• Nightly Roundup #163 MY PET

    RAWARGHHG The Great and Powerful Trixie DEMANDS respect from her potential peacock pet

    Have some news.

    The Brony Show #28

    Another week, another brony show.  Have some Copy Paste:
    Hello once again everypony! It's another great LIVE episode of The Brony Show this Monday! Episode 28 and still going completely wild and fun! In this one we pull a twist, and we ask you, our awesome audience, to interview us the hosts. It's our first Q and A, and there are no limits to what you can ask. If you want to ensure your question gets in, jump into our forums before the show at http://thebronyshow.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=275 and post your question for us! It's the most awesome way to get your questions in for us. Along with this we're also commenting on the latest episode, and the incredible duet of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. We also have the random insanity only a live show can bring! Check us out at http://thebronyshow.net and click at the livestream link on the bottom left at 6PM PST or 9PM EST. We also have an awesome preshow with a very special ponynator an hour before the show, and as always Crimsonthewolf will give you late night bronies a fun aftershow to top it all off! Hope to see you all there!"

    Australian Pony Podcast 

    A new podcast has popped up, based in Australia! Check out the first two episodes here!

    Bronies React Episode 7

    Yep! Another one.  Find it here.

    Successful Meetups


    They didn't give me a specific group image, but they do have a bunch of galleries. Have two of those below!

    Gallery 1
    Gallery 2

    BroNYC Meetup

    These guys didn't really give me anything other than a video! So have it. 

    Phoenix Brony Meetup

    Cupcakes... I'm ashamed of my fellow Arizonans. You foals!

    Check out their group here!

    Midwest Furfest

    That's a lot of people!  Apparently 200+ People joined this one.

    Malaysian Brony Meetup

    And then Toys R' Us was invaded.

    Karaoke "May the Best Pet Win"

    I think I've spammed the front page enough with this one, so I'm tossing this new submission here instead! For those looking to sing along, this has the lyrics embedded at the bottom.  Check it out below.

    Gendid's Artist of the Week #5: Mr. Hooves

    "Hello again, and once again welcome to another addition of Artist of the Week! This time around is musician and composer Mr. Hooves! The video above is a sample of his work, and you can find the rest of it at his YouTube account (http://www.youtube.com/user/DradenDraetsu). I have an exclusive interview with the artist, which you can find here.

    Please enjoy the interview and support our artists! And remember, if you or someone you know wants to be on Artist of the Week, you can contact me at [email protected]! Until next time, this is Gendid, signing off!"



    Pony Emblem Website/Contest

    Have some copy paste from the creators of the Fire Emblem pony game:

    Pony Emblem Art Designing contest

    Do you have artistic skills that you wish to brag about? Wish to contribute to the project and have the chance to win a prize? Or perhaps you only want to try out something different and give a shot at designing art for a game. In that case, allow me to present you the Pony Emblem Concept Art designing contest to you, our fellow followers!

    We all know art is something very important that adds that spice of uniqueness to a game. You can't complain games like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, the Tales Of game series, among so many others are well known for their cool, beautiful and unique art styles. Pony Emblem is no exception, so this is your change to make it even more magical!

    Of course, we're not asking you to do something of that magnitude for free. Therefore we also offer you the chance to compete against others and show everyone you're capable of claiming the grand prize! Check our the official project site, Contest section for detailed information about it.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Small Town Brony Meetup Project


    OC Pony Roleplaying Forum


    QLD Gold Coast Meetup

    Where: Meeting at Helensvale train station, then going from there to wherever takes our fancy. Food, buying ponies and a pony marathon are all distinct possibilities!
    When: Saturday, December 3rd, 11:00am. End time to be decided when folks start to get bored
    For more information and to confirm your attendance, check out the Facebook event page here:


    Rainbow Dash Rainmeter Skins

    Another round of Rain Meter skins have popped up, this time dedicated to Rainbow Dash.  Hit up the Deviant Art page for information on them.

    Surveys looking for People! 

    A couple of surveys are looking for people to answer some bronies to answer questions and build stuff off of.

    The first one is for someone's 11th grade paper! Check that out below.

    And the second is for a college paper on Feminist Trends in FiM.  It covers two parts due to limitations with Surveymonkey.  Check that below, or if you have any questions on it, hit up the creator at their DA page.


    Mexican Discovery Kids Network Airs Pony Today

    At 10:00 AM Central time, FiM will be broadcasting on Discovery Kids for those that live in Mexico! Supposedly it's a first, though I've seen dubbed versions pop up, so I'm not too sure about that.

    Just tossing the info out there!

    Past Sins MST Round 2

    The people behind the past sins MST From the other night have a few updates for you all. Have some copy paste.
    So many comments were on the original document, it broke!  The group of editors went in, cleared the doc of comments, (and put the best ones in the "final" document, to come Thursday), and split the doc in two just so another wave of comments can be unleashed upon Past Sins!
    We also have a new "guidelines" post that you need to read before you comment.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Crochet Ponies
    Scratch Plushie
    Pony Sculptures
    Rainbow Dash Plushie
    Dash Stocking