• Stories: A Start / My Hero /The Bet

    Three short stories in this post.  The first one is a normal Twilight/Trixie Story, and the second is some Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash Shipping, and third is some Snips/Snails/Fluttershy normal stuff. 

    Author: A.J

    [Normal] A Start
    Description: Determined to become more powerful than Twilight Sparkle, The Great and Powerful Trixie decides to study up on her magic skills. But without a teacher, she must turn to the one pony she'd rather not have to face again.
    A Start

    [Shipping] My Hero
    Description: Rainbow Dash is having trouble sleeping after the Best Young Flyer's competition, but what's Fluttershy doing awake so late?
    My Hero

    [Normal] The Bet
    Description: Snails is caught by Fluttershy after losing a bet to Snips.
    The Bet

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