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    Twilight riding a BROOOM

    Have some stories.

    Story: The Ballad of Sir Spike de Draco (Update Part 4!) 

     5 Star


    Author: Zay-el
    Description: Faithful knight of Celestia, Sir Spike de Draco leaves Canterlot with his young shieldmaiden Twilight Sparkle to embark upon a journey of stolen pony hearts, spontanious beard-sprouting, dozens of broken teeth and the smiting of evil left and right.
    The Ballad of Sir Spike de Draco

    Story: Beyond Judgment (Update Part 5!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Solar Phoenix
    Description: While studying advanced magic techniques, Twilight stumbles upon a powerful spell that nopony has ever conceived. What will it cost her to possess this power, and what will it cost her friends?
    Beyond Judgement

    Story: Vinyl Scratch Is In Wub Wub Wub! (Update Part 3!) 

    Star ? 

    [Shipping][Sad] Oh god it's dubstep.

    Author: Thundraprocella
    Description: Fluttershy, always being the timid, quiet pony she is, never gets out much. During one fit of boredom, she reluctantly goes clubbing with her gang of friends, and enters the delusional world of rockin' bass and drunken party ponies. When she becomes scared out of her wits, the pony to come to her rescue, is a unicorn who is absolutely taken with fluttershies beauty and personality.
    Vinyl Scratch Is In Wub Wub Wub!

    Story: The Battle of Stalliongrad (Update Part 3!) 

    3 Star


    Author: Rommel Nein / rommel9
    Description: They say you can learn a great amount by reading a book, but what happens when you learn something that nopony was ever supposed to know about?
    The Battle of Stalliongrad

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