• Penny Arcade Posts Ponies

    Well.. Kind of.  One of those really old ponies at least. 

    The email I received said they didn't really understand why someone requested they draw a pony in their comic, and just grabbed the first one off google.  But maybe this will spur something else? I've followed penny arcade for years, so it's cool to at least see something pop up even if it's not completely FiM Related.

    And if I'm breaking any rules by posting their stuff here, I'll remove it.  I know they are a pretty strict business from that PATV thing.

    And..the video

    How did we fail to have a FiM pony as the first one on google search? Come on guys... 


    1. I'm not sure if that pony is the old, old rainbow dash...on PA the picture is clearer so anypony who knows the old ponies can likely spot it.

    2. Victorian R. HellslyMarch 14, 2011 at 12:37 PM

      This could have been so much win. Instead it's so much fail. WRONG PONY GENERATION GUYS.

    3. Sadly, a worthless post if you ask me. Not totally your fault though.

    4. it needs to be exploited words changed and some photoshoped new pony :D

    5. @Anonymous
      doesn't really worth it

    6. Yeah that's the old Rainbow Dash. It's her cutiemark.

    7. This was at PAX East, the convention in Boston. It was at the Make a Strip panel, where they made a comic strip live, and it's common practice for these events for someone to request a random thing in there. So, a guy went up and said something like, "Well, there's this growing fandom, and it's kind of embarrassing, but there's a lot of people who like it, so... could you add a pony to the strip? ... A My Little Pony?" So Mike, the artist, pulled up a picture of one and added it.

      Sure, it's the wrong generation, but this was at the request of a Brony, who got more than a little scattered cheering from the crowd.

      Someone actually asked in the first Q&A if they had watched it yet and neither of the PA creators have yet. This was purely by request. I'm glad I was there!

    8. Hahah! I saw them making this at PaxEast too! I wasn't at the panel but I saw it on a tv screen by the RockBand stage.

      I was the weirdo in the Kermit the Frog Shirt and Hat.

    9. This is Scott from the GeekNights podcast (frontrowcrew.com). My co-host Rym was the one who asked about MLP at the Q&A. We screened the "Epic MLP:FiM AMV" as a warm-up to our panel "how to win at games." Pretty sure the guy who got the pony at make a strip is one of our podcast listeners. We pushed very hard to get more pony at PAX, and I am proud of our success. We will push even more at the rest of our conventions this year, such as Anime Boston and PAX West.

    10. I don't like webcomics, especially gaming webcomics, but I know Penny Arcade is famous and it has at least a zillion of mindless fans, I hope they will watch the new MLP show and make a positive strip about it because that will guarantee all their zombie fans watch the show, establishing the rule of the ponies on the internet.

    11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkwdDzwlfBc

    12. @Anonymous

      Hold your horses there.

      I don't find all of PA's strips funny but on a whole I think they're awesome, they've done much more for the gaming community than most other websites. They helped organize Child's Play charity which tries to give kids that are sick in hospitals entertainment and fun, they were huge against Jack Thompson during the time he was still a big deal (I would've normally been against attacking people but the dude really was being unprofessional and out of the right with his job), and again they helped create PAX which is essentially a gaming convention that is open to almost anyone if you can get a ticket which is a GREAT change from E3 which was exclusive to press and the industry.

    13. What bothers me most about this isn't the generation the pony is from but how the guy requested it. He lacked confidence and it came off as this really "taboo" and "weird" request. If he'd just come out and said "Yeah, and I dare you to put a pony toy in the picture"
      A Pony toy?
      "Yeah like MLP, you won't!"

      Or something silly and fun, not reserved and creepy. I mean, if you see this man no hate but here's what I felt.

      It came off as some odd perversion sounding thing. "Well there's this growing fandom... it's kind of embarrassing." That just draws too much attention to the embarrassing part of it. The thing is if you're going to come out with it you should show it with confidence and assertiveness, otherwise it sounds... well... i felt like I was hearing something a lifestyler furry would say. (Notice i specified lifestyler)

      That's just my thoughts.

    14. http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=299

      Background of computer screen, ponies get everywhere.