• Story: Secret Tub Fun Series (Updated Directors Cut!)

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    Author: Lawnpygmy 

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    Part 1: Twilight Sparkle
    Description: A shortfic about Twilight Sparkle's night alone with an old crooner, an evil overlord, a submarine, and a rubber duck named Cloptimus.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 1: Twilight Sparkle

    Part 2: Rarity!
    Description: After closing up shop, Rarity gets ready for her turn at a night alone in the tub. But the Scoltish lord, Tartan Claymore, is there to join her!
    Secret Tub Fun Part 2: Rarity

    Part 3: Fluttershy!
    Description: Fluttershy, haunted by anxiety and her own overactive imagination, retreats to her favorite place to bathe. But can she escape her own thoughts? Even there? And what of the mysterious thing following behind her?
    Secret Tub Fun Part 3: Fluttershy

    Part 4: Pinkie Pie!
    Description: Pinkie Pie's time has come. Everything she's worked for, everything she's sacrificed, has come to a head. She's finished off every pony else in Ponyville. The only one left is her.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 4: Pinkie Pie

    Part 5: Rainbow Dash!
    Description: The tub is a great place to think.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 5: Rainbow Dash

    Part 6: Spike
    Description: On a cold night at the beginning of Autumn, a hard-bitten young dragon decides to spend the night at his favorite little hole in the wall. But his past catches up with him while he's indulging in one of his favorite pastimes. Will he be able to make it out in one piece? Or will he fall prey to the ungentle attentions of the leader of Ponyville's smuggling ring?
    Secret Tub Fun Part 6 Spike

    Tags: Spike, Twilight, The CMC, Dinky Hooves, Mild shipping

    [Sad][GrimLight] Part 7: Celestia
    Description: This story has been broken up into three parts to emphasize each one, and to let each bit stand alone.
    Prologue Description: What were things like in the beginning of the world? How did Equestria come to be? What were the princesses like in the beginning of the world? This little tale answers all these questions, and introduces a few of the Princess' peers.

    Celestia Description: Princess Celestia is a very, very old pony. She was there in the Dawn Times of the world, and has guided ponykind with love and wisdom for as long as anyone can remember. She is also a very lonely pony, with no one her equal that she can truly befriend. For the last thousand years or more, she has watched friends and loved ones pass into myth or nightmare and be forgotten by the world, and struggled with the weight of centuries spent increasingly alone. It's a weight no one should have to bear, that could break even the strongest heart.

    Diary Description: What was on the page in Celestia's cabinet? Read on and find out.
    Secret Tub Fun Part 7: Prologue
    Secret Tub Fun Part 7: Celestia
    Secret Tub Fun Part 7: Diary

    Additional Tags: Princess Celestia, OCs, Steven Magnet, Sad


    Description: Trixie never left Ponyville after the Ursa Minor fiasco. She stayed the night under a bridge, until morning came and showed her a lifetime of boasting and ego-stroking and grand gestures come undone. Now she is struggling with the results of her biggest mistake ever, and to pull herself out of debt to the worst pony she could ever have indebted herself to.
    Secret Tub Fun 8 - Trixie

    Additional Tags: Trixie, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Tubs, Gummy.


    Author: LawnPygmy
    Description: Applejack spends some alone time in the tub, very late at night, with a new friend Pinkie introduced her to. She finds it easy to speak her mind around him, and talks his poor dog-ear off.
    Secret Tub Fun 9 - Applejack

    Additional Tags: Applejack, Applebloom, Book, Bathtub, Incomplete, Sorry for the Wait

    [Normal][Comedy][Slight Dark] 
    Description: 'Rainbow Dash and Gilda Go To Jail. This takes place almost directly after STF 5. Gilda and Rainbow run afoul of the law, and end up getting Scootaloo involved.
    Secret Tub Fun 10 - Gilda

    Additional Tags: OC Policeponies, Ponyville PD, [REDACTED]

    [Normal][Comedy] (New!)
    Description: Awww yeah. The original Secret Tub Fun is back and now in Blu-Ray awesomeness. With all new deleted scenes from visionary director Murgurgle the Squid, this re-release is the definitive edition of SECRET TUB FUN.
    Secret Tub Fun - DIRECTOR'S CUT

    Additional Tags: Dinosaurs, Submarines, Twilight Sparkle is a Goofball, Plays

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