• The Editors Omnibus - Submitting Fanfiction to EQD!

    See that Twilight Sparkle? Shes so cute... She's also really picky. She only reads the best books!

    If you write fanfiction, and sent it to EQD for posting, you have probably dealt with the pre-readers before.  With a team of roughly 30 volunteers from pretty much every genre background, it's a robust selection process to say the least. 

    EQD isn't strictly a fanfiction website.  The fandom has had repositories for stuff like that since it began.  Over time, as more is created, the requirements steadily increase.  Sure, a few do slip through that are less than amazing, but we are only human.

    In order to smooth this process over a bit for stories we turn down, the pre-readers have created a full guide, covering all of the primary points they seek out when reviewing a fanfic.  It includes tips and tricks on fixing, as well as topics to avoid altogether.  With the recent influx from fimfiction, we are pretty buried!

    So, authors of the fandom, I beg of you:  before you submit something to EQD, please consult the document below.   The Pre-readers' primary goal is improving the quality of stories for everyone in the fandom, as well as helping you grow as an author.  The Omnibus has been painstakingly modified for the past 4 months, focusing on making it extremely simple to follow and reference on the fly.  It covers almost every writing topic.  With 60 stories in review right now, 50 of which will probably be sent off for editing, we need your help as writers to make the system speedy for all!  

    The Pre-reader Omnibus

    Now go! And Make your fanfiction SHINE ACROSS EQUESTRIA!

    And for the love of Twilight Sparkle, please give the same attention to your story updates.  They may not be pre-read, but you owe it to your readers!

    Note: As with everything on EQD, Feedback is more than welcome.  Improving the omnibus further will only improve everyone else further!