• Story Updates January 6th (Morning)

    Just two this time around. The story update queue will be a bit late tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too bad! 

    Equestrianet and Wild Sky Yonder can both be found after the break.

    Story: Wild Sky Yonder (Update Part 2!)

     5 Star

    [Adventure] We totally didn't pass this due to the wet mane Spitfire image alone.  I promise.

    Author: Mysecsha
    Description: There was nothing left for Spitfire in Cloudsdale, just an uncle who hated her and painful memories of lost loved ones. The Pegasus Search and Rescue Corps offers her a chance to get out of town, see the world, do some good - and one day maybe have a shot at the Guards or the Wonderbolts! She jumps at the opportunity - and six days later, she limps into training camp.
    Doesn't matter: she made it. The world can beat her down, but it can't keep her down. The friendships she forms here will get her through everything training has to offer. Will they also see her through the dark clouds on the horizon?
    Wild Sky Yonder

    Story: Equestrianet (Update- Chapter 6) 

    4 Star

    Description: An everyday pony naned Inkblot discovers a strange device left behind by an odd group of people who hide in the shadows and wipe the memories of anypony who interacts with them. Can Inkblot save the memory of the greatest night of his life?


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