• Nightly Roundup #527

    I have a feeling tomorrow is going to have a lot of Spitfire.

    This one is pretty much 80% meetups and podcasts! You guys sure do love meeting up and recording things. 

    Wonderbolt Academy Zecora Edition

    Zecora is back for yet another episode, go check out her rhymes of Wonderbolt Academy here!

    [email protected] Competition

    Copy Paste:

    Hello again, folks! Got another update regarding the [email protected] competition that is set to start on the 1st of January. Our prize list, while still incomplete, has expanded to include engraved Zippo lighters, Steam games, subscriptions, hosting and commissions from the MLP forums, a $50 Amazon gift certificate (valid internationally), and a couple of art commissions from the very talented artists SubjectNumber2394 and Whatsapokemon.

    Anyone can win, and all it involves is having a computer. Got one? Sure you do! Head on over to our forums and make a post in the following thread if you are interested in signing up:


    Ultra Fast Pony #15


    Cloudsdale Cafe Episode 14 - Journey of the Spark

    This week we interviewed Eric (Director) and Nicole (Head Executive) from Journey of the Spark. Find them here!

    Welcome to Cloudsdale Cafe, where Tommy rules and everyone else drools.

    Like what you see? Join us next week on DATE HERE at 10:00 PM EST! at http://www.livestream.com/cloudsdalecafe

    and join us with our pre-show at 9:30!
    Equestria Talk

    Indigo Wisp and Static Blitz have a new home here on the Midnight Run and this Sunday on Jetstream on a new episode of Equestria talk

    We have an interview with Lectro Dub

    We will be listening parts of Dashie mine by feather pony artist.

     Great to be different by forest rain.

     Save derpy,

     two best sisters play resident evil,

     and a non pony related video painkiller tribute.

    Louder, My Little Dashie.

    Fallen by Lectro Dub and Trixie by Lectro Dub.

    Find out more http://equestriatalk.themidnightrun.net/

    Top 100 Brony Songs Stream

    Copy Paste:
    Hello! Tomorrow, Sunday, December 16th, at 1PM EST, I will be running a stream of the top 100 brony songs of 2012. The stream will be pretty high quality (192 kbps) and I'll have the title/artist information showing on video during each song. The whole stream will be about 7 hours long, probably more.

    I tried to represent a bunch of different genres. If for any reason you want to vet my taste in music, you can do so here. :D

    The stream will be live at http://www.livestream.com/HATEPLOW. Hope to see you there!


    Successful Meetups

    Equestria Girls Invades a Mall

    Check out the video here!

    The Philippine Bronies have recently attended a Toy fair at the SM Mall of Asia and some of our members put on a show for the public to witness
    These are our members who are more active in real life and they usually cosplay at events. This is the first time they've performed live and hopefully not the last time.
    The kids at the event were surprised to see older men watching the performance and checking out the Ponies XD You could see their faces said "WHY ARE YOU HERE. You are men. Go play with giant robots and laser swords."
    Regardless, we have good fun at events like this and hope to see more soon, especially in the upcoming Philippine PonyCon on February 2013

    Helsinki Meetup

    After the success of the October meetup we couldn't wait for the next one. Held on December 8 at the same place, the Happi Youth Centre in Helsinki, the meetup consisted of the same program as last time, with lots of muffins and dancing games to go around. The auction was even more flooded with items and the turnout was once again quite huge; at least 140 people made a visit to the event.

    One of the participants made a small intro video of the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQix1ZOuJrI

    Nova Scotia Meetup

    Another month passes, and another successful meetup of the Nova Scotia Bronies was had! Of course this meetup was holiday themed, a plethora of goodies, home-made pop, candy, cake and even some fruit and veggies were enjoyed by the 30 or so who came out to PlanB Merchants Co-Op in Downtown Halifax on Saturday to enjoy eachothers company! We had a small gift exchange and all sorts of fun gifts were traded and will be thoroughly enjoyed! Watching last week's episode, the new episode aired and of course Hearths Warming Eve followed by several hours of intense video game dance-offs with all kinds of fun prizes and just all around fun!
    Now of course with it being the holiday season, our main goal for this meetup was to collect as many great toys as we could to give as a donation to the IWK Children's Hospital in Halifax, for their Child Life "Operation Snowpile" program. It's a program run by the hospital where parents of kids in the hospital can come and choose some great presents, wrap them up to give to their children. We bagged all of our donations up in MLP gift bags, and attached a card passing on the magic of friendship, wishing everyone; the hospital staff, all the kids being looked after, and all their parents a wonderful holiday season!

    Our nice pile of awesome toys we donated!:

    Ottowa Meetup

    We just had our Christmas meet-up for the Ottawa Bronies at the Denny’s. We had a head count of over 52 fillies and colts. It was an amazing event that had a gift exchange with roughly 38 gifts.

    Perhaps you might be interested, but one our members played the Parasprite Poka on an accordian. Please check out the Youtube video:



    Overland Park, KS

    What began as a random excursion to Oak Park Mall as a 'flash meet up' gag actually turned into a real meet up. 

    What followed was copious amounts of shopping at Hot Topic, FYE, The Microsoft Store, Toys-R-Us, and the manga section of Barnes and Noble.
    Our picture displays some of the recently acquired swag. Don't mind that guy wearing red and yellow in the front, he's just a 'Mane'chester United fan.

    We all left poorer and were happy for it. Food was in there too somewhere.

    Hope to do this again!

    North Carolina Meetup

    The meetup at Concord Mills was a success. We had a good 22 people show up at the mall and we invaded FYE. You can imagine all the strange looks we got. Afterwards we went to see the Hobbit. Excellent movie, but with over twenty bronies all together it got loud with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy impersonations. I had to leave early but the meetup didn't end there. The rest of the gang raided Toys R Us and then had dinner over at Chick Fil Le. I, did however, got my hands on a Luna button from one of our members before leaving. Over all this day was perfect and everyone had a fantastic time.
    If you are interested in joining these almost monthly meetups join Team Brony North Carolina on facebook. This page isn't just for meetups, it's also for sharing your art/music/fanfictions/everything else and making new friends. We are a ever growing family and we want you to join it. 

    Utah Meetup
    On Saturday December 15, 2012, a small group of the Utah Bronies Group teamed up to help make and deliver charity bags for local hospitals in the Provo, Utah area, including homeless shelters and children's hospitals. The bags consisted of socks, bars of soap, candy, pretzels, and crayons for the children's hospitals. So, a special thanks to Michael, Magdalena, Jacob, Jordan, Matt, Brandon, Ryan, Brett, and Andrew for spreading some holiday cheer for those in need! 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rarity Pattern
    Doctor Whooves Decal
    Ligtning Dust Plushie
    Pony Craft Auction

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