• December Draw-Off Event Official Post

    Calpain's Holday Draw-Off is about to begin.  Hes offering some kick-ass prizes for all the artists out there, and hosting it her on EQD!

    Get your pens/pencils/styluses/mice/whatevers ready, and check out his copy paste after the break for all the details!

    NOTE: The Theme for the contest is not specifically Christmas.  Draw whatever your heart desires!
    Hello again everyone, Calpain here! It's been a few weeks since the December Draw-Off announcement and now the start of the event is finally upon us. Time sure flies when filled with ponies, eh? For those who missed the original announcement, EqD has graciously allowed me to host this competition to close out this exciting year of pony! The stakes? A chance at winning either one of four large sized Intuos4 tablets, one of four Bamboo Create tablets, or one of four $100 cash prizes as well as a lot of fun and an opportunity for artists to show their stuff!

    Artists will be able to submit their artwork into these four categories:

    1. Traditional Artwork (Pencil, crayon, marker, paintings, ect.)
    2. Comics (Digital or Traditional)
    3. Hand Drawn Digital Artwork
    4. Vector/Pixel Artwork
    Each category will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner!
    1st Place: Large Intuos4 Tablet
    2nd Place: Bamboo Create Tablet
    3rd Place: $100 Cash Prize

    Cash prizes are in USD and can be paid through Paypal or Steam merchandise if desired.

    Timeline and Entry Info:
    1. All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm EST, December 31st.
    2. Contestants are allowed five submissions max in two categories.
    3. Email all artwork to [email protected] with the category you wish to enter in the subject line. Please also include in your message a response email address I can contact you at in case your piece wins. Optionally, include a link to your art gallery if you have one as artwork from the event will be featured on EqD during the month.
    4. All are eligible to enter!
    General Rules/Guidelines:
    1. All artwork must follow EqD's content guidelines which means no porn, no gore, and no OC ponies. Everything else is allowed so knock yourselves out! If you can't decide if your idea for a piece is appropriate for EqD check out some Drawfriends to get a good representative sample.
    2. Tracing/stealing is not allowed. If it is discovered that a contestant has traced or stolen either official, fan, or other work they will be disqualified from the competition.
    3. Judging will be performed by the Blog Ponies of EqD and their decisions on winners are final.
    4. All standard image formats are allowed (JPG, PNG, GIF, ect) and there is no size limitation.
    5. If you reach your max entry number or have made a revision to a submitted piece you may substitute out one of your earlier entries for your latest piece or revision.
    Special Note on Comic Submissions:
    1. A completed comic is counted as one submission, not each page that is submitted. So whether the story you wish to tell requires only one page to convey or it's an opus of twenty pages or more it will only count as one entry. Just don't get carried away and fail to finish by the deadline!
    2. Animated panels are allowed. Comics with such panels can be submitted as GIFs or Flash files.