• Nightly Roundup #160

    FIREtavia edition, just because.

    I still say this show needs a wacky as hell story arc spinoff with stuff like this. Scratch vs. Tavia music battle with FIRE? Yes please.

    Have some news... Lots of news...  Piles of news... If you usually skip roundups, you should probably read this one.

    Daniel Ingram's Short Blurb in the Vancouver Sun

    Our bro Daniel recently answered a few questions in the Vancouver sun about various musical topics.  It's not specifically pony, but It's still worth a look! check it out here!

    Another Pony College Speech

    Yep, this is the now official requirement for all college students.

    Crazy DDR Pony Song

    I played some DDR back in the day, but we never used both pads.  This is absolute madness.

    Equestria Online Playable at BroNYCon 

    For those attending BroNYCon in January, a new addition to the already jam packed schedule has been added.  The guys from Equestria Online will have a fully playable demo up and running for everyone to try out.  

    As always, check out the website here!

    My Little Election Campaign

    Have some Pasta:

    " I'm recording my feelings and impressions for my current project : ponIIE. I'm a student in last year of engineering school. Every year, we make a vote to elect our new student board and before that, there is a campaign. While some students have real ambitions, some others, such as me, create "fake student lists" in order to participate in the fun of the campaign, but without any desire to be elected.
    Those groups usualy have strange or surprising themes, and it's only natural for me that I would create a list based on My Little Pony. The plan : make a campaign as if we wanted to change the teachings of our school (a computer engineering school) in order to suit Celestia's teachings."

    Check it out here!

    Everfree Radio Interviews Penstroke and Batty Gloom

    For all the Past Sins fans out there, your favorite cute OC pony manufacturing author has been hit by an interview over at Everfree Radio.

    And next week, they are releasing an interview with Michelle Creber; the voice actor behind Applebloom.  

    Have some copy paste!
    Hey everypony, EverFree radio has another special treat for you: an interview with Pen Stroke and Batty Gloom, the authors of Past Sins and the creators of Nyx. Our own Brushin' Bones and the beautiful Moonlight are the interviewers, so things are sure to get interesting.  Check it out! http://everfreeradio.com/?p=774

    Moreover, on Monday we will post an exclusive interview with the Michelle Creber, the voice arist for Applebloom and singing voice of Sweetie Belle!  Here's a teaser: http://everfreeradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/AB-ID2.ogg   Stay tuned!

    Winter Wrap Up Casting Call

    Another project is under way to have a whole bunch of people sing along to Winter Wrap Up togeather.  Check out the video here for more information!

    Tara Strong Attending the Emerald City Comic Con

    Tara Strong is once again invading a comic convention.  She has the best job... seriously.  Check out this page for more information on it!

    Equestria Tides Episode 4 "Return of The Brony".

    They didn't give me any copy paste! I guess the image does a good enough job of advertising it.  Check out the podcast here.

    Short Blurb about Pony on STAR 102.3

    Radio people always seem so scared at first.  Poor guys.  This particular station takes place in Bronwsville Oregon.  Check it out below!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Modern Warfare 3 Clan

    Clan Name: Revenge Ponies
    Clan Tag: RvP


    NSW Austraila Meetup

    Where:In front of Sydney opera house
    When: 10 am, 20 november 2011 sunday
    What: Casual picnic  meetup. Deciding what to do after picnic when it happens
    bring food :)

    San Antonio Meetup

    When: Nov 26 at 4pm
    Where: Dave & Busters
    Direct contact: [email protected]





    Wrolaw Meetup Report

    Crazy Polish bronies! 27 of them this time around.  Check out the writeup here

    Brazil Pony Commercial


    Pony Wedding Cake

    Appledash eh? I still prefer Rainbow Pie. But Grats to SpazzyKoneko and Tatsudoshi anyway!

    Mare in the Moon Skyrim Mod

    Yep, another one.  Check it out here.

    Someone needs to Trixiefy the cloak/hat from the final thief guild quest already!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Dash Blanket
    Rarity Plushie
    Fluttershy Shoes
    Pony Christmas Stockings
    Derpy Pillow
    Glass Pony Art
    Epic Meal Time Pony Phone Case

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