• PMVs: Be Our Guest // Hiroshima // Twilight in Trouble

    PMVs means random image, and random image means the most recent image in Cereal's pony folder that he likes. That isn't NSFW.

    1.) Be Our Guest
    2.) Hiroshima
    3.) Twilight is in Trouble Again

  • Comic: Lonely Night

    Because Luna comics are the best comics.

    Need source =[
  • United Nations Approved International Day of Friendship

    A worldwide event celebrating friendship starting THIS year?

    Everything is lining up way too perfectly for a 2012 Ponypocalypse.

    Anyway, I'm sure we can schedule some extravaganza or something on July 30thn when it all takes place. 

    For more information, you can check out this link!
  • Pony Music Discussion - Pony DJ Youtube Channel

    Just in case you guys were bored of Scratch, it looks like this crazy brony has released the entire mane cast as DJ ponies.

    Which pony fits with each genre of music best though?  We used to have threads dedicated to this on /co/.  They were a pain for me trying to gather stuff to post here, but still fun when I wasn't stressing out about posting a whopping 8 things a day. 

    Feel free to bombard the comments with youtube links and the ponies that go with it! My pet spam filter needs to learn not to filter youtube, and what better way to teach it than swarm it?!

    The Youtube channel!
  • Chat Room Is Back!

    Because reviving old projects when I finally get an email break is a great idea.

    You can find it at the bottom of the page, it's hosted externally so you may need to modify your blockers/noscipts/whatever.

    I wont be responding much for a few!
  • Story: The Luna Heresy (Updated Part 2!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark][Sci-Fi] In the grimdark future of pony, there is only war but also sometimes hugs.


    Description: 30,000 Years in the future, Celestia rules the Empire of Equestria, a huge galactic empire of ponies. This is the time of the Great Crusade, Celestia's vision to conquer the entire galaxy. However, other dark forces wish to change the way of life in Equestria forever...
    The Luna Heresy: Prologue
    The Luna Heresy: Chapter 1

    The Luna Heresy: Chapter 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags:
    Warhammer 40k, Sci-Fi, Luna, Betrayal, Grimdark
  • Breaking News! Little Girls Like My Little Pony!

    Evidently Seth and Cereal are both too chicken to share this with you. A round of applause for these brave gentlemen. Sheez.

    It turns out that somewhere in the world there is the most adorable little girl ever, and she is such a huge Pony fan that she memorized the episodes. I've watched these videos three times now, and for every minute she's on screen my desire to reach through the internet and hug her grows. As the French say, C'était tellement mignon j'ai explosé. Deux fois. Come see for yourself after the break!

  • Story: A Twilight and Trixie Story

    >Write Progress, negating pre-readers forever
    >Use free pass to make fun of Trixie shipping
    I see what you did thar!

    Author: Andew Joshua Talon

    Description: Another "Trixie decides to make amends with Twilight and
    moves in to become her student" story... Or is it? ...Nope, not
    A Twilight and Trixie Story

    Additional Tags: Trixie, Twilight, One-Sided, Humor, Lesbian. Humor, Mock-Shipping, One-Shot
  • Massive Thank You Letter to Hasbro from Ponychan

    Over on Ponychan, a brony going by the name of Angelthebunny compiled 615+ brony thank you responses to Hasbro for both Equestria Girls and the Friendship is Magic in general. .  They asked me to forward it to the guy that sent me the video, so hopefully it reaches them!

    If not, here it is! It's a massive Google document, so give it some time to load if you want to read it yourself.

    Thank You Letter

    Hasbro really has been good to us so far.  Our videos remain on Youtube untouched, Derpy is a canon character, and now their new FiM commercial has an awesome shout-out for both DJ-P0n3 and Bronies as a whole.  

    If anyone from the team reads this site, I'd like to personally thank them for making the last eight months some of the most fun I have ever had on the internet!

    Now go make us some better toys! :p
  • Send me Convention Images!

    I'm getting a lot of random emails from various conventions going on right now.  So I'm going to compile it all.

    So if you have attented a convention in the past week or so, toss me some cosplay pictures, or even write up your experience! (In google doc form :3)

    I'll create a post tomorrow at around the same time with everything in it!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #93

    Poketrainer Fluttershy Edition. I'm surprised there isn't any fanfiction about this yet, though we do have one with Rarity being shipped with Rapidash in review right now...

    Source 1
  • Custom Hoity Toity

    Because everypony loves custom pony. 

    You know, I'm seeing  a serious lack of Trixie in these customs.  Is it too much of  CHALLENGE for you guys?  I see how it is.

    Anyway you can find Hoity Toity here at Iannakitty's DA page
  • 2D Pony Flash Game Progress

    That Pony Flash Game I posted a while back has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress.  They have chosen a story, modified their physics engine, and set up all sorts of amazing musical scores.

    I'll let the video speak for itself though.

    If you are interested in helping out, submit your resume (Yes, it is that awesome) to Postmaster@Derpyhooves.com

    The video is embedded after the break!

  • Pony Doodle Bags

    AnonponyX Reports from straight from K-Mart!  Looks like Hasbro is releasing those felt coloring things with FiM characters!

    Included in the pack is 1 image of each mane cast pony, along with the marker set.

