• Story: Happy Birthday, Fizzypop!

    [Sad] "One of the best stories about an OC pony I've ever read".-Pre Reader #6

    "It's technically not an OC pony, dude"-Seth

    Author: ItsTheWhinyGuys
    Description: It’s Fizzypop’s birthday! She’s worked so hard on her party, and she just can’t wait for all of her friends to show up and celebrate it with her!
    Google Documents
    Happy Birthday, Fizzypop!

    Deviant Art
    Happu Birthday, Fizzypop!

    Additional Tags: Hasbro recolor

    Alternate Ending by Lurks-no-More
  • Story: Partyin' with the Sun

    [Shipping] Pinklestia? Celepie? Yah, this is new.

    Author: Evil Weevil
    Description: When Princess Celestia has the chance to visit Ponyville, she finds out that being lonely for thousands of years has had a strange and saddening effect on herself... it's up to Pinkamena Pie to solve that problem!
    Partyin' with the Sun

    Additional Tags: Long, Ponyville, Shipping, Humor, Romance
  • The GREAT and POWERFUL Brony Band

    PURE POWER! That's what this 7 inches of PRISTINE leather channels DIRECTLY INTO YOUR VEINS.  When one wears the Great and Powerful arm band, one does not simply control the very fabric of time and space, no, it goes FAR BEYOND THAT.  Time and space become COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT, and simply cease to exist altogether until you DAMN WELL SAY THEY CAN!

    Deep within the Ursa Major cave of the Everfree Forest, where the legendary Great and Powerful Trixie resides with her galaxy bear slaves, this weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION... AND CREATION was forged (Via several black holes all orbiting one another) out of an OMEGA Dragon's Hide, and studded with pure adamantium taken from a pocket dimension filled with creatures that could survive a thousands years at the center of earth.

    You call that a runon sentence? I SAY IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER ANYMORE.

    But seriously, this thing is awesome.  Thanks to Leathercraft Pony over on ponychan.

  • Derpy Hooves Fan Voice

    I...actually think this would work out pretty well surprisingly.

    I expected a "Wtf", and I got...Derpy Hooves!

    You can find the embed after the break!

  • 3D Spinny Rarity

    She spins!

    And spins!

    It just doesn't stop

    Click the image for the actual flash!
  • Lets Play: Super Fluttershy Land 2

    A couple of Lets Play videos have popped up for Super Fluttershy Land 2 already! That was quick.  If I ever get a break, I am definitely picking this one up.

    You can find both embeds after the break!

    This game also has the best final boss of any game, you can find that spoileriffic youtube video buried under the other two.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #116

    The best pony on Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and Sundays editon.

    Twixie takes up the rest in case you were wondering. 

    Source 1

  • Interview: Will Anderson (Friendship is Magic score composer)

    William Kevin Anderson composes the entire underscore for Friendship is Magic. Basically, if Daniel Ingram didn't compose it for any of the vocalists to sing, then Will Anderson composed it to play alongside the action. I contacted him regarding a potential Q&A a while back. Will was gracious enough to answer 11 questions about himself and the music he has composed for MLP:FiM. Interview after the break!

    (Also, Seth advises you to check out this awesome song if you haven't already.)
  • My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are FOREVER

    This guy has dug out a bunch of animation errors from various Friendship is Magic episodes. It's pretty entertaining. A lot of this stuff was discussed on /co/ back in the day.

    1.) Episode 1
    2.) Episode 2
    3.) Episode 3
    4.) Episode 4
    5.) Episode 5
  • Elements of Harmony Tarot Spread (Update: Values Deck!)

    A pony dropped this off in the ol' inbox yesterday evening, requesting that I pass it along to you guys in case you were interested in practicing pony magic. I'm sure that the vast majority of you are not all that familiar with tarot, except maybe any fans of the Persona series we might have floating around (brief aside: why has there been, like, no crossover art between these two series?), but this is a bit removed from that.

    Despite that, the image is packed with pretty much all the information you need to understand it. Not to mention it's just extremely well constructed and bursting to capacity with interesting interpretations of the Elements of Harmony as they apply to our every day lives. There's Friendship in our veins, everypony. Can you feel it?
    New Stuff After Page Break! Lookee Lookee!
  • Story: Thicker Than Water


    Author: Somber
    Description: Rainbow Dash faces the preliminary try outs for the Wonderbolts.
    Piece of cake, right? But when she has several unexpected visitors it
    draws questions about her past and her future.
    Thicker Than Water

    Additional Tags: Background, Drama, Somber making stuff up...
  • Official MLP Facebook Spike Coloring Page

    The Official My Little Pony facebook page has posted up a coloring page for Spike.  Not really huge news, but hey its something right?! 

