• Nightly Roundup #150

    Fine, have another daugher! See if I care! confound this complicated Derpy family thing.

    Have some news.

    Sugarcube Corner Menu

    I'd eat there! 

    Secret Santa Art Exchange Event Video

    A few days ago I posted about a Secret Santa event happening this holiday season.  Someone made a promo video about it! Check it out below.

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More

    Another Battlefield Platoon (PS3)


    - Black Ops Pony Emblems + Tutorials
    So if anyone is still interested in Black Ops, I make pony emblems for your playercard.
    Example Attached, you can visit my Youtube channel @http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMcSqueakers to see tutorials for all the mane 6 and many other background ponies. I am still making more (as well as redoing my original poor quality tutorials).
    Also on my channel are recordings of some of the games the MLP clan played.

    Benelux Brony Group


    Boston Meetup

    The Running of the Leaves
    When: Saturday, November 12, 2011, 3:00 PM
    Where: Boston Commons - Tremont and Boylston Streets, Boston, MA
    What: "The leaves are getting ready to fall, let's have a picnic! Proposed Agenda: Play tag (if anyone actually wants to run) Drink apple cider Play apples to apples Eat Apple Pie..."
    Group Site: http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-Boston

    Two Albany Events

    Saturday, November 12th - Laser Tag and Board Gaming
    The "Albronies" Meetup group is getting together at noon on Saturday, November 12th for a great afternoon and evening of laser tag, gaming, and of course, ponies! We'll meet at Zero Gravity, a laser tag and arcade place at 1240 Central Avenue, Albany, New York. The fee for laser tag is $6-8/person (depending on if you play 1, 2, or 3 games) but plan on bringing extra for what you want to spend at the arcade and at lunch and dinner. We have quite a collection of awesome board games, but if anyone has anything they'd like to contribute, they're more than welcome to bring it.

    Zero Gravity is accessible by the 1 and 905 buslines in Albany, and carpooling is also available.

    Saturday, November 26th - Second Thanksgiving
    Second Thanksgiving (or Pony Hobbit Day as it has already been affectionately dubbed) will take place in the absolutely stunning Luna Viewing Lounge at 100 N. Mohawk St., in Cohoes, New York. Thanksgiving is a holiday all about togetherness, and what better way to celebrate that than with a group of great pony friends? Come on by for excellent food and comraderie, video games, pool, (more!) board games, and whatever else we can think of between now and the 26th. There is a surcharge of $7.50 for this Meetup, but on the plus side, K-Ten is the only one cooking.

    K-Ten will be there at 10am preparing things, and the loft is reserved until midnight that night. Dinner will be served around 5:30 or 6:00, but feel free to come by before then for lots of fun festivities, including a pre-dinner BlazBlue: Continuum Shift tournament and lots of other gaming of the video, board, and pool varieties!

    To join the Albany Meetup Group, simply go and sign up at www.meetup.com/bronies-albany

    For further details about any of these meetups, e-mail K-Ten at [email protected]

    Western Michigan Brony Meetup

    When: Sunday, November 20 · 2:00pm - 7:00pm

    Where:  In front of the Grand Rapids Art Museum (by the Calder)

    101 Monroe Center
    Grand Rapids, MI

    Information: The first meetup of the West Michgian Bronies is finally taking place! Huzzah!
    We will be meeting in front of the Calder at the Grand Rapids Art museum at 2pm and will go from there for other exhibitions around town which will include: lunch first at a selected eatery (TGI fridays anyone?) and an episode viewing at GVSU pew campus.

    I will be taking a group photo of us in front of the Calder at 3:00 to give time for anyone else that is running late to arrive. If you arrive at a later time or know you are, I can give you my Cell phone information so that you're not left in the dark. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Questions, comments post away.

    If you are unable to attend this date because of other priorities my sincerest apologies. There will be other events! Trust me!


    Be advised I am watching the weather very closely and the venue is subject to change. We will meet up directly at GVSU PEW campus in case of bad weather.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------   WoW Guild 2

    “The Blank Flanks”
    Server: Gilneas
    Faction: Alliance
    If Interested Send A Letter / Message To: Retsun
    Info: We want to set up a good community that’s laid back, will help each other out. If you aren’t on the server, make a character on it and level it up in our guild.

    Southern California Brony Group


    Mine Little Pony: Friendship For the Win Series

    Another crazy minecraft pony series has begun, check out their promo here!

    Sandra and Woo Webcomic Posts Pony

    Yep another one! 

    I think we have maxed out our web comic pony quota.  They ALL pony at this point.

    Winter Wrap Up Line Dance Instructions

    Someone on Deviant Art has created a full dance routine for Winter Wrap Up! Check out the PDF of it here!

    Everfree Radio Sisterhooves Social Minicast

    Another round of Everfree Radio! Check it out here.

    My Lil Pwny Givaway 

    My Lil' Pwny is doing a free OC pony plushie giveaway on the 11th.  If you are a gamer, and want to hit up xbox live with your fellow pony obsessed fiends, check out this page for more information!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Canvas Art
    Dash Plushie

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