• Premiere: Extended Equestria Girls

    So I was digging through my email, and came upon something from hubtv.com.  Expecting it to be yet another troll, I was skeptical at first.

    Turns out it was COMPLETELY  legit.

    This is a 90 second extended version of Equestria Girls! Complete with a shout out to bronies as a whole! Exclusively for Equestria Daily! I don't even know what that means!

    They would like me to let everyone know that it will officially air on Saturday after their Hub Family Movie. Here is the exact quote!
    This promo spot that will debut on air after our family movie on saturday. The promo uses original voice talent from the show and has some special lines in tribute to our favorite Pony fans."
    FAVORITE pony fans.

    Thats right guys, Hub knows about us! 

    You can find the full download link below on Mediafire!

    Equestria Girls 

    And the MP3! Thanks to Delindil in the IRC!

    HQ Hubrip MP3
    .Flac for audiophiles

    Pretty sure Pinkie Pie is my favorite singer at this point.