• September Denver Brony Meetup

    Looks like more brony meetups are in the works, this one is specifically planned for the Septermber Nan Desu Kan convention in Denver.

    It sounds like a lot of these anime conventions already have pretty big brony followings going on.  Pollardy even reports that Stonybrook Campus in New York is covered in brony club posters.  (If someone could get some pictures of this that would be a fun story to report on!)

    Anyway if you live in Denver, and want to meet some fellow bronies, the contact info for the event is below!

    Denver Meetup Contact
    Twitter: @Exotic_Otter
    Ponychan: Plaid!GuiTARjW.c

    Additional Info:
    "We’re trying to find a time around lunch on Saturday, and we’ll be meeting in the Starbucks at the entrance to Artist’s Alley. Also, I’ve made a mail-list to send out finalization of times and attendees, so if anypony wants on the mailing list, they need to contact me about the Brony Meetup."