• YTPMV: My Little Tetris [Remix] // Safety // DARK LOUDER ZONE //

    A gaggle of horses rides from the East. They carry the banners of the West, which confuses you- little matter, since they bring gifts of delicate ostrich eggs. You've already finished breakfast, but you figure it can't hurt. You could really go for for some comfort food, though. An eclaire, maybe. Who knew cream was so comforting?

    A collection of three YTPMVs to spice up your reverie.

    1) My Little Tetris [Remix]
    2) Safety

  • Instrumental Music: A New World / Magic / Animal Care / Beautiful Night

    Colgate cause best pony
    We have three songs to chill out to, and one to dance to.  That's a good combo right?  I know it tends to take me three songs to relax!

    Check them out with genres listed below!

    1.) Kyoga - A New World (Ambient)
    2.) DongleKumquat - Magic (Ambient)
    3.) Animal Care (Electronic-Dance)
    4.) {MLP:FiM} Evening Star - Beautiful Night (Soft DnB)

  • Help Hey Ocean Start Touring!

    In addition to providing the voices for both Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Ashleigh Ball has (for years now) been in a band called Hey Ocean. I really hope you've heard of them, but if you haven't, here's the thing: they're really good.

    But despite seven years of being awesome and producing multiple cds, they've never had the funds to take their show on the road. But with your help, that can change right now. Hey Ocean has started a kickstarter to fund their first world tour, and I honestly can't think of a better way to say 'thank you' to Ashleigh for her role in MLP than by helping to fund it. Best of all, it features a litany of perks, up to and including a private concert at your house! How awesome is that?

    Hey Ocean World Tour Kickstarter
  • Drawfriend Stuff: Pony Stained Glass Edition!

    Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series may recognize the style these are borrowing from.  Akili-Amethyst on Deviant Art has been pumping these out for a while now.   Most have been in the Drawfriend posts, but we haven't really spotlit them yet!

    She also has a new kickstarter up to hopefully get them made into collectable coins.  Who knows, maybe we can use it for our currency in a few years when we conquer a nation or two?

    Anyway, head on past the break for all the designs!

    Source 1
    Stained Glass: MLP Royal Wedding
  • Vocal Music: Monument

    So what does Markarian do when he isn't running a massive convention with almost half the cast of the show attending?   Apparently he makes music! Really good music at that.  This one kind of reminds me of something out of one of those old Disney movies.  This guy can sing. 

    Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Brony Beatdown with Andrew Francis (Shining Armor) and Hotdiggedydemon

    Busted Pixel released this video from Everfree Northwest.  What happens when an actor from MLP joins the fans for a video?   Followed by an appearance by Hotdiggedydemon?  Violence apparently.  It's ridiculous, it's bloody, and it's totally shining armor doing a short with fans of the show (which is awesome if you didn't already realize that).

    Check it out after the break! The squeamish need not apply. 
  • Vocal Rap Music: Sunshine And Celery Swag Megamix / FLUTTERCITY Ft. MC Flowny / a

    I hope you guys like rap music, cause we have a ton of it. The first one is 12 minutes of rap from an army of brony rappers.

    And if you are just looking for a short burst, we have a bit more rap for you below that! Check them out below!

    1.) [700 Sub Special] Sunshine And Celery Swag Megamix
    2.) FLUTTERCITY Ft. MC Flowny

  • Yellow / Alicorn Wave - Blindbag Codes

    Nicolaj from the Danish brony group has put together the identification numbers for the yellow set, or the set with all those alicorns (as seen above).

    As of right now, these are popping up at various locations in Europe, as well as very rarely here in the states. 

    Anyway, head on past the break for the list!

  • Ponies Sing "Call Me Maybe"

    Spike is tired
    I can't imagine how long it took to splice all those voices to sing this. I wouldn't have the patience, and I run this crazy site!

    Check it out below.

  • Story: Tail: A Story of Time and Forgiveness (Update Part 3!)


