• Art: Drawfriend Stuff #12

    Number 12!  Hopefully I don't hit that limit too soon before I can buy a Picasa upgrade!


    1. I love the celestia onee.

    2. I love the Gilda one at the bottom. As much as both would hate to admit, they're still sorta friends and one would definitely root for the other.

    3. the last one is sweet
      it cud also be related to a sequel for 'flipflop'

    4. You know you're bored if you go to an ancient Drawfriend to comment on every piece of art.

      #1 Rainbow Dash remembers her grandfather's wise advice - "always, my little Dashie, puff out your chest when on a cloud. It makes you look really, really, really badass."
      #2 I feel a scandal coming on.
      #3 This is the bit where you place a cupcake on pink pony's nose and make her eat it.
      #5 Look Rarity! Prince Blueblood's in that balloon!
      #6 Nah, jk it's Rainbow Dash get you all wet. But don't feel bad, she gets Applejack wet all the time.
      #7 Wow, did people delight in Raribuse in early 2011 or something? Give the girl a break!
      #8 Apple Bloom feels the thrill of the hunt.
      #9 Sadly Twist doesn't get any customers because everyone's too busy going to Bon Bon's shop.
      #10 Why yes Rarity, you do look really adorable. Thanks for asking.
      #11 As neither Trixie nor Gilda were invited back to work on FiM, they had to seek other lines of work to get by.
      #12 Celestia loves her new invisible motorcycle.
      #13 Why fight changelings when high tide's here?
      #14 "Wear this diaper, Rainbow Dash..."
      #15 And then the war between the Houses of Apple and Orange began. Many lives were lost.
      #16 Gilda, you are far and away the cutest griffon ever.