• Facebook Timeline Covers

    For all you Facebook people out there looking forward to the new obligatory timeline addition, Quaraezha over on Deviant Art has created a bunch of covers for it.  Cearly you can't have a life story without a whole pile of pony.  After the break, you can find links to all of them, or just hit this page up for the list!

    VERSION 1.0
    :bulletred: Applejack
    :bulletred: Twilight Sparkle
    :bulletred: Fluttershy
    :bulletred: Pinkie Pie
    :bulletred: Rarity
    :bulletred: Rainbow Dash

    VERSION 2.0
    :bulletorange: Princess Celestia
    :bulletorange: Princess Luna
    :bulletorange: Spike
    :bulletorange: Apple Bloom
    :bulletorange: Sweetie Belle
    :bulletorange: Scootaloo

    VERSION 3.0
    :bulletyellow: Derpy
    :bulletyellow: Doctor Whooves
    :bulletyellow: Lyra
    :bulletyellow: Bon Bon
    :bulletyellow: DJ Pon3
    :bulletyellow: Octavia

    VERSION 4.0
    :bulletgreen: Nightmare Moon
    :bulletgreen: Discord
    :bulletgreen: Trixie
    :bulletgreen: Gilda
    :bulletgreen: Zecora
    :bulletgreen: Pipsqueak