• Story: Secret Tub Fun Series (Updated Directors Cut!)

    [Normal] These are classic, and awesome.  Just read them, you won't regret it.

    Author: Lawnpygmy 

    All stories below the break! 
    Part 1: Twilight Sparkle
    Description: A shortfic about Twilight Sparkle's night alone with an old crooner, an evil overlord, a submarine, and a rubber duck named Cloptimus.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 1: Twilight Sparkle

    Part 2: Rarity!
    Description: After closing up shop, Rarity gets ready for her turn at a night alone in the tub. But the Scoltish lord, Tartan Claymore, is there to join her!
    Secret Tub Fun Part 2: Rarity

    Part 3: Fluttershy!
    Description: Fluttershy, haunted by anxiety and her own overactive imagination, retreats to her favorite place to bathe. But can she escape her own thoughts? Even there? And what of the mysterious thing following behind her?
    Secret Tub Fun Part 3: Fluttershy

    Part 4: Pinkie Pie!
    Description: Pinkie Pie's time has come. Everything she's worked for, everything she's sacrificed, has come to a head. She's finished off every pony else in Ponyville. The only one left is her.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 4: Pinkie Pie

    Part 5: Rainbow Dash!
    Description: The tub is a great place to think.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 5: Rainbow Dash

    Part 6: Spike
    Description: On a cold night at the beginning of Autumn, a hard-bitten young dragon decides to spend the night at his favorite little hole in the wall. But his past catches up with him while he's indulging in one of his favorite pastimes. Will he be able to make it out in one piece? Or will he fall prey to the ungentle attentions of the leader of Ponyville's smuggling ring?
    Secret Tub Fun Part 6 Spike

    Tags: Spike, Twilight, The CMC, Dinky Hooves, Mild shipping

    [Sad][GrimLight] Part 7: Celestia
    Description: This story has been broken up into three parts to emphasize each one, and to let each bit stand alone.
    Prologue Description: What were things like in the beginning of the world? How did Equestria come to be? What were the princesses like in the beginning of the world? This little tale answers all these questions, and introduces a few of the Princess' peers.

    Celestia Description: Princess Celestia is a very, very old pony. She was there in the Dawn Times of the world, and has guided ponykind with love and wisdom for as long as anyone can remember. She is also a very lonely pony, with no one her equal that she can truly befriend. For the last thousand years or more, she has watched friends and loved ones pass into myth or nightmare and be forgotten by the world, and struggled with the weight of centuries spent increasingly alone. It's a weight no one should have to bear, that could break even the strongest heart.

    Diary Description: What was on the page in Celestia's cabinet? Read on and find out.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 7: Prologue
    Secret Tub Fun Part 7: Celestia
    Secret Tub Fun Part 7: Diary

    Additional Tags: Princess Celestia, OCs, Steven Magnet, Sad


    Description: Trixie never left Ponyville after the Ursa Minor fiasco. She stayed the night under a bridge, until morning came and showed her a lifetime of boasting and ego-stroking and grand gestures come undone. Now she is struggling with the results of her biggest mistake ever, and to pull herself out of debt to the worst pony she could ever have indebted herself to.
    Secret Tub Fun 8 - Trixie

    Additional Tags: Trixie, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Tubs, Gummy.


    Author: LawnPygmy
    Description: Applejack spends some alone time in the tub, very late at night, with a new friend Pinkie introduced her to. She finds it easy to speak her mind around him, and talks his poor dog-ear off.
    Secret Tub Fun 9 - Applejack

    Additional Tags: Applejack, Applebloom, Book, Bathtub, Incomplete, Sorry for the Wait

    [Normal][Comedy][Slight Dark] 
    Description: 'Rainbow Dash and Gilda Go To Jail. This takes place almost directly after STF 5. Gilda and Rainbow run afoul of the law, and end up getting Scootaloo involved.
    Secret Tub Fun 10 - Gilda

    Additional Tags: OC Policeponies, Ponyville PD, [REDACTED]

    [Normal][Comedy] (New!)
    Description: Awww yeah. The original Secret Tub Fun is back and now in Blu-Ray awesomeness. With all new deleted scenes from visionary director Murgurgle the Squid, this re-release is the definitive edition of SECRET TUB FUN.
    Secret Tub Fun - DIRECTOR'S CUT

    Additional Tags: Dinosaurs, Submarines, Twilight Sparkle is a Goofball, Plays

    Fan Art


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    11. I love the idea that Twilight is still such a kid at heart.

