• Q&Neigh, Volume 3

    Hey folks, guess what? Seth, Cereal and I talked at each other a lot again, and we remembered to record it for you! That's right, coming at you for a magical third time (which I have been assured is the charm), it's the Q&Neigh podcast! Are you excited? 'Cause I'm excited. I've never been so excited! Except for that one time I --

    Er... a-anyway. Tonight's cast features lots of debate, lots of discussion, approximately 18% less talking over each other, and many bad jokes. I've never been prouder of us as a group as I am now. Since Soundcloud got a little bit cranky about us uploading these super long files, we're trying something a little different and hosting it on a private server. How much bandwidth have I been alloted? Let's find out! All links after the break.

    Q&Neigh #3  (Warning: this podcast is a free flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects mild swearing. Viewer discretion is advised)

    Links to things discussed in this podcast

    Cereal's fanfics
    Ah Ain't Got No Ack-Cent

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