    Author: NumberNine99
    Description: The alicorns have been struck by a fatal illness, and Twilight and her friends must find the cure: a panacea hidden in the deepest reaches of Tartarus. But Tartarus is unnavigable to those who cannot withstand the chaos in its depths, and the spirits of harmony are no exception. In order to obtain this cure, Twilight and company will need to find ponies who can traverse Tartarus, a task that will take them to the edge of the world and back. Supposedly, these ponies have two things in common: they've all crossed paths with the mane six, and none of them ever learn from their mistakes.

    Inspired by, but not quite based on, Braid.
    Tail: A Story of Time and Forgiveness (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Antagonists, Backstory, Redemption, Divine Tragedy

  • Story Updates August 27th (Afternoon)

    Sonic BOOM

    Have some story updates.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #546 - Epic Edition!

    Is it possible? Have we perhaps topped all the past drawfriends with this one? I'm thinking we have, because its pretty freakin epic.And what better way to start it than with the CMC working on their very own spacecraft?  How epic would that cutie mark be?

    Head on down past the break for a ton of awesome images.

    Source 1
    Building a Vessel to the Stars
  • Weekly Roundup Video / Music List 8/20-8/26!

    Saberspark has started up a weekly roundup for all the standout/popular videos posted on EQD for each week, or  a top videos based on Youtube interest essentially.  There isn't any specific order of any kind, just a list!

    Hopefully it gives you guys a bit more exposure than your average EQD swarm.

    Anyway, check it out above!
  • Comic: Wonder Fillies / Dalek Disruption / Air AJ: Flight Test / Trixie Vs. Discord

    Girls, I don't think that is how you preform a successful rescue. Unless you are looking for a cutie mark that involves maiming those you try to rescue. I shudder to think what that would even look like.

    Comics guys! Get them while they are hot! Oh, before I forget, Part 1 to Air AJ is here.

  • Dustykatt Interviewing Andrew Francis (Shining Armor / Braeburn) Today!

    Andrew Francis will be invading the Dustykatt Show tonight!  Fans of Braeburn or Shining Armor will probably want to tune in!  Head on over here at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST to check it out!
  • Animation: My Little Portal Episode 2

    The second installment of the way darker than expected, My Little Portal, has popped up! Head on down past the break, or catch up on the first episode here!

  • Nightly Roundup #420

    Ponyville lacks light pollution, so astronomy actually works.  I don't think stars even exist here in Glendale.

    Have some nightly roundup while I go look at virtual stars instead!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 26

    Whaaaaaaaaaaales! =D

    Excuse me. That's not the theme at all, I'm not sure what came over whaaaaaaaales! I mean, me. What came over me. Tonight we have 341 whales ponies, most of whom are singing, some of whom are gentle giants of the sea. I want to be serious right now but I can't because look at Whalegate up there. She makes me so happy! And every bit as wonderful is our grand total so far: a whopping 14663 images!

    To submit for Day 2-whales... Day 26, carry a harpoon and head over to the submitter, fill out your form, and sing a whaling tune. Eeeeeheeeheeee!

    We're on a quest to find ourselves here in the Artist Training Grounds. Well, not just ourselves, but a lot of things. Mostly ponies. I'm not making sense right now, and I blame whales. Anyway, Draw a pony searching for something/Draw a pony finding a treasure.

    So. Right. Not going to mention cetaceans in this paragraph, I can do this. I can be serious pony for five sentences. Although it's hard, because this gallery is ridiculously fun. Let's all go to the Karaoke Bar. I hope you really enjoy this one, because it's one of my absolute favorites in a long while. There's so much life and fun and vibrancy in here. I know that we're all getting pretty tired at this point, but the ideas you're all coming up with are fantastic and I can't say enough good things about you all right now. Dive in and have fun! We're so close to the end, every day should be a party. I think I'm turning into Pinkie Pie.