    12. Oh Rarity, you sick little monkey.
      Er, pony.

    13. Holy crap, how did I miss these two? They're fantastic! Very well written, and you got Rarity spot on.


    14. I have a plan in the works for more! Up next is Fluttershy's.

    15. these are so adorable. I just grin and giggle like an idiot the whole time.

    16. @LawnPygmy
      I was going to say, "Amazing, and I can't wait to see more (please be Fluttershy!)"

      So... "Amazing, and I can't wait to see more!"

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    18. Whoah, nice! Fluttershy's being cute, even if there's a little bit of darkness there. Can't be easy being a scaredy-cat pegasus pony...

    19. I think the fluttershy one is my favorite so far. I like how detailed the cave was. Good job!

    20. As if Fluttershy wasn't adorable enough already! Best one so far, keep it up!

    21. D'awww, thanks you guys~

      Next up is Pinkie Pie!

    22. Oh Pinkie Pie, you're *so* random. :P

    23. Hahaha, love how the beginning of Pinkie's felt like a "Cupcakes" clone.

      So, is it Dash or AJ next?

    24. I loved the ending in this one =3

      Still, so far Fluttershy holds the crown =P

    25. Oh, god... I don't even want to start reading Pinkie's. Right after you post Cupcakes, I really need some assurance that this isn't terrifying.

    26. I just realized I can't keep giving this post 5 stars every time a new one's posted...

      20/5, thus far!

    27. @Anonymous

      Just keep reading, Anonymous!

      Thank you all for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed them. It really makes me feel awesome to hear that something I write is bringing smiles to people's faces. Sappy, probably, but true. These are for you guys!

      Coming Next: Spike!

    28. @Anonymous
      Pinkiezilla. Therefore, it's not terrifying; it just looks as such from the description. :D

    29. God. DAMN.

      Never before has a fanfic been able to jerk around my emotions so much.

      I salute you, good sir, and I eagerly await more.

    30. Well, the Rainbow Dash one certainly feels like a departure from the tone of the series.

      Not saying that's a bad thing, though. It was very well written...just not what I expected!

    31. Daaang. That new one with Dash really pulled some heart strings. And I loved every sentence! Keep up the awesome work!

    32. this was more secret than tub or fun. i like fun, why cant dash have fun too?

    33. Did not expect Rainbow Dash.

    34. I already commented on DA, but what the hey, it can't be said enough. You did well! (And with well I mean FANTABULOUSLY!)

      They were all true to the characters as well as managing to get out a believable other side to them. I also noticed that the fics pretty much got... Well, not "darker" per se, but at least more "mature" as they went. Was that intentional, or just a stroke of luck?

      In any case, bravo to you, dear write-friend, bravo to you ^_^

    35. I personally love this series, It started (And well IS) a lighthearted fic about bathing, but you also give some depth into the possible backstory of the characters (Fluttershy and Rainbowdash)or make them bloody hilarious (Pinkie)

      Bravo to you fic writer! You rock

    36. "Classified Hygiene Entertainment" has been a series I've absolutely loved and--

      oh my god, I just realized "tub" is "but" backwards.

    37. @Everyone
      Thank you all so much for reading. :D I'll do my best to continue to deliver for you!

      There was supposed to be a cycle, and Rainbow was going to be toward the later half, but she decided to be impatient and cut in line. So it ended up being a stretch with fewer silly bits. I'm definitely going to bring the silly back, and end the series on a lighter note than some of the ones in it.


    38. "Angel, these are perfect!" And they are! Thank you, author :) I'm saving the Rainbow Dash one for tomorrow, but I'll give you your 5 stars in advance

      @You know who you are
      You made me go and read Cupcakes... just saying

    39. This is great stuff. I want more.

    40. I believe Spike's part is arguably the best one thus far. A watered down "noir" narrative as if it was the Prohibition Era caught me off guard, but I loved it all the same!

    41. Spike's is awesome! Cute as hell, and I love the interplay with a certain other story in the series. Great job, as always!

