• Jayson Thiessen (FiM Supervising Director) Pops Up On Ponychan!

    Holy Crap! I love the team that works on this show! 

    Jayson Thiessen did a quick Q&A thing over on Ponychan.  He isn't very experienced with the way chan-boards work, so I don't have direct question responses here, but I'll post a whole bunch of quotes from the post for you guys to dissect!

    Nothing groundbreaking, but it's still fun to see the fanstorm in the thread below!

    Ponychan Q&A Thread

    This has also been confirmed on his twitter page for being legit, so neighsayers need not apply!  Everything he posted is Copy/Pasted Directly after the break for convenience!
    1)----> "I'm the supervising director of the show and I just wanted to say hi to you guys and that all of us on the production team really love the enthusiasm and excitement you have for the show. We work hard to bring you the best ponies we can and your response has been incredible! It really makes it worthwhile and exciting for us. I love all the great macros and fan art, I save the best ones for my desktop.

    thanks to all for your support and feedback!

    sorry for the sappy post, but I mean it."
    2)----> Derpy truly came from the fans... some cheeky animator stuck her in the BG with her eyes weird.. i saw it but left it in cuz it made me chuckle (and hasbro didnt catch it) then i couldn't believe it when somepony pointed her out . we loved the response so much that when we were finalizing the episodes, whenever we would catch the grey pony in the BG I'd call for a revision on her eyes to make them DERP. thats why you don't see them crossed again until several episodes in... we had finished a bunch before she was born. we did it without Lauren's blessing actually and i was a bit aprehensive how she would react. but she loved it and Derpy remains.
    3)---->  I don't want to give too much away about whats upcoming. i could get in trouble.... it happened to our composer already... when that happened all hell broke loose. it was fun to see how fast the winter wrap up song exploded on the internet. its hard to keep up with the ponytrain. thanks again all! i'll be around...
    4)----> I love the voice team. i couldnt have asked for a more awesome bunch! ashleigh ball has a band called "hey ocean" check it out. you can see what she looks like.
    Tabitha (rarity) is a total goof, and she always has cookies. its always fun to record them. we sometimes get pickups when a read is a bit off from what the drawings are or if we change something or there's a clarity issue.
    5)----> Yes i'm a chan dummy. none taken. (by the way, the voice of the mule in episode 4 is the co-director James Wootton... we call him Wootie)
    6)----> When i was first approached to direct MLP i was harshly skeptical. but once i saw that what Lauren had done with the property i was hooked.

    i vowed to make sure the show was made properly entertaining... but i am not taking all the credit. its a collaborative effort. Lauren wrote great characters and created this world. the writers, storyboard artists, designers, layout, animators, music, score, sound fx, voice.. it has to all come together and become one. and everypony at every stage has put their love and blood sweat and tears into it.

    listen to me.. i sound like i'm giving an acceptance speach.... geez. ok i'll go now. i'm supposed to be reviewing a storyboard...
    thanks again!
    And his Twitter as Proof!

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