• WTG Wrapup Week 7

    The Writer's Training Ground (topic: story inspired by a song) has finished. Looks like 46 stories are in this bunch. Well, jeez. That's kind of a lot. Everything else in this post is a copy/past from kits. It's 4:30 in the morning as I'm scheduling this, please don't expect anything more articulate out of me.

    Wrap up Post
    Group Page

    Ok. Week 8 theme.

    A pony Teaching Another Pony a Skill

    If that's not enough to get your creative juices going, take a look at
    the extra prompts below!

    Princess Celestia tries to teach Luna about something modern OR
    Princess Luna tries to teach Twilight about something archaic

    The pony learns about something they hate because they have a crush on
    the teacher

    One of the CMC tries to teach another about something that neither one
    of them knows how to do

    One of the princesses is training Twilight to be her replacement,
    because she knows that she is soon going to die

    A pony teaches another pony how to do something that must be done in
    Equestria because we see evidence of it or a product of the process on
    the show, but doesn't seem possible without hands

    A pony is teaching another pony using abusive or cruel methods

    A super hero (Comic book, movie, whatever) is teaching a pony how to
    use their newly developed super powers

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