• Story: Batmare Begins

    [Crossover][Comedy-Black][Random] "This...  this is completely bat-shit insane. I'm not sure whether the author is a genius, or certifiable for a LONG stay in the loony-bin."-Pre-reader #20

    Author: GamerPony
    Description: It's called Batmare Begins! Take a guess. Pinkie Pie plays Pinkie Pie, heir to Pie Enterprises. Her parents are killed when she was just a filly, she swore to avenge their deaths by beating up criminals and filling the world with some joy and laughter. Follow her journey from being trained high up in the Himalayan Mountains to becoming the Party Pony version of a cultural icon. And yes, the Batmobile will be pink with balloons & streamers on it.
    Batmare Begins Chapter 1

    Batmare Begins Chapter 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Batman, Pinkie Pie, Parody, Epic
  • Friendship is Magic Takes #1 Slot on Know Your Meme

    Good news!

    If you head on over to Knowyourmeme's MLP Section, you will see that Friendship is Magic has taken number one for most popular meme of all time, just barely sneaking ahead of "Forever Alone".

    The main page hasn't updated, but on the actual FiM/Forever alone pages,  we have officially pulled ahead.

    We also hit 2 million, first ever!

    Great job everyone!

    You can find the Friendship is Magic page here!

    Also new banner going up from moongaze to celebrate! Thanks dood!
  • Story: Thunder and Lightning


    Author: Avery Strange
    Description: Rainbow Dash has always been notoriously lazy, but when their friend can't seem to keep awake for a single day the rest of the mane six take it into their own hooves to discover what's wrong with her. Is she just lazy? Or is there more to Dash's life than they know? And can they handle this other part of her?
    Thunder and Lightning Part 1
    Thunder and Lightning Part 2
    Thunder and Lightning Part 3
    Thunder and Lightning Part 4
    Thunder and Lightning Part 5
    Thunder and Lightning Part 6

    Additional Tags: Romance, sappy, feel-good, friendship
  • Music: 15 Minutes of Pony / Ponies Vs Aqua / My Destiny is a Rock

    Maybe some of you can use that first one for something?  Also some Mashup and dubstep stuff! (Confound it Voodoopony! that was just subtle enough to make me like a dubstep song). 

    1.) DJ Midli - Brony Mix Vol 1 House/Electro/Dub
    2.) My Little Pony vs Aqua - The Art of Dr Jones' Dress
    3.) [voodoopony] vs. Jackle App - My Destiny is a Rock

  • Tee Shirt Design Contest

    A website called Welovefine.com is hosting a MLP Tee shirt design contest!  It looks like they also actually carry some MLP shirts if you look around their gallery.

    The rewards are...

    200$ Store credit for First place
    25$ Store credit for 4 runner ups

    If you are interested in joining, you can find the submission page and all additional rules here!

    Also Twilight Sparkle shirt, cause she is the best pony.  I'm pretty sure the people I know would think I love her a bit "too" much if I wore this one though! 
  • Story: Out of Sight, Out of Mind


    Author: Heliopause
    Description: Twilight doesn't know what to do when a hastily cast spell causes Spike to disappear
    Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    Additional Tags: Short, Episode style
  • Speedfic Challenge Reminder: 24 Hours Remain

    Just a quick reminder for everyone planning on participating in the Speedfic Challenge:

    It will start in exactly 24 hours from this post.

    Are you ready? Got your writing caps on? Warming up those fingers? I want to see some fabulous entries. Knock my horseshoes off, and maybe we can make this a recurring thing.

    Also, it looks like B wins the poll. We will use prompt B. What's prompt B, Cereal? Oh, yeah. You have to write a story about- ah! You thought you were being clever there just now. I'm onto your tricks. You'll find out in twenty four hours.
  • Brony Changes His Name To Fluttershy

    Is changing your name in other counties similar to changing your steam name or something?   I am amazed that this is even allowed :p

    This brony over on Ponychan is now officially named Kim Fluttershy Dykas. 

