• Lauren Faust Responds Again On Her Deviant Art Account!

    It's a mess over there! But I'm going to extract some of the important information and post it here!

    If you don't know who Lauren Faust is: She is the one that brought us this awesome series.

    This does NOT mean go spam her DA account with stupid questions like "IS DASH A LESBIAN?" and "CAN PONIES LAY EGGS?".

    Anyway here are some notable responses after the break.

    If you want to dig around yourself, check out her DA HERE!

    Laurens response to the Suited For Success conspiracy, and that it is a stab at Hasbro's corporate demands for the series:
    "In all fairness, it's not a dig at any specific set of notes-givers. Anyone who works in a creative field has this kind of experience with clients. I've experienced that type of direction on many, many jobs, and so has every artist I know. It's merely the common plight of the artist-for-hire, which Rarity is."
    And a look into the voice acting decision process..
    "As for the the voice acting, it's a smaller field than you would imagine, and the best voice talents are extremely versatile. We cast our voices based on their auditions for the characters. Projects they worked on in the past are usually pretty irrelevant."
    And if 80's ponies would ever be making a return...
    "I don't know. It's more of a question for Hasbro.

    I loved the 80's ponies myself, but I could not use the old characters for copyright and trademark reasons."
    And a question about future story arcs/luna's return
    "Luna will be back, but it will be a little while yet.

    I'm really not supposed to answer questions about future episodes, so you will have to wait and see.
    The addition of more male ponies (boooooooring) 
    "Yes, there will be a few more boys."
    Future CD release
    "Our composer Daniel Ingram is incredible, and we feel very fortunate to be working with him. And our writers are pretty great with the lyrics, too!

    I do not know if plans for a CD compilation is in the works. I would contact Hasbro for that information."
    And her response to how girly Suited for Success was even though it remained awesome.
    "I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

    Girly does not have to automatically equal stupid.

    Girliness doesn't make a show bad, bad writing does. And crappy stories about fashion shows are crappy because of crappy writing and directing, not because of fashion or any inherent femaleness.

    So glad you liked the episode! Thanks so much!"
    And an explanation on why the episodes seem out of order.
    "I really have no excuse for what people may consider to be a confusing timeline except that we're making these shows pretty darn fast, and if we're not about to throw out a good premise and replace it with a "meh" one because of it may seem out of order.

    It may make more sense for everyone to imagine that episodes like Fall Weather Friends in 'reality' happened before Winter Wrap Up. The logic on our end was that we needed to inform the audience of the world dynamics (that the ponies control the weather) early in the season. If we didn't have the more solid explanation in WWU first, FWF may have been more confusing, or we would have had to waste a lot of time in FWF explaining that stuff.
    And there you have it!  It's rare that she responds to questions on her DA, and probably pretty risky from a job point of view, so you can't really blame her.  Hopefully this cleared some stuff up for people.

    Now I need to figure out if headlines need capitals for every word or not...


    1. The response about the composer and CD were to my comment! :)

    2. I would actually love to see more male ponies as long as they actually have some character put into them and are not just completely retarded.

    3. I have the feeling Luna is going to pop up when/if they show the actual Grand Galloping Gala.

      Would love it if Trixie shows up later as well. :)

    4. *DO* ponies lay eggs? (jk)

      ...love to see more male ponies as long as they ... are not just completely retarded


      I've also seen the 'give a commissioner way too many fiddly details' in the furry community. If you want good work from an artist you need to give them artistic freedom.

      Another 'out of place' timeline thing -- the 'Cutie Crusaders' are shown briefly together in the first episode (shortly after Nightmare Moon appears).

    5. Something tells me the 80's question was about 80's Cherilee, and she interpreted it as older generations.

    6. ~Now I need to figure out if headlines need capitals for every word or not
      I've had that question for ages concerning emails...

      If you could could provide links back to the original comments in future posts, that would be much appreciated (it would be good to know the context and how the questions were asked rather than just her responses -- though looking through her page, it seems you're pulling exclusively from her profile page comments)

      I like how her pageviews doubles the day she starts answering questions :p

      ~Anyone who works in a creative field has this kind of experience with clients
      A few months back (over the summer?) there was some discussion around a news post off-site about how to commission an artist - things like get unqualified school students to do the work over the net for next to nothing and boss them around since they don't know what they're doing - it was the first thing that came to my mind as I watched the most recent MLP:FiM. The rebuttal to that article had a lot of good pointers on good commissioning techniques, things like setting a limit on how many revisions and deadlines, that kind of thing.


    8. I am a big fan of my little pony and I find your show to be the most terrific series I have seen created with the beloved pony franchise mixed into it. It keeps in mind good morals, gave the characters unique and identical personalities and gives off the elements of feminism without having to go all the way with the girlie stuff. Anyway, I came to like this show so much; I am considering distributing ideas for your next few episodes, unless it turns the situation into the “Suited for Success” episode. My first idea is adding some new characters to your line-up like for example, Fire Water; cool as water and hot as fire and is Equestria’s mightiest warrior, modeled after the previous generation pony with a sort of Kim Possible-like personality. Then there’s Nacho; Fire Water’s love interest/future husband/baby pony hood friend with a sort of Ron Stoppable- like personality. He will have a pink body, freckles and blond hair. Their future children will be composed of twin girls named Star Light and Star Bright and will work into a fantastic storyline. Finally there will be a grey-bodied, black haired mare by the name of Shadow Rose. Her personality will be the opposite of Pinkie Pie, in which she will be her cousin and her cutie mark will be a black rose. Keep in mind, I would very much appreciate if you consider the ideas and mail me back your answers.