• Nightly Roundup #100

    We made it! After a grueling couple of months filled with WAY TOO MUCH fanfiction, we have finally reached the second season of Friendship is Magic. On top of that, our fandom has almost quadrupled in size if EQD's stats are any indication.

    Great job everyone! Now onward to season two and BEYOND!



    Lone Peak High School "My Little Pony" Club

    A high school club recently went all out pony. Check out the gallery!

    Belgian Coloring Book

    Another completely random FiM coloring book has popped up in Belgian.  It even has a few new "official" vectors, at least I think they are new.  I'm probably totally wrong though.

    Thanks to Jean for the heads up! 

    Wallpaper Compilation Google Document Updated

    For those looking to deck out absolutely everything in pony wallpapers, the compilation documents have been updated.  Check them out here and here!

    Allegorical Children's Story Presentation

    This group did a presentation for their US history class using ponies. The sounds is pretty low, so you might need to turn it up!

    Guide to Equestria Updated to Season Two

    The Hitchhikers Guide to Pony app has been updated with a chat room and an auto-updating season two section.  Check out the video for highlights on everything.

    Ponygoons Raise 1000 Bucks for Welovefine Tee Shirt Contest Entrant

    Apparently someone named Topshot entered the Welovefine competition but ended up losing by just .01%.  Everyone over at the ponygoons site got togeather and gave him 1000 bucks for the effort anyway.  Pretty neat!

    Spike Quest Test Demo #4

    The side scrolling spike game "Spike's Quest" recently updated to a new build.  It's looking pretty sharp so far.  If you want to help test it out, hit up the ponychan thread, or the new devblog

    Ponyhood Steam Group

    Another steam group is looking for more gaming bronies to join the herd.  Check out their page here!

    European Brony Gaming League

    Have some copypaste!

    Hey every pony. I'm Astridax one of the co-owners of My Little Mercenaries, a gaming group for Bronies based in the UK. Finally EU bronies can play a game of TF2 without horrible high ping!
    All of us here at MLM would love you to visit, so why don't you pop into one of our three TF2 Servers. We run 3 TF2 servers, one that is a mostly stock server called Moon with no game changing plugins, one that has insane plugins called Cupcakes and one with a (soon to be) rotation of 7 different game modes, aptly named Rainbow! You can listen to Celestia Radio on all of them! Minecraft and Terraria coming soon!

    Keep in touch by either joining our steam group, visit our brand new website, Or an even better; be part of the community and join our forums! If you prefer voice chat, grab mumble and join our mumble server by clicking on here mumble://

    To find out more about this group click here for the full post and some videos!

    Wonderbolts Essay 

    I think this might be something some would call a fanfic more than anything, but it's #100, so why not! Have a Wonderbolts Writeup

    Stereoscopic Ponies

    Using the 3D Feature built into youtube, this guy has revamped a scene from Sonic Rainboom to make things pop out a bit more.  I don't have any glasses to test it out, but for those that do, hit up the video here!

    FiM Trending on Twitter project

    Someone on twitter has started up a project to get ponies trending over on Twitter.  If you plan on posting anything over there today, toss a #mylittlepony hash tag in there somewhere!

    MMA Poster

    Like Trixie could ever beat Twilight.  I love the girl, but Twi is just overpowered.

    Trotsdale Second Life Community

    Another Second Life community is looking for more! Check out their website if you are interested in joining them, or just want more information.

    Pony Comic in ASU Newspaper


    Source: Kayosiv

    Rainbow Dash 360

    Best xbox ever?

    Rarity in '25 Hottest Cartoon Playboy Covers'

    Super Booyah recently did a 25 hottest cartoon playboy cover thing. Uhhh... confound this Rarity.

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