• PMV: Nyanbow Dash / something Uplifting / Homestuck GATG

    Some random final PMV's for the day! Yay~

    1.) Nyanbow Dash (My ears!)
    2.) Something Uplifting
    3.) (Homestuck) Nepeta: Be the Pony

  • Inaugural Pony Meetup Tomorrow!

    Tinker's throwin' a party! In New York!

    From her email:
    I have over 30 confirmed going to the inaugural NYC brony meet in fabulous Manehattan! There are going to be games, prizes, gifts, sweets and more! And after the pizza, everypony is invited to Tinker's Lab for ponification... I mean for VIDEO GAMING! On the infamous Rainbow Dash Arcade Stick, no less!

    If you can make it, the festivities start at 8 PM at Lombardi's pizzeria in Little Italy!

    Be there or be a square pony!

    Way to go, Cereal. Way to be on the opposite end of the country.
  • Custom MLP Flash Drives for sale on DA

    Another brony has set up shop! This time with something fairly unique.  These laser engraved flash drives come in various sizes, from 1gb to 64gb.  You can also choose the body color/cap colors. 

    If you are interested, all of the pricing/combinations are found below at the DA page!

    Custom Flash Drives on Deviant Art
  • Music: Fluttershy's Lulliby Orchestral // Super Mareo Bro's 3 // Daft Punk -Winter Wrap Up Mashup

    Music time!

    1.) Fluttershy's Lullaby (Orchestral Cover)
    2.) Super Mareo Bros 3 - Athletic
    3.) Daft Punk vs My Little Pony - Wrap-Up Time

  • Music Game Stuff!

    I will use this Pinkie Pie!

    1.) Rock Band 3 custom song (That was fast!)
    2.) Cutie Mark Montage - Rock Band 3 custom song
    3.) Art of the Dress (Euro Fashion Mix) ITG2

  • PMV: Piece of Me / Mareicles / Popular

    I hope you guys are in the mood to watch things tonight, cause my video folder is almost as big as my "stories in review" folder right now.

    Lots of Rarity this time around.

    1.) Rarity PMV - Popular
    2.) Mareicles
    3.) MLP Rarity - Piece Of Me

  • Story: Rarity: Loss

    [Sad] Another in the Psychological Pony Series that I totally should compile some day but don't have time to do!  Everything else is 5 stars, so I'm assuming this one will be as well!

    Make sure to hit up the previous episodes, including Fluttershy: Origins, Pinkie Pie: Schism, Rainbow Dash: Dependence, and Applejack: Exposure.

    Author: Saddlesoap Opera
    Description: Rarity's generosity is well-known, but her need to please others may end up costing her everything.
    Rarity: Loss

    Additional Tags: Emotional, Psychological, Guilt, Desperation, Conflict
  • PMV: Captain Equestria // Reservoir Ponies // The Godpony Part 3

    I love this Rarity. In a completely platonic way of course.

    Trailer time!

    1.) Captain Equestria
    2.) Reservoir Ponies (Trailer)
    3.) The Godpony Part 3

  • Apple Bloom Audition Script

    BronyMike sent me this one, its the audition script for Apple Bloom.  Strangely enough they made the voice actors use spike lines.  I'm not sure if that is some crazy technique or if they just didn't have lines for yet yet.

    Also an old version of Gilda's name is buried in there.

    You can find both images after the break!

  • Brony Movie Night #3

    Brony Movie Night #3 is currently under way!  This week they will be showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Evil Dead two, along with A Bird in the Hoof and Sonic Rainboom.

    The Movies will start at 7:00 PM EST

    You can find the channel below, as well as the discussion thread.

    Ponychan Thread
  • Pony Apocalypse Podcast

    The guys over at "The Greatest Movie Ever!" Podcast have seemingly joined the herd.  If any of you are interested in podcasts, this might be something to listen in on!

    You can find the page and download link here!
  • Vegetable Contest with Pony Contestants!

    A Hungarian produce website is holding a bag design competition, where people are asked to design something using images of fruit!  A bunch of Hungarian bronies are currently working on getting Twilight Sparkle and Rarity into the top 2 places.  They are pretty far behind, and could really use the support of the rest of us!

    You can find the competition below, via Google Translate.

    I think it counted my vote at least!

    Vote for Rarity

    Vote for Twilight Sparkle

    And the top Designs
  • 8 Million Madmax Comic!

    I've said it before, and I will say it again, Madmax is a MACHINE!

    How she manages to toss comics out even when 1 mil hits is only 4 days, I will never know.

    Instead of doing specifically themed ones, she will be doing a continuous story arc based the two comics below!  So make sure you follow them in order!

