• Nightly Roundup #133

    I saved this image earlier, and wanted to use it for something, so have a nightly roundup with it. 

    Celestia Plate

    I'm pretty sure this is the first plate we have ever received.  I'm wasn't really sure where to put it, but this crazyness had to go somewhere! It's really well done.

    Toys R' Us Blindbag Set Back in Stock 

    For those looking to pick up a blindbag pony set, Toys R' Us online has them back in stock again.  You can find them at this page.

    Equestria Online Seeks More

    For all the programmers out there, Equestria Online is seeking few of you to add to their team.  If you are interested in helping out, hit up their recruitment page for information on what qualifications are needed, as well as the application itself.

    TV Guide Cover Competition

    On the TV Guide Facebook Page, a competition is under way to determine their December issue cover.  Sadly Friendship is Magic isn't on the list, but they do have a suggestion section.

    Head on over to this page, scroll to the bottom, and toss "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" into the box.  It is unknown if they will actually use these, but it's worth a shot!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More! 

    Tusla Brony Meetup

    Copypaste: This is kind of last minute, but you're invited for playing Laser Quest and celebrating my sister's and my birthday! You'll need $16 to play with us (I've been told it needs to be cash) but even if you don't play feel free to come! The party is TOMORROW, so RSVP as quickly as possible by emailing me at [email protected] -Artsie Bee


    Xbox Live Clan


    Big Book of Brony Update


    Hijinks Ensue Pony Comic + Quick Response From Hasbro

    The Hijinks Ensue comic has popped another pony reference, but on top of that, someone asked a few questions of one of the Hasbro employees at the NYCC.
    "I talked to one of the guys at Hasbro (a Hasbrony?) about the Brony phenomenon. He said their official policy is “we don’t get it, but we love it.” He confirmed my suspicion that they are careful NOT to cater to Bronies with the production of the show or the official merchandise, because it would probably have the opposite effect and drive them away. What they are obsessed with is the show which Hasbro thought it was making for little girls. To alter course now, would likely alienate both core audiences. It was a very enlightening conversation that got me thinking about what happens when you create something and put it out there for mass consumption. The audience you get isn’t always the one you want, but rather the one you deserve." - Joel Watson
    I can agree with the no catering to us in show, but I'm definitely hoping they consider some merch for us.

    World of Warcraft Pony Voice Addon

    A WoW modder recently released a small mod that swaps some of the combat sound effects with pony stuff.

    Have some copy paste: 
    Due the lack of Awesome my little pony addons i decided to make this addon to make Azeroth 20% percent cooler I was working on this addon for about a week and tweeked every now and then but i got to the point that i wanted to make something new so i thought i'd share this addon with you guys :)
    It is based on this addon Super mario soundpack addon by BigredBrent i just tweaked the addon a bit i dont have any knowlege of writing this addon but i did ask him if it was oke for me to upload it
    To use this addon you do need the Super Duper Soundpack addon
    i hope you guys enjoy this addon and if you got any pony related questions Sent them to my youtube 'Bebberscosplay' or ingame on Darkspear EU Applejack,Fluttershy,Rainbowdash
    Download Page
    Youtube Video Demonstration

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Smartypants Doll
    MLP Propoganda Poster Pre-orders (These are badass!) 

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