    42. Spike's is definitely the best.

    43. I have only three words to comment on Spike:

      LIKE A BOSS.

    44. I was smiling and giggling like a filly while reading Spike's part.

    45. Old time gangster Spike... I like it, in fact he may just have replaced manly Spike as my favourite Spike.

    46. HolyDemonSnappendragonApril 18, 2011 at 7:54 PM

      This was so, so good. Except for Rainbow Dash's. :T

    47. I cant wait for Applejacks!

    48. Great set of short stories, each different in mood, atmoshpere and all of that. Loved Twilight with her child-like play and extra care she take to NOT been catch while playing like a little filly. Loved Rarity with her "experianced heart breaker" fantasia. Like Fluttershy and her Water-Peg story. Laughed hard on Pinkie Pie - it started like a grimdark, and ended like a Pinkie Being Pinkie. And LOVED Rainbow Dash, much more deeper, less "fun", but very emotional piece.

      5 starsies!

    49. Thank you for the feedback, everyone! I'm glad to have entertained.

      Spike's was the longest to write, and was originally supposed to take place after Pinkie Pie's. But Rainbow butted in while Spike was dithering around trying to be a documentary by David Attenburro, and went first. I'm glad I did it, now.

      The whole series is supposed to take place on the same day at various times during it, with all of them bleeding into another one.

      Coming Soon: Secret Tub Fun 7 - Princess Celestia

    50. Oh man, every one is better than the last. I can't wait to see what you do next.

    51. Oh the Spike one. The Spike one!
      Raymond Chandler could only dream xD

    52. Spike is such a player. >XD Or not.

      Easily the best of the series thus far. I never LOLed so hard! I totally read that part in his voice the entire time.

    53. ... Toy story reference in twilights... LOLwut?

    54. All so very hilarious... Except RD...
      But yeah, spike's is the best.

    55. I originally thought it was a play on the "secret butt fun" thing.

    56. I really, really hope that it only looks like this series is dead.
      Also, is anyone thinking of writing a continuation of Rainbow's section? I want to know what happens next.


      *dies laughing*

    58. NOTE:

      This has to be 6-Star now! :-D

    59. First 6 parts bring about happiness(with the exception of RD which is a bit of a downer), and then part 7 takes that happiness and shatters it against a rock. Looking forward to the next installment.

      Gonna watch Corridor of Cupcakes now to heal my crushed heart.

    60. Yeah, Part 7 broke my heart, too. The author's emphasized an overarching plot for the whole series, though, so here's hoping Celestia doesn't go COMPLETELY bonkers by story's end.

    61. The first set were really fun. My favorite was Spike's chapter. Dash's was more secret then tub or fun but I still enjoyed it. Fluttershy's was sweet, Rarity's was silly, Twilight is such a kid at heart and Pinkie's was just of the wall crazy. I hope you add a chapter for Applejack soon.

      As for the Celestia arc. Daaaaam! Just, Daaaaaaam. I loved the origin story, it is just like a fairy tale. I really feel sad for Celestia after the second part.

      Are setting up for a fallow-up spin off story where Celestia sends the Elements on an epic adventure to find and purify the other Immortals only for them to return to find an insane Celestia has taken over the land? Because that would be awesome.

    62. Sweet merciful crap. The Celestia section is well-written but it is SO DEPRESSING.

    63. Confound this fandom, now I have the burning urge to write a story about the Elements of Harmony seeking out and curing and freeing the old immortals (and Celestia may or may not be on that list).

      ... But on the note of your story, I started with Celestia and then went to read the other ones to see if they were that depressing or connected. I liked them, though Rainbow Dash's had a considerably different tone, and Spike's... I haven't gotten to yet, admittedly, but the promise of film noir narration pleases me.

      Celestia's, though, hoo boy. I loved the little creation myth you started out with! It read like a legend, and naming the other elements and listing those immortals was a nice touch.

      A nice touch which then turned into a punch with the court session in part two, where all of them are gone. Ooooh, poor Celestia. Hearing of the others in the tale, and seeing them all as mythical characters, and then seeing them from Celestia's mind was... Well, at first, I was excited, like Celestia, to see them, but when I learned what was going on... Poor girl. Man, I really want to give her a hug. :(

      Is this plot going to carry through the rest of this series, then?