    Pinkie Pool 1
    Pinkie Pool Origins

    Also Shinigami Twilight Sparkle is way cooler than it should ever be.  I'd be surprised if that doesn't spawn a ton of side images from various anime artists.
  • Some Clarification From the Guys Over at the Hub

    For those looking to check out the Equestria Girls Extended video officially on the hub, the guys over at marketing department sent me this tiny clarification.  I think a few people were confused about exactly when the promo would display!  

    The full music video will premiere on The Hub during the first commercial break of the Garfield movie at 5pm ET. It will run on our air in regular rotation from that point forward. We will be playing two back to back episodes of MLP on Saturday 5/28 as part of our Summer Preview, and double episodes of Pony on Saturday mornings all summer long! We hope all our fast-fine-fierce "pony-fabulous" friends tune in!
    Looks like the Hub is embracing the pony!  So go subscribe and support the show!

    I'm still amazed at the DJ-Pon3 and Brony shoutouts.  This is the BEST DAY EVER on so many levels.  

    As for what "Full Music Video" means, who knows! It might be even longer. 

  • More Sonic Rainboom Sightings

    That's it. Combined with that extended Equestria Girls cut, this just proves the world did indeed end on May 21st and we're all in a more detailed Equestria. I could not be more okay with this you have no idea. I wonder if Rarity goes for, uh, humans.

    Anyway, do you guys remember that Sonic Rainboom I blogged about about a month ago? There were more sightings of the atmospheric phenomenon that creates this effect, as sent in by Pockies. His pictures are much better than mine was! You can find them here.
  • Story: The Pony Scrolls: Oblivion

    [Crossover] How did this take so long to exist?

    Author: Digi

    Description: For over 1,000 years I have ruled this empire.

    Generals and would be kings bow to my command.

    But a darkness comes.

    Pony blood will be spilled.

    This is the closing of our era of peace.

    And what could be the final days of my life.

    Gather your strength, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion
    The Pony Scrolls: Oblivion

    Additional Tags: Oblivion Pony Crossover Disaster Adventure
  • So, uh...

    Just a quick note.

    For everyone who's interested.

    This actually turned out to not only be the prelude to the best thing ever, but it also turned out to not be a troll after all. Cause it confirmed that season two will be freakin' awesome.

    That's it, that's all I had to say. Go about your daily business.

    Also, I love you all. I do. You're all awesome.
  • Pony Embroidery Designs

    This..is awesome.

    A Brony going by the name of E the Pony on Ponychan is releasing downloadable files for various embroidery machines.   So far he has released 8 different designs.

    Wish I had one of these things!  Every single piece of cloth in my house would have a pony!

    You can find his blog below, as well as a ponychan thread with all sorts of information.

    Ponychan Thread

    E the Pony Blog
  • Comic: Rainbow Dash's Feelings

    This is actually the sequel to a relatively old comic found here.

    It's way too tall for blogger though! The full link is here!

    Artist: RusselH
  • Premiere: Extended Equestria Girls

    So I was digging through my email, and came upon something from hubtv.com.  Expecting it to be yet another troll, I was skeptical at first.

    Turns out it was COMPLETELY  legit.

    This is a 90 second extended version of Equestria Girls! Complete with a shout out to bronies as a whole! Exclusively for Equestria Daily! I don't even know what that means!

    They would like me to let everyone know that it will officially air on Saturday after their Hub Family Movie. Here is the exact quote!
    This promo spot that will debut on air after our family movie on saturday. The promo uses original voice talent from the show and has some special lines in tribute to our favorite Pony fans."
    FAVORITE pony fans.

    Thats right guys, Hub knows about us! 

    You can find the full download link below on Mediafire!

    Equestria Girls 

    And the MP3! Thanks to Delindil in the IRC!

    HQ Hubrip MP3
    .Flac for audiophiles

    Pretty sure Pinkie Pie is my favorite singer at this point.
  • Banner Competition Runner-Up Winners

    Looks like these are the three voted winners for the banner competition!  Sorry about the late-ness of this post, I ended up having to stay until 2A.M. tonight at work :/ 

    Thank you to everyone who participated! There were a ton of awesome ones in there, and I might rotate them in over time as needed (because I can! Take that Cereal!). 

    Anyway, Pony Noir will be up tomorrow some time, and then I'll start on these three.

    In other news, the Friend-Off will probably be delayed a bit...again.  It's really hard to find time for all of these events! I love doing them, but they are pretty time consuming.

    We might do a real competition in a bit, though I'm not 100% sure what.  I like to keep things accessible to everyone.

    Anyway thanks again! I'm still surprised at how many people actually joined in!  Now off to dig through...50 emails.  Oh ponies you so crazy.

    The final results are screen capped after the break btw.