• Google Docs is Kind of a pain!

    A while ago, I told everyone to start using google docs/Deviant art/Fanfiction.net links for their stories.  This has been working out great, but Google Docs has been giving people headaches all over the place.

    Update: I guess I was a bit harsh on poor google docs.  A lot of it is just user error. 

    Cereal Velocity's  guide to Google Docs, or the steps he follows at least!

    "1) I write everything in Word, and save it as a whatever.docx document type.

    2) I go to Google Docs and drag-and-drop the file into the upload slot, making sure to hit the 'Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs formats' checkbox.

    3) Right next to the Destination Collection pulldown menu on that same page there's a button marked Private. I change it to 'Anyone with the link'.

    4) Hit Start Upload. If there are any formatting issues I correct them before giving out the link."

    So do that.  He isn't the only one that hasn't run into any issues yet.   If you can't get docs to work, Deviant art or Fanfiction.net are still perfectly fine, or whatever other text uploading website you want to use.  Google Doc's isnt the only one, just the most used. 

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