      Also... Nice title drop.

    64. OMG

      I haven't even started the last one but I had to comment that part 6 was a stroke of hilarious genius.

      I think I laughed as I read the entire thing :D


      1: Happy fun silly bathtime with a rubber duck, toy robot, etc. Looks like this series will provide some nice and funny light reading and character insights.
      2: Ah, Rarity's reading trashy romance novels again. Probably written by Fluttershy.
      3: What a beautifully described cave, and of course she'd swim somewhere natural. Interesting delve into somewhat darker material, though.
      4: Yes, I see what you're hinting at, but--hah, yes! (Couldn't she have photographed it first, though?)
      5: Well, let's see what Rainbow thinks about in--

      Okay, well, there's a tone shift. Still a great story, but the title doesn't exactly fit this one.
      6: Hahhahhah!! Oh, splendidly amusing!
      7a: Nice creation story, but what does it have to do with bathing?
      7b+7c: …OKAY THEN. Great story, but wow is the title dissonant now. How did we get from rubber ducks to this, again?

      I quite look forward to seeing what the others think about, but I'm really not sure the title still fits (though I suppose that "fun" could be partially interpreted in the Dwarf Fortress sense).

    66. @SomeGuy
      Oops that last paragraph should start with "Are you setting up"

      And after reading your comment at the bottom of the Celestia Part 2 I just wanted to say that I don't like ragging on Celestia either and never bought into the whole Trolestia thing. Celestia is good and kind. The ponies bow to give her the honor and respect that one of her position is due.
      I really feel sad for Celestia in this story. Losing all her fellow peers and now watching herself falling victim to the same madness. It is lonely at the top. US presidents go into a "bubble" of isolation when elected. I can't imagine how painful it would be to live ones entire life like especially if said life is over a thousand years.
      I do hope that the FiM writers do something that looks into this if not in season 2 then in season 3. Nothing too sad or depressing of course but maybe something along the lines of the fic "Sunny Skies All Day Long."

    67. Spike's section is incredible. Would love to see a continuation in that style. A noir-style Equestria with him as a private eye? PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    68. GOD. DAMMIT.

      That is all. (In a good way)

    69. @Anonymous

      Rainbow's isn't /quite/ finished yet. She's got a bit more to go. There are gonna be 12 parts to the series, with Luna's at the end wrapping everything up and tying things together, kinda. And then maybe a bonus 13th part just for fun.

      But if you want to write something about this, by all means, feel free! I encourage it, even!

    70. @Darth Equus

      Working on one now, actually. Just a bit of light writing to pick me up after Celestia's piece.


      I believe she's, if anything, a benevolent troll. She indulges in the occasional prank to keep her spirits up and to keep herself involved with ponies, and occasionally gives her subjects a pointed reminder just how silly they're being.
      Case in point: A Bird in the Hoof, where she pretended to take a sip of tea when the Cakes kept filling her teacup. Part prank, part reminder that they don't have to bend over backward to please her.
      She prefers informal relations with her subjects since it keeps her grounded and because it's what she's used to with her peers. But she lets them treat her like they do because it seems to make them happy, and she loves it when they're happy.

      I have no current plans for an adventure set with Celestia sending the Harmony Bearers after the other Immortals, but that does not preclude the fact that I may do something like that later! But it would be much later, if anything.
      Don't expect Celestia to let the Harmony Bearers go alone, though.

      And an episode like 'Sunny Skies All Day Long' would be AMAZING.

      @ Rexylophone
      Kind of. This will be revisited, yes, but anything more would be spoilers.
      And I want to give her a hug, too. :<

    71. Have not read the Celestia part yet, but good lord is Spike's AMAZING. I am absolutely obsessed with that noir-ish tone and it fits perfectly well with Spike's character. I'd love to see more fics like this in general.
      God, do I love that bad-detective noir feel.

    72. And of course, Applejack doesn't bathe.


    73. Holy hell Celestia's part is intense. ._.

      What a change of pace from the others.

    74. @ Anonymous

      Applejack does too bathe. She just hasn't gotten her turn yet.

