Warming Eve’s holiday pageant that illustrates how Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies put aside their differences and founded Equestria.