• Drawfriend Stuff #656

    Greetings everyone! How are you all doing this Sunday? Hopefully all is well and you bunch had a relaxing weekend. After exams and such a lot of us could do with a well deserved rest. And what better way to relax than to browse through the latest batch of pony pictures?

    Quoting Seth, 'Have some art!'

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    Twilightning Cannon

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    Chocolate rain

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    Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust flying

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    Without Sweets

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    Lost in Manehattan: Another Victim of Ignorance

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    Scootaloo's Halloween

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    Dash y Dust

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    Trainee Dash

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    Sweet Dreams

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    Fluttershy is Bravest Pony

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    Book Spell

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    A Rose in the Garden

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    Now what...?

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    What if...

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    Friendship is Magic

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    Sleepy sweetie

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    Unconditional Love

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    Lightning Dust

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    You Need Two To Tango

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    Best team

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    Lightning Dust

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    Curious as a filly

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    Lightning Dust

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    Water Pie

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    Decorating Ponyville

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    Berry Punch

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    Merry Christmas

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    Fluffeh Tail

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    Flaming Beauty

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    My Precious Little Rainbow

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    A True Lead Pony

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    above the beach

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    What if...

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    The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape

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    At the end of the day

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    A Shot in the Dark

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    T W I F A L L

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    Sweetie Bot Winter Soul

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    [MLP] Equestria's Sunrise

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    Academy Cuddles

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    MLP - Spitfire

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    Roasting Chicken

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    Lyra Cutie Mark

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    show the world YOU CAN do it!

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    Apple Bloom

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    I will always return

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    Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

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    The Great and Powerful

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    Wonderbolt rookie