    75. So much Pain...Celestia I...I know that darkness.Please...Let me help you.

    76. I haven't read Celestia's yet (It's late and I am very tired from reading fan fiction all day), but holy crap spike's had me on the edge of my seat and ready to burst with laughter.

      Pinkie's village was described perfectly, I loved just imagining what it looked like.

    77. And now I have read it. Holy crap that is sad. How did we go from Twilight playing with toys in the bath tub, to Celestia going insane.

    78. Heh heh....
      -looks away-
      I NEVER play with toys in the tub...
      -runs away-

    79. So I have to say the Spike part is by far the best train of thought story I have ever read. I constantly alternated between loling and D'awwwing. At one point I actually lolD'awwwwed. Needless to say my esophagus hurts and my monitor is covered in mucus and pizza. Kudos, sir.

    80. I read Spike and Celestia after having my wisdom teeth taken out. I think the pain pills work, but my gums still ache, and the story distracted me and made me feel better while giving me a new perspective regarding Celestia.

    81. Rise from your grave!

      I haven't seen an update from this series in a while.

    82. No Applejack? Oh well. Time to read.

    83. Did the Celestia one have a Conan reference? Buckin' Awesome

    84. I liked them all but the Celestia one was a jarring switch and very depressing. I really really don't want Celestia to go down that path and hopefully it is averted.

    85. Trixie reminds me of Gollum. If Gollum were gay.

    86. Oh man, a Trixie/Rarity shipfic. It's well-written, very in-character, but wait until Sethisto and Cereal get a hold of it...their reactions will be...interesting...to say the least.

    87. ... am I mistaken, or have we skipped over Applejack?

    88. Wow...I had only read Twilight's before last night, I hadn't know how amazing each of these are. And how they tie together are just ingenious.

      Rarity? Lotta fun reading that one. The descriptions from that novel cracked me up!

      Fluttershy? Beautifully atmospheric.

      Pinkie Pie? Love that ending.

      Rainbow Dash? Heartbreaking and beautiful.

      And Spike? Oh dear god, I could not stop laughing while I read that! A work of genius, that one is. Everything about it - the narative, the dialogue, the comedy, just...genius.

      Celestia's...wow. That one is really something, though a rather sharp turn away from the mood of the other tub stories. It's beautiful and I love the origin story, as well as how Celestia's plan fits together, but it felt a little out of place in this set.

      As for Trixie's...interesting. The shipping is a little silly, but given that it could be just delusions on Trixie's part I can accept it. Her inner monoluge reminds me of Gollum, and it's cool to see a little tie-in with the other Ponyville tub stories.

    89. @YetAnotherBrony

      Thank you so much! I'm also looking forward to seeing their reactions to this. :) Particularly Sethisto's.


      There are 12 planned parts to the series, with a possible bonus 13th part afterward, and the series will resolve at least a majority of the things within it, as STF 6 and 8 showed. 12 is the end of the series, and will wrap everything up. Don't lose hope!


      I'm glad it could help! It always makes me feel great to hear things like that~

      @Warp and John

      Applejack is next. You'll see why soon.

      @Ddude28 and DPV111

      Spike's was one of the most fun to write ever. Even still I like to go back and read it just to have fun with the imagery.


      The reason for the jarring switch comes from one of the goals I set out at the beginning of the series, during the planning stages. I wanted each one to be different, often wildly so. I wanted to do each in a different style to stretch my writing muscles and broaden my horizons as a writer so I could improve. One of them is going to be a diary set piece, another is going to be a rant, and there's one I want to do a a borderline fapfic, but that one's going to be tough to keep in line with EqD guidelines. I relish the challenge, however.

      Rest assured, though, that the series will have a happy ending. I have planned for that, too.


      Thank you all for all of the feedback, and for being so patient with this latest installment! Recent weeks have been occupied with me wrestling with people trying to screw me in one way or another by doing something that's 'good for me', and so my energies have been focused there. That, and a huge move, on top of re-ordering my life while getting ready to uproot everything again. Hopefully, later updates should be more frequent. I look forward to STF 9!

    90. Trixie (8) :

      I don't quite remember any (much) of the other Parts, just the big lines (and even then)...

      But, this part was relatively interesting.

