• Nightly Roundup #135

    Banner Source! Hell yah Luna!

    Okay, guys, it's me again. I don't have a lot of time. I managed to sneak in while the blog was closed up for that one roundup, but I don't have a lot of time this time. I can hear the sirens blaring and I think Phoe got out the whips. I'm hiding out in the horseshoe closet and- wow, there sure are a lot of whips.

    League of Legends Brony Group

    There's a brony League of Legends group! If you're on the NA sever, look for the "BRONIES" chatroom- case sensitive, all caps. Check out their ponychan thread here.

    Ah, LoL. You know, I played one game of that and just never really got into it. I don't actually play a lot of multiplayer games, as it happens. I grew up a only child in a neighborhood without any other kids my age, so I didn't really get the chance. I've generally always preferred single player games, though there are some exceptions in recent years like Borderlands and some older things like Diablo II.

    Weekly PDF Gallery Update

    Some more PDF gallery updates for you guys!

    My Little Star Wars
    Our Last Goodbye (DISCLAIMER: CLOPPY)
    The Reaper's Game
    Heavenly Turmoil
    Monster Mash
    Final Dreams of a Filly
    League of discord
    Pony Effect
    End of Ponies
    Administration is Magic
    Moonbeam sequel: "Phases of the Moon"
    Too Shy for a Rainbow sequel: "The Rainbow's Surprise"

    Pony Cupcakes!

    So sweet and tasty.
    Wow, those must have taken a lot of work. I don't have a lot of experience in the area of pastrymancy, but I can imagine how hard it must have been to get all those cutie marks to look recognizable. Celestia looks delicious!

    Color-corrected 720p "Lesson Zero"

    Check it out right here! I gave it a watch while I should have been writing this and it looks pretty awesome!

    Webcomic Mentions Bronies

    Check it out right here.

    A whole year after the pony phenomena began and there are still corners of the internet which haven't yet made at least an obscure pony reference yet? Jeez. Get on it, guys.

    Pony QR Codes

    Wow, just when I thought nothing could top those cupcakes. Some enterprising brony out there went and made QR codes- which all link to Equestria Daily, if you were wondering- based on the color scheme and cutie mark of each pony. (Oh, and if you were wondering, Fluttershy's had to be lighter for the scanner to be able to pick it up. Some arcane sorcery is involved.)

    Super Meatboy and A Reckless Disregard For Gravity Giveaway

    A brony over at this forum is giving away a copy of Super Meat Boy and A Reckless Disregard for Gravity! Two of my personal favorite indie games, a great deal! All you have to do is draw a picture of Super Meat Boy and a pony working together to beat another pony- I'll copy and paste the rules:
    1. Must have Pony Villain
    2. Must have a Pony Sidekick helping Meat Boy
    3. OC ponies are allowed
    4. You must have made it yourself

    Bridlemaids Chalks Drawing

    More insane talent! Some bronies from the Dunedin, New Zealand area recreated that awesome Bridlemaids poster in chalk. Each person is standing above the pony they drew, apparently Pinkie Pie had to leave. You can also find the picture on DeviantArt.

    New Brony Forum

    A new brony forum has opened up here and they need some more bronies to fill their ranks! Gogo!

    Voice Actors Needed!

    Oh god, you guys. I think I can hear the whips cracking. so many whips. Here, have some copypaste:

    Hi! I'm Louis Badalament, and I'm starting a YouTube project; a reading of Alex Warlorn's Discorded Ponies and Reharmonized Ponies series, as seen here:

    I'm hoping to provide a voice for EVERYPONY in the fanfic series. That means, the Mane Six, Discord, Celestia, Luna, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Trixie, Spike, Snips, Snails, Twist, Silver Spoon, Doctor Whooves, everypony! We're going to read them all, and post it on YouTube! This is a GEM of a fanfic series, people, and it needs more attention and love!

    If interested, please e-mail me at [email protected], stating your name, the character(s) you're interested in playing as, and a sound clip of you auditioning as that/those character(s).

    Also, if you have any skill as a musician or an illustrator, and would be interested in contributing your talents to this project, then let me know as well! (With links to a sample gallery/listening room)

    Thank you!--

    Equestria Rave Radio Broadcasting

    Equestria Wave Radio is doing a special broadcast on Staurday, 10 PM EST. Check out their link here!

    Season 1 Animator Erica Pitt to Attend Brony Panel!

    Apparently, an animator from season 1 named Erica Pitt is due to attend a brony meetup in Dublin, Ireland. Check out the event post here!

    ...Man, I live way too far away from any of these places that get the awesome guests. Dublin is just out of the question and I live about as far away from New York as one can be in the contiguous 48 states.

    Lesson Zero Comic

    All you artists out there make me feel inadequate! Check it out here.

    Pony Rings!

    Apparently, in Russia, they're selling pony rings along with that magazine up there. Hasbro, your marketing strategies never cease to slightly confuse me!

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    Duct Tape Posters
    Plushie Fluttershy One
    Plushie Fluttershy Two
    Doctor Whooves Plushie
    Smartypants Sculpt

    PK Confirmed for Best Pony

    Okay, I managed to get the roundup done, but the security team is on to me. I only managed to last as long as I did because I stacked several dozen boxes of My First Wingbondage Kit against the door- there sure are a lot of them in here. Behind the whips.

    I think I messed up pretty bad, guys. Seth is yelling outside, and I don't think the doors are going to hold shut an longe-

    oh god they've broken down the doors i don't know how much longer i can type phoe has the ropes and i don't think i can escape this time somepony call for help- mmmmphghg!

    This post is now 20% cooler - Seth

    Mmmmph! Phgmmmph mmhpg! -PK

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