• Some Clarification From the Guys Over at the Hub

    For those looking to check out the Equestria Girls Extended video officially on the hub, the guys over at marketing department sent me this tiny clarification.  I think a few people were confused about exactly when the promo would display!  

    The full music video will premiere on The Hub during the first commercial break of the Garfield movie at 5pm ET. It will run on our air in regular rotation from that point forward. We will be playing two back to back episodes of MLP on Saturday 5/28 as part of our Summer Preview, and double episodes of Pony on Saturday mornings all summer long! We hope all our fast-fine-fierce "pony-fabulous" friends tune in!
    Looks like the Hub is embracing the pony!  So go subscribe and support the show!

    I'm still amazed at the DJ-Pon3 and Brony shoutouts.  This is the BEST DAY EVER on so many levels.  

    As for what "Full Music Video" means, who knows! It might be even longer.