      Sweetie Belle and Trixie had some light, but nice interactions. :)

    91. When (and it was always "when", never "if") she got into the stuff she'd go berserk and turn into a pink tornado that left disaster in her wake. And you couldn't get mad at her, oh no. When she'd crash she'd be the most adorable thing ever and Twilight would just throw a blanket over her and keep going, saying something flippant. And when she woke up, she wouldn't remember a thing.

      Quick, someone make a comic or something!

    92. First was good, second was alright, then it got...sappy. Which is fine when its continued on, but the stories are pretty independent. Just think they'd be better as individual stories than as being related to the awesome Cloptimus.

    93. Ouch, ouch, ouch - the Celestia one was harsh after the lightness of the others. That's not to say I didn't think it was good, you understand. In fact, it's one of the best pieces of fic I've read.

    94. Wow. Your style really changed from the first to last. Every one was a fine read in its own right, but Celestia, woh. I've wondered on similar lines of immortality vs loneliness for her myself, but you've given it a calibre much more poignant than I could deliver. Loved the Spike noire.
      Finest of quality, while covering quite an emotional range. Really enjoyed the reading. Thank you.

    95. Nice, clean writing style, well-composed, well thought out, and original stories give this everything you need to have completely earned 6-stars.

      There's a small mistake towards the end of Rainbow's when it says something about months and something else about 3 or 4 years.

    96. This comment has been removed by the author.

    97. this is amazing, the plot, the description, the unique writing style.. it really does deserve six stars

    98. Oh yes, can't forget the wash of laughter and tears. Real, impassioned & inspiring. So. Much. Talent. Tissues!

    99. The tone of these stories is all over the place. You have the humorous chapters (like 1 and 2) and the more serious ones (like 5 and 7). Makes each new part a bit unpredictable, which is interesting.

      An actual plot kicked in at chapter 7, which I hadn't been expecting. Curious to see where this is going to end up.

      If I got this right, the future parts are:
      Part 10: Gilda
      Part 11: Big Macintosh
      Part 12: ? Luna ?

    100. I am so sorry for taking so long to respond to you guys. Settling into a new job and new city has taken a toll on my time, but I plan to make more time for you guys in the future.

      Lemme see if I can address each of your comments adequatly...

      I originally planned for each story to be done in a different style, though that isn't always possible, as there's many styles that I'm not familiar with, not very good at doing, or which just plain don't work with ponies. So tone has been the biggest factor in making each different.

      Also: I was totally not expecting a plot to kick in either, but when I wrote 6 and 7 the idea was too much fun to pass up. It's even led to me outlining and adventure series stemming from the events of 'Diary' and 'Prologue'.

      And your predictions are exactly right. Luna is Part 12, and the end of the series.

      @Something to Quack About
      Because, for some reason, Applejack unwittingly harboring slumbering feelings for a younger man (of whatever species) is both funny and cute. It should be horrible, but all I can think is 'that's silly'. Though Spike's not THAT young in here. Like... 13-15 rather than a real 'baby'. Might explore what makes a 'baby dragon' better later. Hmm...'

      @minty, Lurks-No-More, Twifight Sparkill (great name), axlemn, ambion, Tequila Sunrise
      Thank you so much! :D

      Fixing now. Sorry for the wait.

      They were supposed to be before, with (at most) only minor hints of continuity, but I couldn't help myself once I actually got started. Sorry to hear it's not quite your thing, but I don't plan on stopping now.

      I have been asked to go back and rewrite 1 and 2, and I plan to do just that, now. Only thing is how to go about it without losing what originally made them fun in the first place...

    101. I read these long ago and have recently searched high, then low, only to finally find these literary gems! Ooo so excited! Pygmy is amazing!

    102. Glorious, can't wait to see who is left.

    103. @Stryke

      Big Macintosh (Or another background pony, or multiple ponies), and Luna.

    104. It's this story's birthday in four days.

    105. Part 10:

      >two counts of interrupting a citizen while engaged in ablutions
      >"It's an old law.
      -Heh. Not the weirdest ‘old law’ I have ever seen. ;)
      One that I always remember is : Illegal to eat Pudding, after 22:00, on a Friday.