    I really hope this pony thing isn't over in two years for "Rainbow Alexi Dash" and this guy. 
  • Story: Corsairs, Cannons, and Colts (Update Part 4!)

    [Grimdark][Sad][Random] It's pirates! It's ponies! It's Monday Night Tuesday Morning on Equestria Daily! Damn it, Seth.

    Author: Squall Chaser, aka "Blunder Dolt"
    Description: Twilight Sparkle is just trying to sleep, after falling ill to a case of dragon-pox. Unfortunately Pinkie Pie won't let her rest. She keeps going on about Pirate's in Sky Mirror Lake. She manages to convince Rainbow Dash and the two try and get the other four to believe them. Unfortunately Dash and Pinkie have a history of playing practical jokes. What will happen when the pirates descend upon an unsuspecting Ponyville and capture the bearers of the Elements of Harmony?
    Corsairs, Cannons, and Colts Part 1
    Corsairs, Cannons, and Colts Part 2 
    Corsairs, Cannons And Colts Part 3
    Corsairs, Cannons And Colts Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Pirates, Dragon-Pox, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Boat.
  • Story: Friendship is Tragic (Update Story 2!)

    [Grimdark][Random] That's an interesting combo of tags right there!

    Author: Vermillon
    Description: A story set several years after the show , where
    Twilight tries to reunite her friends , with not so pleasent results
    Friendship is Tragic

    Additional Tags: none

  • 3D Spinny Rainbow Dash

    Because spinning ponies are awesome for some reason.

    You can find it here!
  • Kids React To: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    Epic Rap Battles fell through, which was partly my fault.  Apparently you need to choose a famous historical figure to match someone up with, and I didn't bother to research it beyond the 2 emails asking me to plug AJ Vs RD.  We can try that again later. 

    This one is much easier though.  Kids React just takes something ridiculous and plays it for these kids. 

    Someone has already set up a comment, directly linked below!


    Stick with the one, and vote it to the sun and beyond

    Anyway, you can find the comment here!

    And if you guys want, we can try Epic Rap battle again.  I was thinking Twilight Sparkle Vs. Some Famous Religious Figure or something. 
  • Brony Movie Night #7

    Brony Movie Night's pre-showing is under way.

    Tonight they have:

    -B Movie: Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

    -Pony Episode: Feeling Pinkie Keen

    -Mane Movie: Se7en (CONTENT WARNING: Contains strong and graphic violence/gore)

    -Pony Episode: Fall Weather Friends

    The actual schedule starts at 7:00 PM EST now / and again at 2PM Est on Saturday.  Feel free to hop in right now for pre-showing though.  You can find the channel to join in at this link!

    They are also looking for new moderators, you can find the thread here.
  • Team Fortress Two Hat Giveaway

    Rarity is the coolest spy ever. 

    Anyway, a brony has quit TF2, Sold most of his stuff, and plans on giving out the rest for free to anyone.  Here is how you get your hat, Copy pasted because I have way too many emails to go through-
    For people to enter all they have to do is join the giveaway steam group MLP FiM Hats are Magic Giveaway (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MLPFiMHAMG) by 10:00 PM Mountain Time tonight. I will then close the group to new members, put all the members names into random.org, and match the top 101 names with the 101 items I am giving away. They don't have to be online at the time to win, and the actual assigning of prizes may take an hour or so to enter that many steam accounts into random.org.
    That's a limited amount of time! So get to it!  
  • Story: Trix of the Trade (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] Today totally would have a trixie banner due to the insane amount of trixie that is about to be posted, but I know you guys would absolutely hate that.

    Author: Miyajima
    Description:The "Great and Powerful" Trixie has headed out to Appleloosa for a new start and a clean slate, but can she really leave behind a lifetime of bragging and showmareship?
    Google Docs
    Trix of the Trade
    Trix of the Trade Part 2
    Trix of the Trade Part 3 
    Trix of the Trade Part 4
    Trix of the Trade Part 5 (New!)

