• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #11

    I can't believe the amazing things you can do with paper! The Pinkie Pie above certainly would have taken more patience and willpower to complete than I have in my whole being that's for sure. Great work!

    Check out the rest of our pony themed crafts after the break!

    [1] Source
    Pinkie Pie - Princess of chaos and laughter

    [2] Source
    Queen Chrysalis Custom

    [3] Source
    Derpy - the making.

    [4] Source
    Octavia and Vinyl Scratch Cutie-Mark metal work

    [5] Source
    Plasticine Twilight Sparkle in a box

    [6] Source
    Rainbow dash

    [7] Source
    MLP:FiM Crystal Derpy Hooves

    [8] Source
    Innocence - Derpy Hooves Custom Element of Harmony

    [9] Source
    Rainbow Dash Napkin Holder Angle #3

    [10] Source
    Twilight (Pony Heart)

    [11] Source
    MLP Scootaloo Scooter

    [12] Source

    [13] Source
    Element of Magic Tiara (AKA: Big Crown Thingie)

    [14] Source
    Fluffle Puff!! (gala version)

    [15] Source

    [16] Source
    The Real Alicorn Amulet

    [17] Source
    Flying Derpy Model

    [18] Source
    Flying Dash Toy (Wings on)

    [19] Source
    Lira Scarf

    [20] Source
    Vinyl Scratch Scarf

    [21] Source
    MLP FiM blindbag custom: Twilight sad in the snow!

    [22] Source
    MLP FiM custom: Derpy, Dinky + steampunk autogiro!

    [23] Source
    Alicorn Twilight Sparkle!

    [24] Source
    Raindrops Contest!

    [25] Source
    Baby Applejack!

    [26] Source
    Cadet Rainbow Dash

    [27] Source
    Twilight Sparkle eating a pretzel

    [28] Source
    Derpy McDerpyson

    [29] Source
    Shadow Bolt Rainbow Dash

    [30] Source
    Princess Luna in Ebony: Theia is Magic

    [31] Source
    Silver Elements of Harmony Rings

    [32] Source
    Queen Chrysalis

    [33] Source
    Fluttershy in Ball Outfit Handmade Pony Ornament

    [34] Source
    Trixie Handmade Mini Felt Pony Ornament

    [35] Source
    Fluttershy Handmade Mini Felt Pocket Pony

    [36] Source
    Applejack Handmade Mini Felt Pocket Pony

    [37] Source
    MLP Hoovesball (foosball) game RAFFLE

    [38] Source
    Wonder Woona custom MLP sculpture 4 SALE

    [39] Source
    Derpy sculpture commission Ditzy Hooves 2

    [40] Source
    Discord sculpture commission

    [41] Source
    Shoo Be do! shoop. shoop. Be do~

    [42] Source
    Up There~

    [43] Source
    MLP Royal Guards

    [44] Source
    Luna Statue

    [45] Source
    Commission: Victorian Fluttershy Shadowbox

    [46] Source
    Commission: Luna Shadowbox TAKE2

    [47] Source
    Alabaster Rarity


    [48] Source
    Pegasus Pins