      >[RECORDER'S NOTE: Ehehehe. 'Butter-Boy'. It's funny because he's fat.]
      -This ‘’recorder’’ doesn’t seem like the brightest light around here ?
      (Also, is she invisible, for nopony to even notice her ?)

      >Nobody wears clothes, so you've gotta be some kinda pervo to pull that off.
      -I think it’s mostly a question of ‘intentional’ VS ‘non-intentional’, really.

      >A&W's Finest Root Beer Float.
      -‘Float’... That’s the one with ice cream in it, right ? I once had 1, it was ok... not a big fan of root beer’s taste.

      >[RECORDER'S NOTE: Shhh… shhh… Don't worry, Blue Line. I'll make it all better. Just you wait.]
      -Speaking of ‘’Creeeeepyyyyy’’...

      >"Yeah, but it doesn't feel like a cave. My buddy Harry fixed it up so nice it feels more like a house.
      -She lives with Harry the Bear ? Sounds like the beginning of a new TV series ;).

      >GILDA GRIFFON: "He's her uncle, I think. An old friend of her family. No idea how that happened."
      -Scootaloo seems to really have some quite odd family members and friends. But, ‘odd’ can be good too.

      >SCOOTALOO: "…are they gonna fight again?"
      >Oh my gosh I want to hug her.
      -Scoota-hug, everypony ! :)

      >RAINBOW DASH: "Guess we owe her an apology, huh?"
      >GILDA GRIFFON: "She likes bumper haycarts."
      -You know... it’s a somewhat amusing / happy-hurray moment, right there. With the whole ‘’2 kinda sisters/family-like going to buy a gift to young pony’’ thing. :)

      >GILDA GRIFFON: *chortling* "Consider it payback. After that you can take me and her out for ice cream."
      -Awwww... It’s like those shows with those ‘’unusual family’’, that are ‘’a bit strange’’ but all good and happy together. :)

      >"Keep going the way you're going and I'll tell Rainbow Dash not to take us out for ice cream."
      >*SCOOTALOO presses both forehooves against her mouth almost immediately.*
      -Well, story is getting pretty family-friendly around, now. :)

      >GILDA GRIFFON: *spluttering and turning an interesting shade of red* "I-I'm, no! I'm not her mom!"
      -Awkward cute family-like time, Go! ;)


      Quite a ‘’strange’’ part, but with a kind of ‘’strange’’ that is somewhat funny, and pretty happy-adorable at times (especially near the end). The idea of having ‘Harry the Bear’ as Scootaloo’s Uncle, and Gilda and RD as kinda-sisters/surrogate parental figures was a pretty odd one, but again... a kind of ‘’odd’’ that I wouldn’t mind at all seeing in more stories. :)

    106. Director's Cut :

      >Well… PHOOEY." She sat up and smushed her butt against the pages.
      -Take the full power of Twilight’s butt, you fool Play ! :3

      >"Wassup, Princess P? Did those radical cool-kid ponies see the gnarly wisdom in that totally tubular plan of mine, dude?"
      -AAAAHHHH ! *starts running in the other direction*

      >Alright. Modern slang: bad idea.
      -Well... personally, I wouldn’t call 90’ slang ‘’modern’’. But, that’s just me.

      >"This could get loud…" she murmured with a furtive glance at the rest of the tub's contents.
      -This sounds more ‘’suggestive’’ than it should, I think. ;)

      >He'd be too traumatized by the sight of his Twilight… 'playing' to ever grow up properly.
      -Yeah... I’m in the impression those ‘’innuendos’’ are *MAYBE* intended... maaaaaybe. ;)

      >"What?! Tyraritysaurus, I thought you were evil!"
      -‘’This was my evil twin ! ...which took my place while I suffered from amnesia !’’

      -Brains work in odd ways, sometimes... *This* line, specifically, answered a question I was asking myself since I read the title : ‘’This is the ‘Director’s Cut’ of what exactly ? One of the previous ‘Secret Tub Fun’ or ?’’.

      >And then Spike burst into the bathroom wearing a dress.
      -Wasn’t the bathroom’s door locked ? ...ALL doors and windows locked ? ...and magically protected ? With alarm(s) at every each of them ?
      Consistency is Magic.


      A bit short, but it was still pretty enjoyable, with bits of funny stuff.