    Retail Price: $4.99

    Not bad really.  I'm almost tempted to go buy a set, though I might need a few more colors than what they provide for maximum authenticity!  I can't have Twilight running around with Rarity's hair color!
  • Story: Beyond Forever

    [Sad][Light Shipping] Does anypony remember reading Forever? Did it make you sad? Then please accept this hug and cookie, and sit down and read this. You'll like it, I promise.


    The long awaited (?) sequel to Forever! On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, Photo Finish must choose between her career and her family.

    Beyond Forever

    Additional Tags:
    Sometimes ze mask wears you
  • Comic: Pinkfinger

    James Bond and ponies?!

    Some day we will have the technology to convert every classic movie into a pony version.

    I hope.

  • Shine Bright Fluttershy

    I won't pretend to be an expert on these toys at all, so I admit I had no clue this thing was new, but apparently it is!

    The Shine bright line tends to have light-up horns/wings.   It is currently on the same chinese website as the Canterlot Castle and random recolor ponies

    Those guys must have some pony hacks rolling or something on Hasbro's marketing department servers, they beat everyone to the punch!

    Anyway thanks to everyone who told me about these!  

    Now to just wait for those high quality molded cast ponies... you can do it Hasbro! I have faith!  Twilight Sparkle and Trixie are worth it!
  • A Pink Floyd Collaborative Effort

    I know that's Dark Side of the Moon, shut up.

    A pony over at Ponychan is undertaking the rather daunting task of creating a PMV for every song on Pink Floyd's The Wall. He is gathering other ponies who want to contribute to this project to potentially take up some of the slack if there's a particular song somepony wants to do. That sentence barely makes sense. I just woke up, sue me.

    The Ponychan thread is here.
  • Speed Painting, Minecraft Pixel Art, and Youtube Poop

    Giant continent size Twilight Sparkle looks good even pixelated! Confound these ponies... they drive me to feel...something. Hopefully is not that macro thing.

    Also a Speed paint and another 8 minute completely random youtube poop (Lots of offensive language in this one, you have been warned!)

    1.) Twilight Sparkle - Minecraft Pixel Art
    2.) Diamond Dog Speedpaint (No Embed)
    3.) My Little Pony - Friendship is Gic: What a Story Mark Crusaders

  • Eeyup Button


    It's an eeyup button.

    You should probably press it.

    Though you will have to go here to do it.

    Truly an amazing work of Flash if I do say so myself.
  • MLP Choral Medley // DJ Big Macintosh // Equestria Girls 1 Hour Loop

    Quite a mix in this one. We have a Compilation of all songs, medley style, a full on rap song with pony lyrics, and a 1 hour loop of Equestria Girls.

    Also Lyra needs to be a mane character in the second season.  So minty!

    1.) Friendship is Magic! - A My Little Pony Choral Medley
    2.) DJ Big Macintosh and Master Spike
    3.) Equestria Girls - Hub Promo Edition [Over Extended 1 Hour Loop!]

  • Comic: Party's Nemesis

    Comic time!

    Too big for blogger again!

    Have a link!
  • ELEKTRO Pony // No Country for Old Ponies // Stranger than Magic

    2 Movie Trailers and a Completely off the wall random music video, I don't know what's going on here.

    Have some ninja shy.  Shes kinda cute really. 

    2.) No Country For Old Ponies
    3.) My Little Pony: Stranger Than Magic

  • Polls!

    What would you guys like to see me poll?

    I stopped doing them for a while, but I'd like to start regularly posting them again. 

    They will now fall hang the bottom right of the blog under the archive.  I figure that's less annoying and doesn't get in the way of the NO FANFICTION button. Sure it might be less obvious, but everypony will scroll down far enough to vote once at some point.

    Anyway, I'm busting out a favorite pony poll for the next day and a half (Since this is always fun to see how it evolves over time with different episodes/fan fictions influencing it), then rolling with suggestions. 

    Also I get asked a lot why I don't use "everypony" every time. 

    I honestly don't know!

    Anyway off to bed!
  • Story: Deluge

    [Grimdark][Shipping] Another Noir style fic.  Probably not for everpony, but the pre-readers that do enjoy noir loved it, so hopefully it's a hit with the rest of you!

    Author: no space
    Description: It's been years since many of the ponies from Ponyville moved to the big city to follow dreams and other friends. The years, however, have not been kind.

    Additional Tags: Noir, Murder, Detective, Gang, Interconnectedness
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 4

    calamari saved my life edition. Did you know I actually got to read things today? I even played some video games! Don't think for a second I would have given up if we hadn't found an alternate route, but after yesterday's low point I think I needed this helping hoof more than I realized. And you guys certainly provided a great stress test for the program today! I'm counting 286 Great and Powerful ponies. A lot more Trollestia than I would have expected, but hey. They don't call her the bestia for nothing.

    Here's your nightly reminder to send the next day's images in through this new super awesome program, explained here. If for some reason you just can't get it to work, don't worry about it and just e-mail it instead. I can handle a couple of extra manual uploads on the end easy peasy.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony eating fruit. These are art lessons, and this is your obligatory foray into still lifes, except that there are also ponies. Or maybe I just need an excuse to explain why the phrase "Two dollar whole banana" is hilarious. That will make sense tomorrow, I promise.