• Nightly Roundup #165

    Twilight stares uninterestedly at a door while spike opens and closes it edition. AKA PK is really sleepy and isn't feeling well and just picked a picture at random from his library edition.

    Now, all this news is running wild, and I have to round it up.

    Find a Pet Chords

    Awwww yeeeeah. I play piano, and I'm always happy to see chords pop up. Trying to master Pinkie's Brew at the moment! Check out the chords for Find a Pet here!

    Idaho Brony Meetup

    Remember how I said I was sleepy and not feeling well? Unfortunately, that means I don't have too much energy for big flashy paragraphs. Also, that's horning in on Phoe's territory and I don't want to taste the keen sting of her whips again.

    Boy, she sure does have a lot of whips.

    Copypasta here!

    So we Idahoan-bronies (primarily in the Meridian-Boise-Nampa area) are planning on hitting up the theatre for the new Muppets Movie this saturday. Everyone in the facebook group is invited, but I think there are a lot of dudes who check EQD more than facebook, and there are probably some Idahoans out there who haven't gotten wind of the group.

    So here's the link to the event:

    And here's the link to the Idaho Brony facebook group.


    Pinkie's Brew Piano Cover

    Well, speak of the devil. You have bested me, sir. Check it out here!

    Pony Google Chrome Themes

    Pony themes for google chrome!

    Not too much else to say about this one!

    Check it out here.

    Celestia Radio All-day Extravaganza!

    More copypasta!

    Hey hey, punky pony people! My name is Prison. I'm the sweeper recorder/DJ/social network manager for Celestia Radio. I just wanted to tell you guys about the all-day DJ event that we're holding on Black Friday. It's called the Celestial Capitalist's BLACK FRIDAY BONANZA! Essentially, we're going to be reporting on news, playing the hottest brony music, taking listener call-ins, and having a great Thanksgiving weekend all day! I will be the main host, with the other DJs (Including DJs Shamrock, PonyToast, and MLI) appearing to talk about ongoing events in politics and the brony community (as well as really, really stupid topics that people who listen to the radio like to call in about).

    (oh wow, it kept the formatting. +1, blogger.)

     Mysterious Winged Ponies

    Oh goodness, whatever could it mean?

    Giggle at the Ghostly Singalong

    The email was simply this bare link, all alone. If you think you can handle the MYSTERY, check it out here!

     CBC Radio Interview, plus Ottawa Bronies meetup and Panel

    Lots of copypasta here.


    Ottawa Bronies head being interviewed on CBC radio one about an upcoming meetup at an anime convention. The meetup/panel went well with 50-100 people showing up at the panel, We were able to show the episode from that morning in 720p on a projector and a large screen, which was a wonderful boon for those who missed it due to being at the convention. Approximately 20-30 people enjoyed dinner at rockin jonnies diner at the official meetup after the panel

    Have some photos.

    Meetup Picture

    Pony Songs in Rock Band 3

    You know, I never really much got into the music games. I liked guitar hero two alright, but then after that... meh.

    Anyways, check it out here!

    Vote for Pony!

    Ponies are up for a vote on KYM for "best meme of 2011". Let's make sure we win!

    Check it out here.

    Ponies in the News

    I for one welcome our new overused meme. Check out the article here!

    Cloudsdale.org Beta

    Have some copypasta again.

    Thank you everypony for supporting me this far, motivating me to keep up the work with Cloudsdale. Tonight at 11 pm Paris Time, we're going into the first beta phase enabling features like; Clouds, Subscriptions and Notifications making nice additions to the already existing publishing and chat tools and functions. For all of you who has not yet been to cloudsdale.org I encourage you to go check it out. Cloudsdale is the beginning of a hoof stitched social media for all Bronies alike, where you all can gather and interact with each other using the latest technologies the web has to offer. Again, thank you all for showing all this interest.

    Delicious Pony Cake

    Happy 21st birthday, cake recipient!

    Or, at least, I assume it was delicious. how could that thing not be delicious? My birthday is coming up, I better get a delicious cake!

    The Section what with all the Merchandise

    Fluttershy plush

    Custom blind-bag style Keychains

    Giant Fluttershy Plushie

    Deadpool Pinkie Pie

    Fluttershy Pillow

    Smartypants Plushie

    Assorted pony keyrings, earrings, and christmas decorations

    Nightmare Night Luna

    Rainbow Dash + Tank plush

    Sorry I'm so low energy tonight, guys. I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon!

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