    FF.net All Links
    Trix of the Trade

    Additional Tags: Trixie, Appleloosa, OC, Showmareship, Snake Oil
  • Story: Ripples


    Author: Almost Romantic
    Description: Pain is never static-it comes in many forms, and infiltrates one's heart without relent. It can move one to do incredible things, both good and bad. What the ponies don't realize, however, is that love can do much the same.

    Additional Tags: Sad, But Gets Better Later.
  • Owl City Ponies / Life Lessons with Spike / Content Sized Minecraft Spitfire

    Mix Videos time! Have some confusing Pinkie Pie!

    I don't usually do minecraft pixel art much anymore, but that Spitfire is MASSIVE.

    1.) Owl City Ponies
    2.) Life Lessons with Spike Lajoie
    3.) Continent Sized Minecraft Spitfire

  • My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic

    I never saw the television series, to be honest, but this comic is in a pretty unique style and I love the crap out of it because it's cute as hell. So you all get to look at it because I said so. If, um, that's all right with you, that is.

    Click here for the full comic.
  • Fluttershy Plushie

    Have another plushie!

    This one is from Brainbread on Deviant Art
  • Story: Tails from Two Worlds (Update Part 3+4!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] I have no idea what an Okami is, but... have a story with one!

    Author: Melionos
    Description: Princess Celestia summons the mane six to Canterlot to witness a total solar eclipse, but they soon find that it isn't the only reason. Princess Luna has something to tell them: her time on the moon was not spent alone. An Okami/MLP: FiM crossover intended for everypony (even those that haven't played Okami) to enjoy.

    Tails from Two Worlds
    Tails From Two Worlds Part 2
    Tails From Two Worlds Part 3 (New!)
    Tails From Two Worlds Part 4 (New!)

    Additional tags: Okami, Melionos, adventure, crossover, incomplete
  • Night Roundup #16

    I think I fixed all that email crap.  It took forever, but it's done.  It also delayed the Nightly Roundup, again!

    I still need to do everything else so this will be a bit brief. 
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 29

    Ponies Can't Cook Edition. I have to say, at this point it no longer surprises me how good you guys are at finding a kajillion different ways to interpret my themes, but you guys are in for a treat, because tonight's gallery is a real gallery. Hours of slaving away over a hot computer have really paid off. Our menu features 151 different ponies served hot on your plate, garnished with love and also a little bit of parsley for whatever reason. I actually ate that when I was little. Never understood why everypony looked at me weird. Why else would they put it there? Anyway, I'm very excited to announce our grand total has reached 5286 images! You realize you're averaging more than a thousand images a week, right? Apathy can go suck a lemon.

    It's time once again for that life saving aqua de vida known also as the submission guidelines! I got a fair number of reports today from ponies telling me it wasn't working for them, but the majority still seem to be having no issue. Still, if it does happen to you, remember that phoe@equestriadaily.com is always open as a secondary method of submission. So close to the end, and I've never once copy/pasted this paragraph. Either I'm a trooper, or just really inefficient.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony reading. This is something I wanted to do a couple of days ago, but circumstances arose that necessitated it being shuffled around a bit. So here it is now, instead. Although so many of you have sent me reading ponies as part of other themes, so perhaps some of the luster has fallen off of this one? Well then! Bonus theme! And this time when I say bonus theme I mean it, because it doesn't need to be even tangentially related to the regular theme: draw a blogpony. Specifically, I'm trying to honor Seth and Cereal with this one. I wouldn't even be here doing this if Cereal hadn't so enthusiastically vouched for me, and if Seth hadn't offered me the position. So this would be your opportunity to thank them with art. Nopony knows definitively what either looks like, but protips for the interested: Cereal is totally a unicorn, and Seth has told me on more than one occasion he much prefers the way mares are drawn instead of stallions.