• Theme Rock Cover / Cupcakes Rap / Derpalicious

    Random music time! 

    1.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Theme (Rock Cover)
    2.) "Cupcakes" Horrorcore Rap Song
    3.) Derpy Hooves - Derpalicious

  • Drawfriend Stuff #99

    You guys will ship these ponies with anything edition. Source

    This drawfriend... It's pretty epic. I almost considered just skipping 99 and going straight to 100 with it.  It's going to be really difficult to top.  Hell it took almost 2 hours just to compile it all.

    Not only are the normal images great, but the event ones were also overwhelmingly hard to choose from.  I had about 25 picked out of the post, and had to throw them all into a random generator.  Then I broke down and added a few more.  Expect that section to be the largest so far.

    I guess it's fitting for 10mil! I'm already getting images in my mail specifically for #100 (one from Madmax that definitely fits the celebratory level of the post and already claimed top position!). Chances are it will happen on Wednesday, so feel free to prep for it. 

    Anyway onward to Drawfriend #99!

  • Foreign Toys heading to US Shelves soon.

    Some more toy news from over on MLP Arena.  Apparently the Camping trip / Cherilee's School house sets are scheduled to release on 8/1/11 around the USA.

    NOTE: The Camping Set was actually fixed to include the correct ponies, it was originally mixed up though.  

    On top of this, it looks like those recolor ponies are actually currently in transit to all stores currently carrying pony stuff.

    You can find the MLP Arena post here!

    Thanks to Sheldon for the tip again! I really should check that site out more.
  • PMV: What is This Feeling / We Are One / Stamp on the Ground

    1.) What is This Feeling - PMV Starring Rarity and AppleJack
    2.) We Are One (Friendship is Nexus)
    3.) Stamp on the Ground

  • Brony Sings Every Single Pinkie Pie Song for Laughter Day

    I'm going to have to break the 30/1 hour rule tonight, there are too many things to post!

    Anyway, this time we have a brony who has ventured into the depths of Pinkie Pie for Laughter day, but singing every melody she takes part in.

    You can find the entire thing embedded after the break!

    Maybe next time we can do one of those big compilation things.

  • 10,000,000 Hits Comic!

    Oh Derpy! You so silly!

    Thanks Samuel for the comic!
  • Terraria Brony Server

    That Terraria game that is popping up almost as much as minecraft lately, now has an full on brony server. 

    If you are interested in joining in on the festivities, you can find the server located below!

    Terraria Brony Server
  • Story: Twilight Sparkle: Spellbound

    [Sad][Normal] The last in the well-regarded Pony Psychology series. You can find the others on the blog as well:

    Rarity: Loss
    Fluttershy: Origins
    Pinkie Pie: Schism
    Rainbow Dash: Dependence
    Applejack: Exposure

    Any future chapters will make their home on this post, since Twilight Sparkle is the BEST pony. 

    Author: Saddlesoap Opera
    Description: Princess Celestia tells Twilight Sparkle a secret that will change the way she sees her friends - and herself - forever. The final chapter in the main plot of the Pony Psychology Series.
    Twilight Sparkle: Spellbound

    Additional Tags: Psychological, Emotional, Long, Friendship, Magic
  • Official FiM German Translated Comic

    I'm bumping this, because there were apparently three more comics to add. Blueberry Muffin and Fallenpenguin fully translated all of them. 

    Fifnatoklon over on Deviant Art has translated this five page German comic.  Apparently it was hangin out at some random mall.  Oh Hasbro, your distribution is so strange...

    You can find all the pages below after the break!

  • Poll Results: What Episode Turned You Into A Brony

    I guess that isn't too surprising.

    Twenty of you sure did join the party late!  Welcome to the club!

    I can see how Party of One converted 76, that episode was pure awesome. 

    This next poll was requested by someone over on Ponychan.  Apparently there is a huge debate going on about Trixie's innocence in Boast Busters.

    Some things to point out about the episode that should supplement it:
    • As a Traveling Entertainer, it is technically her job to boast her abilities.
    • Rainbow Dash started it with her "magic smagic, boooo". 
    • The Ursa Major wasn't actually her fault, though boasting about defeating one was probably overboard
    • Trixie was still an asshole to everyone even after the magic show. 
    • She did at least try to defeat the ursa!
    So this is where the topic stands.  You can find the poll on the right sidebar as usual. 

    Try to keep the Trixie comments for the actual Trixie poll post!

    Inb4 I accepted this poll because Trixie is the greatest equine that ever lived.

    ^Update^ Added Snips and Snails! Go vote again! 
  • Custom Celestia

    Wow, she looks so much better in white! Imagine that.

    Dee_Kary recently released this on her DA page.  I wish I had the skills to pull stuff like this off.

    You can find the more information below! 

    Custom Princess Celestia
  • 10,000,000 hits!

    I bet you thought today would be Trixie free due to her absence in the banner!  WELL THINK AGAIN!

    I totally didn't have time to write a news thing, so I'll do that now!

    Grats everyone! This is the most ridiculous fandom ever, but it's still the best.

