• Fighting is Magic Dominating the EVO Competition (UPDATED)

    It looks like Fighting is Magic is completely clobbering everyone else for the 8th slot at EVO 2013.  Assuming we keep going at this pace, we might be seeing ponies on the big screen alongside some of the most competitive fighting games of this generation!

    Are you happy? Dash is. 

    (Bad news dash, you can stop dancing)

    Update: Apparently it was removed from the list though in the end! Doh!  It's still eligible for an exhibition tournament with a 1,000 prize if it wins the charity contest though, so don't drop it yet! Thanks to everyone for pointing it out!

    You can find the donation news update here!

    (Never-mind Dash, keep dancing) 
  • Even More Ponies Sliding Into Boxes


    Find it below!

  • Traveling Pony Museum Artist Callout

    The Traveling Pony Museum needs artists, and you are the community to help them with that!  You know the drill, head on down past the break for the writeup and information on how you can hop on!

  • Story: A Tale of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (Update: Sequel 2 Part 2!)


    Author: Dal
    Description: Three divine sisters, The Sun, Moon, and Stars, have reigned over the heavens and earth since time immemorial. This is a tale of their greatest hardships and triumphs as challenges unforeseen seek to ruin the world they have created for their beloved ponies.
    A Tale of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
    Her Happily Ever After (Sequel)
    When Stars Dream (Sequel 2 Part 2)

    Additional Tags: A tale of three sisters
  • Music of the Day #50

    We have a pile of 29 tracks this time around for you all!  It looks like instrumental music kind of took over this one. Hope you aren't in the mood for words!

    Check them all out below.

  • Spotlight Vocal / Remix Music: Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days / Sunshine and Celery Stalks (PonyFireStone Remix) /F3nning - Evil Enchantress

    We start this one off with a Rainbow Dash vocal track, followed by a remix of Sunshine and Celery Stalks, and finish with an Evil Enchantress song in the SoGreatAndPowerful style. Check them out below!

    1.) Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days (Feat. Hannah May)
    2.) PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks (PonyFireStone Remix)
    3.) [SORI52] F3nning - Evil Enchantress

  • Discussion: Pony Them Park

    It's that time once again! Hasbro has approached you with yet another of their seemingly endless supple of blank checks, this time with ideas for a pony style theme park. 

    So what is your role in all of this? You need to design some rides and attractions!  Six different ones to be specific.   Each has to be based on a specific pony, but you are not limited to main characters.  If you want to create a roller coaster carrot picking combo ride in Carrot Top's name, that's your deal!

    Head on down to the comments, pick 6 ponies, and design an attraction for each of them. 

  • Kindness

    Remember Loyalty? It looks like Mando and Acoustic Brony decided to follow up on that with some epic new Fluttershy rock. Needless to say, its epic. Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Story: In Tooth And Mane (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Aquaman
    Description: The ponies of Equestria have always looked to the stars for guidance—and there's a very good reason for that. Back in ancient times, when the three pony tribes first united together under the Equestrian flag, the stars weren't just their guides. They were their guardians.

    They were the Zodiac, twelve immortal ponies endowed with preternatural powers reaching far beyond those of a normal stallion or mare. For centuries, they served as the first, last, and best line of defense for ponykind. But when an immensely powerful foe threatens to destroy not only the newly formed nation of Equestria, but the immutable institution of the Zodiac itself, the patron saints of the stars above have their work cut out for them. With the fate of the entire world in their hooves, aspiring Hunter Leo and the rest of her super-powered friends can't afford to fail. Luckily for the mortals down below, though, that's exactly the way they like things.

    After all, those vicious beasts and demons of Hades aren't about to slay themselves.
    In Tooth And Mane (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Leo & Sagittarius Best Zodiac Ponies
  • Comic: That Settles That / Scootaloo Learns to Fly / Flutter Chaos / Spitfire's Regret

    We have a villainous meeting, Rainbow Dash being an amazing teacher, a comic that I have no clue what is going on in aside from the cute Fluttershy, and a followup to that spitfire magic 8 ball comic from a while back.  Click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #684

    Even I would run from this Trixie.  That's like alicorn amulet full takeover mode or something! Pure evil!

    Have some art while I build an anti-Trixie barricade on EQD. 

    [1] Source
    Great and Powerful... At last.

  • Story Updates - January 13th


    Have some story updates.

  • Comic Cover 3a On IDW Forums

    Another comic cover has been revealed, this one is the 3rd edition A, and supposedly included with the digital downloads.  I'm still leaning toward the snow series from hastings, but I wouldn't mind some of this creepyness.  These comics don't look like they are for kids!

    Thanks to Kein and BerlonaPawn for the heads up!
  • Simple PMV: Life is a Lemon // DashStep // Stop the Tom //

    I saw a white light
    shining there before me;
    and walking to it,
    I waited for the end.

    They're PMVs, they're simple, and they're awesome. Come to think of it, that's EQD's motto. This post is self-evident. I am EQD, and so can you. I am Jack's Equestria Daily. Whale on, my brothers.

    1) Life is a Lemon - by Twilight Sparkle
    2) [PMV] DashStep
    3) Stop the Tom - Apony 440 (Stop the Rock) PMV

  • Nightly Roundup #552

    Usually I head a roundup with a Luna, but she has been replaced by somepony else for the time being.  You may know her as Capricorn, and she is way cooler than Scorpio.

    Anyway have a roundup!

    I also re-installed League of Legends, so there might be some ARAM later for those of you that used to play with us a few months ago.   Don't expect anything fancy though, I haven't played in forever!