• Vidya Ponies

    I'm bored of fics, and haven't reported on just something generally amusing in forever from /co/, so this is now a vidya ponies post, starting with Choppers Top Hat's Pony vidya list thingy. (Click read more)

    "Rainbow Dash: Any fighting game you can take online. She obsesses over her position on the leader boards. She never ragequits but often uses the cheapest possible characters and attacks.

    All they have is a Nintendo 64. She has driven herself to the point of exhaustion trying to get 120 stars in Mario. Apple Bloom keeps telling her she doesn't need all of them to beat the game, but she doesn't care. Big Mac keeps offering to help her get all the red coins, but she refuses. She finally beat Bowser after a week with hardly any sleep.

    A month ago they got Ocarina. This was a terrible mistake.

    Pinkie Pie: Lately she's been playing Persona 4. All her social links are maxed out but she's never even been inside any of the dungeons. Technically this is impossible, but she's Pinkie.

    Fluttershy: World's greatest Pokemon Coordinator. She has trophies.

    Twilight Sparkle:
    Civilization V. She always tries to win using the diplomacy option.

    Rarity: "Video games? Really, darling, do I look like I have time for such juvenile pursuits? Oh, this? This isn't a video game, it's Tetris. Well, yes, but I can't help it. It...soothes me. It's just so...orderly. Everything in its proper place, everything nice and tidy. And it-oh dear, I've left a gap. I'VE LEFT A GAP! Okay, okay, we can fix this..."

    Trixie: Any game where it's easy to rack up a ton of achievements.

    Derpy: Every game. At once."
    It's just so...True.

    And some Altaïr raiding Rainbow Dash.

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