    I'm going to hang in the NOW RATED PG AKA NO MORE CLOPFICTION chat at the bottom if you guys want to chill for a bit. I need an email break. 
  • Big Lots No Longer Carrying Molded Singles?

    Brony Lindsay recently visited two nearby Big Lots stores that previously carried the molded two inch single pony sets (Rarity/Dash/Pinkie/Twilight), and apparently was greeted by empty shelves at both.  It sounds like they aren't carrying them anymore.

    I am not 100% proficient in the way Big Lots handles merchandise (I only ever stepped foot in two of them when searching for these damn molded singles!) but they could have just held a temporary stock.

    As far as I know, it was the only place in the USA with these toys outside of ridiculously overpriced online retailers.

    Lets just hope Hasbro has plans to release more in the future or something!

    *Update* Looks like Meijer still has them! Sadly that's not a very common store here!
  • Strawberry Spice's Sticker Drawing

    Strawberry Spice is doing a random drawing for a bunch of pony stickers!  They are primarily vectors that have popped up around  DA.
    This involves pretty much 0 effort on your part, just sign up for the raffle and hope you win! It looks like 30 people have the potential to walk away with 5 stickers each; completely randomized.

    You can find the signup form, along with additional information below!

    Pony Sticker Drawing
  • Story: Unforeseen Turbulence (Update Story 2!)

    [Shipping] This story isn't about Dash and Spitfire, I think it's just a cute image. It does involve Dash, though!

    Author: Dr. WTF
    Description: Rainbow Dash is having a few flight problems. Will her doctor find out why?
    Unforeseen Turbulence

    Additional tags: flying, memories, healthcare, accident, hospital

    [Comedy][Shipping] Story 2

    Author: Dr. WTF
    Description: A psuedosequel to "Unforeseen Turbulence". An old friend returns to fill in some disastrous gaps in Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's education.

    Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, OC Ponies, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Carrot Top, truancy, shank, waiting room, horsepital, deja vu
  • Story: Tangled Up in Blues

    [Normal] It has been a while since Blues got some attention. He defenitely hasn't seen something of this magnitude at least!

    Author: The Descendant
    Description:“They take da’ pain out, make it somethin’ good, somethin’ good. Wear yer’ blues well, colt, you gonna earn every drop of em’. Yer’ gonna be tangled up in blues”, the old stallion told Blues, presenting him with the saxophone.

    Blues himself tells us of his life after that day and as he explores what it means to be “painted blue”; to hope, to fear, to love, to lose. He tells us as he learns what really makes a stallion a stallion, what it’s like to leave something you love behind, and what risks one must face in life or risk becoming nothing at all.

    All of this, Blues tells us, takes place against the background of critical moments in his life and as he travels the scope of Equestria from Manehattan to Ponyville and Appleoosa. All the while the songs he learns from his pain mingle with the one his mentor, Moody Blues, revealed within him…something unbelievable the old pony did to bring it forth.
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 1: The Manehattan Blues
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 2: The Ponyville Blues
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 3: The Appleoosa Blues
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 4: The Moody Blues
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 5: The Penny’s Worth Blues
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 6: The Taffy Twists Blues
    Tangled Up in Blues Chapter 7: The Friendship Blues

    Additional Tags: The series through stallions' eyes.
  • More Pony Shot Glasses

    Rarity's first because Rarity is best pony.

    These etched glasses come to us courtesy of SardonyxFox over at DeviantArt, and they're fabulous! If I had one of these, well, I wouldn't do nearly as much late-night post scheduling as I do now.

    Three more after the break!

  • PMVs: Pony Got Back // 1812 Overture Finale // Daft Pony Technomagic

    Electric lyre! It's like Electric Six, except a lyre isn't a silly band.

    Spoilers: the first video is the best. Just trust me. You should watch it for the plot.

    1.) Pony Got Back
    2.) 1812 Overture Finale
    3.) Daft Pony Technomagic

  • Story: Clashes of Destiny


    Author: randomdude678
    Description: Curiosity leads the ponies of Equestria to venture beyond their lands, where they discover new trials and adventures which will change the world forever.
    Clashes of Destiny Part 1
    Clashes of Destiny Part 2

    Additional Tags: Humans, Long, Adventure, OC ponies, Exploration
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 11

    I'm a puppeteer edition. I'm not going to be able to type much today, because I need to spend this time icing my poor little hoof, which I burned on the stove trying to cook a late night snack for myself. Words are agony. Efficiency of words, go go go! A veritable explosion of ponies! 275 cosplayers attended tonight's convention.

    Daily reminder of the submission guidelines. Send questions or entries in case of script failure to phoe@equestriadaily.com Don't stop being awesome, ever. Keep drawing, keep having fun. You're the best students a blogprincess could ask for.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony involved in a rope trick. Rodeos, magic shows, and... um... other things rule this day. You score bonus points if the pony of your choice botches the trick. You gain triple points if it's a pegasus, as figuring out the impact of rope caught on wing is the most complicated visual among those possible. At least, I think so. Secret quadruple bonus points if you figure out exactly what I'm hoping to see.
    A lot of points on the line tonight, and who knows what you might be able to redeem them for come the end of June?