• Story: The Sacrifice and the Return of Spring


    Author: Demetrius
    Description: Guided by the curator of the Royal Library in Canterlot, and forbidden knowledge he had stolen from the alicorns, a group of of non-unicorn ponies restore spring to a cold and famine-stricken Equestria. This is the account of their brave sacrifice, the intrigue surrounding its aftermath, the birth of a beloved city, and the beginning of a tradition whose original meaning has long been forgotten.

    The Sacrifice and the Return of Spring

    Additional tags: origins, mythology, retelling, history, word


    1. ya know first will never die out no matter how much you want it to, it mans nature to compete

    2. BrianBlessedPonyJuly 18, 2011 at 1:15 PM

      Nice to see this story up here, thought it was a good read when I looked at it :)

    3. @Gypsy

      Here's your cookie, now off you go to play somewhere else.

    4. Dave Mustang, the cynical BronyJuly 18, 2011 at 1:16 PM

      The name sounds like it would make a good Folk Metal song.

    5. Evad Mustang, the idealistic BronyJuly 18, 2011 at 1:20 PM

      @Dave Mustang, the cynical Brony

      Hm, I'd have to agree with you there. But that's really more your thing, I think.

    6. @BrianBlessedPony
      I added to it a lot since we exchanged reviews. The aftermath is far more detailed now, so the plot holes and unexplained happenings of the earlier version are now covered and resolved.

    7. A grimdark mythos of winter wrap up?

      color me intrigued.

    8. *Looks at tag*
      *hums WWU and surfs ponychan for HappyBright pictures*

    9. Not quite what I was expecting from the description, but That. Was. Awesome.

    10. That was a pretty nifty story.

      Lots of Bible vibes from it in terms of its tone and the way it was written, and I really like the little pseudo-prophecy that was implemented in the ending.

    11. that was great.

    12. O.o does anypony know about that pic? I had been looking at doing Celestia in stained glass, but I guess somebody beat me to it.

    13. Nice one, and there are at least two intersections wit the 'Sun is Tired' plot.

      Liked it.

    14. Sooo- Earth Pony traditions were originally invented by a unicorn?

      ...Somehow I find this thought highly depressing. It's like they can't have anything for themselves.

      Also: Blueblood, all-purpose bogeypony. Can someone explain to me how the family manages to retain their position when every fic has them be the lowest of the low? One of his ancestors must have done something REALLY amazing.

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    16. I wanted to consolidate and re-post because I got ninja'd
      Those are some really good points.

      Having the forgotten Prometheus be a unicorn is incidental to the hiring practices of the Equestrian government; it seems that the most common race you see in Canterlot is unicorn. I won't lie to you, however; you're making me wish I had made the Curator an earth pony.

      As for Blueblood, to be honest, the primary motivation for including him was fanservice. However, I always thought the only way the Bluebloods could be been related to the Princess was if an ancestor was adopted, so it seemed fitting to me. As for their reputation...They were under the tutelage and care of the Princess, with plenty of centuries and generations in-between for them to redeem their name. But I have no control over how other fics portray him, and it's just fiction anyways.

      Other anon:
      I read it now that you mentioned, and thanks for doing so (it's a great fic!) but I only noticed one: the existence of a balcony in the palace. I added it because of Celestia's predilection for using balconies as landing pads.

    17. It is next on my 'to translate' list. Thanks.

    18. This was... really dense. I enjoyed it thoroughly, don't get me wrong, 5/5 all around. But the writing style (needed, and extremely well done) begged a lot of the reader, in my opinion.

      A hard story to tell, both stylistically and in content, and extraordinarily executed. Awesome job, and many thanks!