• Banner Competition Runner-Up Winners

    Looks like these are the three voted winners for the banner competition!  Sorry about the late-ness of this post, I ended up having to stay until 2A.M. tonight at work :/ 

    Thank you to everyone who participated! There were a ton of awesome ones in there, and I might rotate them in over time as needed (because I can! Take that Cereal!). 

    Anyway, Pony Noir will be up tomorrow some time, and then I'll start on these three.

    In other news, the Friend-Off will probably be delayed a bit...again.  It's really hard to find time for all of these events! I love doing them, but they are pretty time consuming.

    We might do a real competition in a bit, though I'm not 100% sure what.  I like to keep things accessible to everyone.

    Anyway thanks again! I'm still surprised at how many people actually joined in!  Now off to dig through...50 emails.  Oh ponies you so crazy.

    The final results are screen capped after the break btw.