    You can find the PDF download here!
  • Luna's Lonely Planet

    Heeey, I heard you guys liked animation, and Luna, so have both!

    You can find it after the break!

  • Urban Dictionary Word of the Day is Bronies

    Here, have a Rarity archer.

    Last night I posted in the nightly news update about Urban Dictionary's current word of the day.  I keep getting emails about it, so I guess it's time to split it off!

    If you head on over to their mane page, you will see bronies, with that...awful definition, and "midnight sparkle".

    Looks like they have a definition for brony too!

    At least it continues to spread!
  • Amazing Pony Animation

    Initial reaction: Did he just NUKE MY PONIES? WTF?

    Final Reaction: This is the greatest pony fan made video I have ever seen.

    From 2ch.so

    You can find it after the break!

  • Story: The Melting Pot (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping] I don't think an image exists with all the characters in this story! So have one with most of them!

    Author: KatalusTalrius
    Description: Ponyville would be so boring without your favorite six ponies (and Spike) there to spice things up, right? WRONG. It's like taking the blueberries out of a muffin; you've still got a delicious muffin, now it's just a different flavor.
    Google Docs
    The Melting Pot: Day 1
    The Melting Pot: Day 2 
    The Melting Pot: Day 3
    The Melting Pot: Day 4

    The Melting Pot: Day 5 (New!)

    Deviant Art
    The Melting Pot: Day 1
    The Melting Pot: Day 2
    The Melting Pot: Day 3
    The Melting Pot: Day 4
    The Melting Pot: Day 5 (New!)
    Additional Tags: Background Ponies' chance to shine
  • Luna plushie Scientifically Determined To Be the Cutest Thing Ever

    If I can be honest with you guys for a second, I'm really not all that into Luna. Blasphemy, I know. She's certainly very cute and I wish her all the best returning to her life in Canterlot. I hope she brings the house down in Season 2. But darn it, I just can't help but prefer Nightmare Moon. She had that whole "Queen of the Eternal Night" thing going on, plus a hammy 80's supervillain laugh. What does Luna have?

    This plushie. Oh my gosh, just look at it. If you can stare in those eyes and not want to hug her senseless, your heart is made of stone. No. Not even stone. It's some pit, some shapeless void, some gateway into the terrifying maw of the realms beyond the cosmos. To put it bluntly, you have no soul. My gosh she is pretty. And when you're breaking out the italicized goshes, you know it's gotten serious. So love this. Be jealous of the pony who commissioned it and gets to snuggle into bed with it every night. And head on over to the creator's DeviantART page and maybe see if you too have what it takes to bring a cuddly little pony into your home (from the look of things, it's a little bit of a touch and go process. Don't swamp the poor girl).
  • Story: Bridle Black

    [Crossover][Comedy] I couldn't find an appropriate picture for this story if I tried. It's a Bible Black parody, so take the slightly racy bits with a grain of salt.

    "I lol'd"-Seth

    Author: Nugar
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle suggested they all go see the new racy movie that just came out of Canterlot, Dash was all for it. Now she and her friends have to sit through a horror movie that also has kissing and hugging and all kinds of weird stuff.

    Bridle Black

    Additional tags: Movie night, Bible Black parody
  • PMV: It's Pinkie's party / Don't Stop Believin / The Cutie Mark Psycle

    Random PMV time! Have some maids!

    1.) It's Pinkie's party
    2.) Don't Stop Believin
    3.) The Cutie Mark Psycle

  • Nightly Round Up #21

    Shouldn't Luna be the theme pony for these?  Why didn't I think of that before?

    Anyway off to the news!
  • Friendship is Magic Up Various Tubey Awards

    Over at Television Without Pity, Friendship is Magic is currently nominated for both best new show, and best musical score. 

    There are 25 polls going on simultaneously, so here is an easy location guide to find them for those of you who are lazy.  We need lazy people to vote too!
    • Best new show (First poll)
    • Best Musical Moment (Winter Wrap Up)  Polls 25-26
    Obviously, it has to win.  We owe it to all of our bro's over at The Hub.

    You can find the website here!