• Woah...10,000 views

    I definitely didn't expect this to be so popular.  I was honestly under the impression that /co/ had maybe 30 Bronies who posted around the clock, but I guess that isn't the case! I really wish I had HTML experience so I could make an awesome website, but sadly 1 semester of it doesn't really give me the capabilities required to do anything blogger couldn't do 10 times better. 

    Thanks for checking the place out! Hopefully I can keep up with the archives and stuff in the future. I might add more people as editors and stuff for the blog soon, probably well known tripfriends (sorry anon), especially now that stuff is getting so much more difficult to manage solo. The transition phase from blogger->personal domain still isn't completely finished, so all the quick edit buttons aren't available yet making things a bit more time consuming.  I'm taking the second HTML class over the summer, so maybe I can build something cool after that?

    I had a movie blog before this that only hit 5000 views after 6 months, it's amazing how quickly Equestria Daily grows.  But obviously none of this would be possible without the awesome community over at /co/.  How the hell does 4chan, the scum of the internet, house so much creativity?  I'm more open to telling people I watch My Little Pony than showing them 4chan.

    I'm going to be adding some features and junk to the site.  The side bars would look a lot better as side buttons with drop down menus.  I've found tutorials for this stuff but they never seem to work the way I want.

    I also just found out today that my cap on space is 1gb.  So I need to be really conservative on the images.  You guys would be doing me a huge favor if you uploaded your stories to google documents.  The large .png images are usually around 5mb, so I can only fit so many.

    And as I said on /co/, leave the stuff you want me to upload in comments here.  I read every comment, so that's your best bet.  If you see me post on /co/, chances are I'm digging through an archive or resizing/posting and won't respond for a few minutes.   

    So heres to 40,000 more visits so I can make another cheesy celebratory post at 50k.